The Jacombs prior to Capt Robert Jacomb to Australia in 1883

“jacomb” : believed to have a foreign origin. One suggestion is that it came over with the Normans from France after their conquest. Rietstap’s ‘Armorial General” ( Lyon 1900) places the origin of the similar ‘jacome” in Flanders and notes that it comes from the ancient namd ‘Jacobs”. Research in the 1950’s suggests that in England ‘Jacomb’ is derived from the village of Chacombe, a few miles to the north east of Banbury, Oxforshire. It would have been used as a surname to denote where a person came from ,i.e. ‘of Chacombe’ and through time it changed to Jacomb.

The Jacomb’s earliest known ancestor in the reign of James 1 of England was a landed proprietor near Thetford. Later on a Jacomb always represented Thetford in Parliament for 150 years.

In the reign of Charles 2nd (1660-1685) the family quarreled on church matters, one branch becoming non-conformist.( Thomas Jacomb DD). One presbyterian and the Jacombs who went to Australia remained Church of England.

Ascending Lineage: From Captain Robert Jacomb

  • Captain Robert Jacomb( who came out to Australia ), was the son of Charles Jacomb (1748-1817), Merchant, St George’s, Bishopsgate, London and Dorothy Smart (1754 – 1817). Charles JACOMB I .Bap 25 Oct 1748, Convent Garden, Westminster, London. Marr Dorothy SMART 23 May 1780, Enfield, London.Died 13 Jan 1817.(Sp. Dorothy SMART (1754-1817), dau. of John SMART (1722-1787) and Dorothy RUTTY )
  • Charles’s father was Robert Jacomb 1715-1800 m Mary Becker. Robert JACOMB (bap.1715, d.1800).Bap 24 Nov 1715, Cornhill, London.Died 6 Jan 1800, Enfield, London.Buried Enfield, London.
  • Robert Jacomb’s father was Robert Jacomb 1680-14/12/1732 m Francis Pemberton Eyre(m.18/9/1713) d. 1715. ( She must have died in childbirth).( Known as Robert Jacomb MP of Whitehall Middlesex and Feltwell, Norfolk.) Robert was Bap 6 Dec 1680, Aldermary, London.(Also Robert Marr Lucy LONG ( 2nd wife ),5 Jun 1718, London.) Died 1732, St Martin in the Fields, London.
  • Robert Jacomb’s father was William Jacomb 1651-1697 m Mary Blayny 1653-1695/1697.(married 14/2/1670)Marr Mary BLAYNY at St Mary(old church), St Marylebone Rd., Marylebone, London. William JACOMB .Bap 27 Aug 1651, St. Martin,Ludgate, London. Died Poole, Dorset.
  • William Jacomb’s father was Thomas Jacomb D.D. 1622-27/3/1687 London m Catherine Becher /Becker /Beecher.(1677).Thomas JACOMB .Born 1622, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Marr Catherine BEECHER 13 Aug 1650, London. (Also #2  Marr Phoebe MELLAR 2 Oct 1654, London. Marr#3 Amy Katherine GURDON 6 May 1677, Assington, Suffolk.)
  • Thomas Jacomb D.D. Below 

thomas jacomb DD

  • Thomas’s father was John Jacomb 1581-1659 m Mary Marston. Born 1581 (app), Evington, Leicestershire.Marr Mary MARSTON 16 Dec 1617, Slawston, Leicestershire.dau. of Gilbert MARSTON ( – ).
  • John Jacomb’s father was William Jacomb 1547-1600/01 marr Barbara Bailye  1580 (app), Evington, Leicestershire.
  • William’s father was Rychard Jacomb d. 1559?

Prominent Jacombs and London , England:

Marylebone and Marylebone Park :From the full text of “Marylebone and St. Pancras , their histoy, celebrities, buildings and Institutions…….(Marylebone Park , the north of being Now Regents Park ….London and our Robert Jacomb). See document below describing Jacomb’s lease in Marylebone Park.

Marylebone doc ( The full book including drawings of Marylebone )

*Robert Jacomb 1680-1732  owned pockets of land( lease)  in Marylebone Park which was  probably used for tenant farming. A relative, William Jacomb, owned a size able junk of land, selling it to the Third Duke of Portland in 1789 .(See below). (William, the third duke,  was the prime minister in 1783 and from 1807 to 1809.)

willem-bentinck-1-earl-of-portland second creation

willem-bentinck-1-earl-of-portland second creation-3rd Duke of Portland

 In 1794, the Marylebone Park  was surveyed as 543 acres and17 perches. In the 18th century the area was known for the raffish entertainments of Marylebone Gardens, scene of bear-baiting and prizefights by members of both sexes, and for the duelling grounds in Marylebone Fields.[10]



“A view of the Orchestra with the Band of Music, the Grand Walk &c in Marylebone Gardens”c1770. The entrance fee was sixpence to keep out the riff-raff and the area was eventually built over in 1778.

Thomas Jacomb (1622-1687) was a Dissenting Divine , and was mentioned in the Pepys Diary.He was given the degree of Doctor of Divinity by Charles 2nd. He was a friend of the Countess of Exeter who harboured him when Charles called upon the act of uniformity for the church. Dr Jacomb’ portrait adorns the wall of St. John’s college at Cambridge University where he studied. He was also evidently secretary to the Duke of Essex around 1672.

thomas jacomb DD by Gustavos Ellinthorpe Sintzenich

Thomas Jacomb DD by Gustavos Ellinthorpe Sintzenich hanging at Mansfield College , University of Oxford

Thomas Jacomb:Thomas Jacomb was born in 1622 in Leicestershire. He received his education at St. John’s College, Cambridge, receiving both the B. A. and M. A. degree, and then receiving presbyterian ordination. He became pastor of St. Martin’s Ludgate Hill, and was highly regarded for his knowledge of Scripture and theology. He was appointed to the commission to get rid of “insufficient and ignorant ministers” in 1659, but was himself ejected in 1662 for his non-conformity. After the great ejection of ministers, Jacomb, like so many other Puritan ministers, continued to preach, and was continually persecuted and prosecuted. He died of cancer in March of 1687. Jacomb is most known for his expository sermons on Romans 8, which have been reprinted from the 19th century Nichol’s Series of Commentaries by the Banner of Truth Trust.

The above is “The history of the Puritans – protestant non conformists…. 1661 from the conference at the Savoy to the Act of Uniformity.

Thomas Jacomb DD acted as an assistant at this 4 month long Savoy conference on the side of Presbyterian Divines ( or those who were for alterations in the Hierarchy of the Church as at the Savoy Conference ). This conference took place at the lodgings of the Bishop of London at the Savoy. The assembly of divines on both sides were to review the Common book of Prayer as requested by the Queen.

savoy palace 1650

Savoy Palace 1650- The Strand in London- The palace also acted as a hospital from 1512 on wards

Descendant of Thomas Jacomb: Cecilia Lucy Brightwell (1811 – 1875), was an English etcher and author, mostly of volumes of short biographies intended for young people .Brightwell was born at Thorpe, near Norwich, on 27 February 1811, the eldest child of Thomas Brightwell (Ipswich 1787 – Norwich 1868), and his first wife, Mary Snell (1788 – 1815), daughter of William Wilkin Wilkin, of Costessey, near Norwich, and Cecilia Lucy (Jacomb), a lineal descendant of Thomas Jacomb, D.D., ejected from St. Martin’s, LudgateSimon Wilkin, Brightwell’s uncle, edited the works of Sir Thomas Browne.

Robert Jacomb MP 

Robert Jacomb MP and Banker (1680-1732) was the financial adviser to Sir Walpole – the first chancellor of the Ex Chequer. Robert married Francis Pemberton Eyre in 1713 and had a son, Robert Jacomb. If it was not for Robert Jacomb senior , Sir R.Walpole would have been in financial trouble as he had invested heavily in the South Sea Stock.( There is a article on this on the University of Houston website).

(Robert Walpole, 1st earl of Orford, also called (1725–42) Sir Robert Walpole   (born August 26, 1676, Houghton Hall, Norfolk, England—died March 18, 1745, London), British statesman (in power 1721–42), generally regarded as the first British prime minister. He deliberately cultivated a frank, hearty manner, but his political subtlety has scarcely been equaled.)

Robert Walpole 1710-1715 painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller

Robert Walpole 1710-1715 painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller

Family and Education of Robert Jacomb

b. 6 Dec. 1680, 3rd s. of William Jacomb of St. Mary Aldermary, London, by Mary, da. of Robert Blayney of London. educ. Eton 1692-5. m. (1) Francis Eyre (d. 1716), 1s.; (2) Lucy Pemberton, 1s.

Offices Held:Inspector general of accounts of the outports 1716-20 and deputy paymaster general 1720 to Robert Walpole d.1720. ( The paymaster general financed the British Army).


The son of ‘a quiet country gentleman’,1 Robert Jacomb was a partner in the firm of *Gibson, Jacob & Jacomb, scriveners and bankers. He started as a clerk to Thomas Gibson,

(1737 John Jacob was  a partner in the firm and upon his death in 1737 Henry Jacomb was taken in as partner ).

who recommended him to Sir Robert Walpole as a man well skilled in funds and government’s accounts, and so Sir Robert finds him, depending on him more than on any other in matters of this nature.2

When Walpole returned to the pay office in 172O, Jacomb became his deputy there, handling his private and official investments during the South Sea crisis. He was the author of the ‘ingraftment scheme’, a proposal to transfer part of the inflated capital of the South Sea Company to the Bank of England and the East India Company, which was adopted by Walpole, passed into law, but never put into operation.3Brought into Parliament by Walpole’s influence in 1722, he frequently served on the committees appointed each session to prepare the finance bills (see under Kelsall, Henry).4 He died 14 Dec. 1732.

Robert Jacomb Junior, ( lived and died in Enfield) 

His son, Robert jacomb (1715-1800) was noted as being the Lord of the Manor of *Capels in 1745. ( The manor dates back to 1275). The notes indicate that Robert Jacomb inherited the Manor through his mother ‘s ( Francis Eyre’s) brother – Charles Eyre. (Whilst he also inherited from his father Robert, Dutonhall on Fellwell, Norfolk.) *The manor of capels ( joint manors ) were of the possessions of Sir Giles Capel, who granted them to the crown in exchange for lands. The Capels were sold by Queen Elizabeth, anno 1562. Charles Eyre Esq purchased the joint manors in 1724, then they were inherited by Robert Jacomb. Robert then sold them in 1783 to Wiliam Hart. Then in 1793 it was sold to Rawson Hart Boddam esq , part time governor of Bombay.

The manor-house of Honeylands was leased by the queen to Robert Wroth in 1562 (fn. 67) and had grounds of 17 a. in 1572. (fn. 68) It stood near Bull’s Cross and seems to have been demolished in the late 18th century by Robert Jacomb, who built Capel House near North field. Jacomb’s house was itself demolished after 1793 by Rawson Hart Boddam, who transferred the name Capel House to his own residence, which had been built north of Bullsmoor Lane (fn. 69) by Alexander Hamilton (d. 1761).

This Robert Jacomb (junior), married Mary Becher/Becker (1716-1776) and had a son ……. Charles I (1748-1817), as well as John (1755 -1793) and a daughter Mary (b.1752). It was this Charles Jacomb I(b.1748) who was the father of our Capt. Robert Jacomb.

Charles Jacomb I 1748-1817 , our 4 x G Grandfather :

Charles was a merchant of Bishopsgate, London. See below. Bishopsgate was one of the 7 walled gates of London ,built in the 1730’s and  demolished 1760 when Charles would have been 12.

Charles lived at Guildford St. London.

Charles I married Dorothy Smart and had nine children:

One of those children was Charles II (1783-1864)Charles Jacomb II 1783-1864 m. Catherine Wood and Henrietta Anne Dollman m. 1812 St Pancreas, Old Church. 



St Pancras Old Church is a Church of England parish church in Somers Towncentral London. It is believed to be one of the oldest sites of Christian worship in England, (AD314)and is dedicated to the Roman martyr Saint Pancras, although the building itself is largely Victorian. It is situated on Pancras Road in the London Borough of Camden.

Children of Charles II with Catherine Wood

  • Charles Jacomb III 1814-1887
  • *Henrietta Anne Jacomb 1816-1876( see below-m. Daubeney)

Children of Charles II ( of Springfield , Upper Clapton) with Henrietta Anne

  • Harold john died 1865 , 25 months
  • Henry Arthur died 1866 aged 4 days – when Henrietra died, 3 days later
  • Charles William d. 1863- 33 years old
  • Edgar Claud d. 1884- 29 years old

Death of Charles Jacomb:Charles I  is buried with his wife Dorothy at St Andrew’s, Enfield . Also at St Andrew’s Enfield……..

List of Jacombs buried at St Andrew’s Enfield : This grave stone below  is referencing that of Charles Jacomb III 1814-1887, the husband of Harriette Anne Jacomb nee Dollman(wife #2) d.1866 – she died after childbirth . ( Charles Jacomb III was a wool broker )  ( bio of Charles Jacomb III).

Daubeney :

Buried also in same grave at St Andrew’s  is *Lady Henrietta Anne Daubeney (nee Jacomb) 1815-1875, Charles’s daughter by his first wife . ( hence a step sister to Harriette Anne).Henrietta married Lt Gen Sir Henry Charles Barnston Daubeney KCB.( Knight Commander).  He was in Coorg war 1834, China War 1841-2 and in command of the 55th foot in which regiment he served 30 years as command. Brig.( Sir Henry was the son of Lt. Gen H Daubeney KH by Elizabeth , daughter of Archdeacon  Daubeney- Archdeacon of Salsibury 1804).

Sir Giles and Lady Elizabeth Daubenay tomb Westminster Abbey

Sir Giles and Lady Elizabeth Daubenay tomb Westminster Abbey

A metal plate affixed to the railings around the tomb reads:

“This tomb was erected during the reign of King Henry VII to the memory of Gyles Lord Daubeney, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, and Dame Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas [actually John] Arundel, Knight, of Lanherne in the county of Cornwall. The whole of the paneling and the grille having become decayed and unsafe they have been restored in careful conformity with the originals, and the original inscription replaced, by the Daubeney family, under the superintendence of General Sir Henry Charles Barnston Daubeney, Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath and Colonel of the 2nd Battalion “The Border” (late 55th) Regt. A.D.1889”.

Enfield Jacombs buried St Andrew’s and other churches. 

full name birth year burial year age relationship and notes cemetery village town county country
Charles Jacomb
1887 73 husband of Harriette Anne Jacomb St Andrew Enfield Middlesex England
Charles William Jacomb
1883 33 son of Harriette Anne Jacomb St Andrew Enfield Middlesex England
Dorothy Jacomb
1761 61 wife of St Mary Syderstone Norfolk England
Edgar Claud Jacomb
1884 29 son of Harriette Anne Jacomb St Andrew Enfield Middlesex England
George Jacomb husband of Mary Jacomb St Martin Trimley St Martin Suffolk England
George Jacomb (Rev)
1759 76 St Mary Syderstone Norfolk England
Harold John Jacomb
1865 2 son of Harriette Anne Jacomb St Andrew Enfield Middlesex England
Harriette Anne Jacomb
1866 41 St Andrew Enfield Middlesex England
Henry Arthur Jacomb 1866 son of Harriette Anne Jacomb St Andrew Enfield Middlesex England
Mary Jacomb St Martin Trimley St Martin Suffolk England

May 1820: “The European Magazine and London Review”The marriage of the third daughter of the late Charles Jacomb (I) esq of Guildford St. Dorothy, his daughter,  married at St Andrew’s Enfield to Vicar J V Asbury surgeon.

Capt Robert Jacomb and Catherine Ellwall:

Our great great great grandfather, Robert Jacomb son of Charles Jacomb 1 married Catherine Ellwall in London in 1821.

Robert and Catherine lived at Gannicox, Stroud and Robert was a sheep farmer there in 1830, whilst also being on the payroll of the Navy.1831 Robert was a Lieutenant, as per the Naval and Military Register.

He auctioned his belongings there, then he left for Australia in 1833. (He had hoped to obtain a free grant of land for farming ).

Captain Robert’s wife, Catherine Wright Elwall, was the daughter of George Elwall who married Catherine Wright. Catherine Wright was the daughter of the High Ordinance Officer of the Tower of London. (James Wright). This James Wright had the right of burial in Canterbury Cathedral.

George Elwall, (the father of Catherine), his father, Charles Elwall, was in the English army and in the American war. Charles had been educated as a professor at Aberdeen while his parents were in St. Petersberg. (Charles had been born in St. Petersberg ). Charles had apparently married an Heiress. The Elwalls had land in Lincolnshire, but owing to gambling became poor and lost their estates!



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