John Newton Jacomb (our great, great uncle)

Plaque in Walhalla for the Criterion Hotel in Walhalla owned by the Jacombs

A son of Robert, John Newton was born in Newtown (Tasmania) in 1841. He ended up going to Scotch college in Melbourne and was an enthusiastic cricketer. He lived in Walhalla Victoria where he died in 1891 – shortly before Kathleen Nee Ryan – our grandmother was born there!. (This means the Jacombs knew of the Ryans, as Walhalla was a small place and the Hotelier must have known the Newspaper man!) John Newton married in Walhalla in 1878 to Mary Jane Hannan (1857-1930).

There still is a cricket pitch in Walhalla. John Newton played for Victoria vs. N.S.W. in 1861 and also played for (Otago) New Zealand in 1864 against Canterbury. John’s brother Rupert lived in New Zealand.

26th March, 1891: “The Argus”, Melbourne: “The man Harrington who is charged with the murder of his wife on Sunday, was bailed out yesterday  by … and John Newcombe Jacomb of the Criterion Hotel, in the sum of one hundred pounds each , which the police approved of.”( John Newton was in partnership with his wife operated the Criterion Hotel in Walhalla,  he died that same year in November).(They seemed to get the middle name wrong calling him Newcombe instead of Newton). Mary, his wife, had a hotel keepers license from the age of 21. Mary leased the Criterion hotel after John N. died and she remarried a Harry Longton. ( Henry Longton also had 500 shares in the mine 1n 1880). When the mines closed and the men left to go to war the Criterion may have closed its doors as did other Hotels in Walhalla.

John Newton had 1700 shares in the Long tunnel gold mine in Walhalla in 1888 as well as being Hotelier.  He had three children: Ethel 1879-1938, Bertie 1881 d. Walhalla 1926 and William 1883-d. Walhalla 1910.  (William married Mary Agnes in 1903. Mary Agnes was a violinist who was later buried in Brighton Cemetary).

A story from 1883: John Newton borrowed  a horse and rode 50 miles through thick bush to Sale and the nearest doctor to get a second opinion on a woman whose life hung in the balance after childbirth.

17th November 1892: “The Argus”. “In Memorium” “In loving rememberance of my dear husband, John Newton Jacomb, who departed this life at Walhalla on the 5th November , 1891. Gone, but not forgotton. (Inserted by his loving wife, Mary Jacomb, Walhalla )”.

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