Jacomb broach given to Stubbs family by Geoff Rollason ( via Lucy Jacomb)

rollason broach

rollason broach

The Broach and Lucy Jacomb

This is the broach given by Lucy Jacomb to Geoff Rollason in 1922. Lucy Jacomb was a spinster living in Melbourne, (1858 to 1936), she was one of the grandchildren of Capt. Robert Jacomb. She looked after Robert A. Jacomb, her nephew,  ( became his guardian )when his parents died, when he was five years old.

Lucy Jacomb, born , 1858, was educated at Mr. Bud’s school , Russell Street, Melbourne. She sang in the choir of Cairns Memorial Church. She lived at 53 Powlett street and also 114 Domain St. South Yarra. Lucy not only looked after Robert Jacomb who died in World war one, but she also looked after her nephew Henry Jacomb Foster, her mother, and her sister Amy who developed Polio. Lucy died 5th July 1936 at Armadale.

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