Commander Robert Jacomb (our great great great grandfather)

jacomb family tree 2

Thanks to Bernadette Bell for all the information :

ROBERT JACOMB was born in London, 13 June 1788-1853. He was the fifth child of CHARLES JACOMB (1748-1817) and DOROTHY SMART (1754-1831).

Robert Jacomb was the grandfather of Mary Jacomb who married Thomas Rollason in Australia. Thomas and Mary (Minnie) Rollason were our family’s great grandparents, as they were the parents of Philip (Tim) Jacomb Rollason.

Brothers and sisters of Robert Jacomb

Robert Jacomb’s brothers and sisters were:
CHARLES JACOMB(1783-1864),
MARY JACOMB(1785- 1838),
DOROTHY JACOMB(1789-), married in May 1820 at St Andrew’s Enfield, to Vicar JV Asbury esq Surgeon.
ANNE JACOMB (1792-1794),
JANE JACOMB (1793-1877) &
WILLIAM JACOMB (1795-1868).

We know that Charles, brother,( born Enfield),  was a wool broker, in the census of 1861 he was living in Hackney , in the parliamentary borough of Tower Hamlets. ( Stamford Hill ). He was married to Catherine with three servants.

Robert Jacomb entered the Navy on 3 November 1800 as first class volunteer on board the FISHGUARD on the home station. Where until promoted to the rank of FIRST LIEUTENANT 12 March 1807.

He further served in the KITE Brig, IMPETUEX (84) and DRAGON (74).
He then proceeded to the Rio de la Plata and the Cape of Good Hope in the CORMORANT) and afterwards until 1814 employed on the Irish Channel, Cape and Plymouth Stations in the DECADE DONEGAL ( 74), SCIPION, LION, and PRESIDENT flagships of Sir Robert Stopford under whom he co-operated in the reduction of the Island of Java(received Java Medal) and as flag Lieutenant to Rear Admiral T.B. Martin in the PRINCE FREDERICK.
The latter was his last appointment.
(From the records of the Royal Navy taken from the Records Office, London.)

LondonEnglandFreedomoftheCityAdmissionPapers1817 for robert jacomb

LondonEnglandFreedomoftheCityAdmissionPapers1817 for robert jacomb


Robert was married 11 June 1821 to CATHERINE WRIGHT ELWALL (1799-1878)at St.Mary’s Aldermanbury, England.
Robert was on half pay from the Navy.
marriage robert jacomb 1821

They lived at Stroud, Gloucestshire, first at “Gannicox” and then at “The Hill”

robert jacomb arrival in australia 1833

robert jacomb arrival in australia 1833- Hobart Town Courier 5 april 1833

robert and catherine marriage record cropped

Catherine Wright Elwall

george elwall’s descendents
Their first child ROBERT ELWALL JACOMB ( our great , great grandfather )was born in 1825, HENRY JACOMB was born in 1830.

Tasmanian archives 1834 letter

Tasmanian archives 1834 letter

As an ex naval officer, Robert was eligible for a land grant in Van Diemans Land. Other ex naval officers had already settled there, so Robert made arrangements to move his family to Van Dieman’s Land.
He had been in the British Royal Navy for 33 years, 25 years as a Lieutenant( a title he used )
However it took longer than expected to finalize business in England and he didn’t leave England until late 1832, by which time another child(CATHERINE JACOMB, 1832) had been born.

ROBERT JACOMB arrived at the Port of Hobart Town, Van Diemans Land on the ship ENCHANTRESS( a convict ship) on  30 March1833 with Mrs Jacomb and 3 children;( Sailing took about 109 days ).
ROBERT 7, HENRY 3 and CATHERINE 10 months.

But due to a change of regulations, in the time it took him to arrive in Hobart, he was no longer eligible for a Grant of Land and had to bid against other settlers for his selected land. He voiced his objection in writing to HAY in England, supported by GOVERNOR ARTHUR, but to know avail and did not seem to buy land. He then lived as a gentleman on half pay of the Royal Navy.

Robert had arrived on the prisoner ship “The Enchantress” and  two years later in June “The Enchantress” struck land in the channel in southern Tasmania and 16 members of the crew and one steerage passenger drowned!

He became a Justice of the Peace/Magistrate on August 31, 1834.

In 1834 & 1835 Robert Jacomb lived at 75 Campbell St. in Hobart.

A daughter JANE JACOMB was born in1834, his residence was Hobart
and his occupation listed as Lieutenant, R.N

LIEUTENANT ROBERT JACOMB lived in Richmond approx. 1836 – 1839. He was a Justice of the Peace/Magistrate. He lived in Headlong Hall (The Old Rectory).Lady Franklin dined with him there in 1837. By 1842 a Street had been named after him.( Jacomb Street runs off Parremore St)

JANE and another daughter VIRGINIA JACOMB were Baptised at
St. Luke’s Church, Richmond on 19 May 1837 by Rev Aislabie.
GEORGE JACOMB was baptised at St.Luke’s Richmond in 1838.

In May 1839, Robert Jacomb took up a lease on the Property of the Estate of the late George Gatehouse in New Town. The property comprised of an extensive Brewery, Water Mill, Malt House, large dwelling house and splendid gardens.(Some of these buildings are still standing today)

JOHN NEWTON JACOMB ( lived in Walhalla ),was born in 1841 and baptised at St. John’s New Town. Robert listed his occupation as Gentleman and the Godparents included ALEX GOLDIE and LOUISE LEMAN GOLDIE and ROBERT E JACOMB.

In December 1842 he accepted the rank Commander.

From the Courier 25/2/1842:

“Mr. Jacomb stated his beer had been several times spoiled in consequences of the water having passed through Mr. Regan’s inn -yard, which has been occaisioned in consequence of the defendent damming up the water. Case post poned. “

JANE JACOMB died in 1843 and was buried at St.John’s Newtown. WILLIAM KER (died 1863) is also buried in the grave.

RUPERT JACOMB was born in 1846.He was Baptised at St.John’s Newtown. Robert listed his occupation as Captain in the Royal Navy.The Godparents were WILLIAM PORDEN KAY( Government Architect) and ROBERT and DOROTHEA PITCAIRN (from nearby RUNNYMEDE).

Whilst living at the Gatehouse Property in Newtown, Robert turned his hand at Brewing. Unsure of how successful he was, as he complained of water in the Rivulet having being spoiled from Mr REAGAN’S Tan Yard, and water having come from Mr CALDER’S Dam. A few trips to Court re this matter saw some people saying he should have stayed at sea and not turned to Brewing!

The above from describes some court cases that Robert was involved in.

Anti Transportationist
ROBERT JACOMB was also a well known Anti-transportationist and took a public stand on the issue.
A letter he wrote in September 1846 to The Secretary of State in England expressing his views on the Probation System and Convict Discipline was not sent due to offensive and objectionable remarks about LORD STANLEY and SIR EARDLEY WILMOT(dec). He refused to amend the letter.
He chaired a preliminary meeting in April 1847 in which he formed a Committee with:
The Committee was to enquire into the necessity or otherwise of a continuance of TRANSPORTATION TO THE COLONY.
The GREAT PUBLIC MEETING IN FAVOUR OF ABOLITION was held on 6 May 1847, when Robert Jacomb moved the Resolution:- That transportation to this colony ought to be for ever abolished. Which was met with loud and rapturous applause.


ROBERT JACOMB left Van Dieman’s Land in 1848 to live at Port Phillip(Melbourne) where he ran a business in Market St.

[GEORGE JACOMB, aged 11, attended Hutchins School in Hobart in 1849. His address was Port Phillip]

Robert died 16 October 1853 in Melbourne and is buried in the Melbourne General Cemetary.( see photo below).

born: 13 June 1788, London Born: 1 December 1799,London
Father: Charles Jacomb Father:George Sion Elwall
Mother: Dorothy Smart .

Catherine Elwall
Died: 16 October 1853,Melbourne Catherine Died:17 September 1878,England, Seven Oaks, Kent.

12 June 1821 at St.Mary’s Aldermansbury,London

ROBERT ELWALL JACOMB( our great great grandfather)
married:ANNA RUSSELL KER,25/6/1853,Melbourne.
died:29/3/1902,Melbourne ( They married in the same year as the death of Robert Jacomb)
married:WILLIAM KER,20/12/1855
married:ROBERT KER,19/3/1853, Melbourne

( It would appear that Virginia died at childbirth ( she was only 18)when her son walter was born . Walter only lived for three days. Both Virginia and her son Walter are buried with Robert Jacomb senior at Melbourne general cemetery).

( Note, both Catherine and Virginia Jacomb married a Ker).
married:MARY JANE HANNAN,1878,Melbourne.
died: 6/11/1891,Walhalla,Victoria
married:ELIZABETH CONNOLLY,10/5/1870,Patea,N.Z.

Robert Jacomb Commander

Robert Jacomb Commander

Melbourne General Cemetery: Robert Jacomb’s grave and that of the Kers

Melbourne General Cemetery Map and location of robert jacomb grave

Robert jacomb grave location melbourne general cemetery

Thanks to Teresa for the photo.

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6 Responses to Commander Robert Jacomb (our great great great grandfather)

  1. Teresa Bennett says:

    I have a photo of the grave of Robert Jacomb, Virginia, George and various others.
    Be happy to send it to you if you like.

  2. Kerry Jacomb says:

    Hi, Robert Jacomb is also my great great great grandfather. Rupert Jacomb who married Elizabeth Connolly in NZ is the line I came from. There did used to be a complete family tree on a website, but I can’t seem to locate it. My sister has also done extensive research on the family.
    Kerry Jacomb

    • So this is very cool Kerry.
      Would you be kind enough to send what you might come by and email me at :
      I happened upon a piece of silver in my cabinet from my mum which appears to be Robert Elwall Jacomb’s christening cup from 1826 which is pretty cool. It would be nice to revisit items on the website. I apologize but I don’t work on it much these days.
      This sis why it has taken so long to respond.

  3. Kirstin says:

    I’m doing a bit of a project on The Enchantress that your ancestor Robert Jacomb reached VDL on. I was wondering where you’d gotten your information that The Enchantress he had sailed on was certainly the one captained by Roxburgh that sank near Tasmania, as I’m trying to figure out if his ship was that one or the one that later sank in Bermuda taking Irish Immigrants to New York.

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