Robert Elwall Jacomb( our great great grandfather), son of Commander Robert Jacomb

115 Hotham street east melbourne, built 1854 and owned by Robert Elwall Jacomb, East Melbourne

“Amorique” built 1854 and demolished 1979.

Jacomb built this house as an investment in Melbourne .The house was established as Mrs. Shiel’s school in 1857.

photo amorique hotham street melbourne

Back of amorique , hotham street , melbourne

The large weatherboard house was built originally with a cedar shingle roof. This home may have been assigned to creditors which is why Robert owned it, as he was an assignee.

robert elwall jacomb

robert elwall jacomb continued

Robert Elwall Anne to Australia 1840
1825 – 1902 “The John Bull”
Born Stroud , kent Came w parents, william, robert,
Died Melbourne charles Ker
m. Anne Russel Ker
1827 – 1915()born scotland )
Married 25/6/1853 melbourne
Anne buried Melbourne general cemetary



Robert Elwall Jacomb's christening cup 1826Robert Elwall Jacomb’s christening cup Sterling Silver 1826

Robert and Anne’s children:

13/10/1871: The Argus , Melbourne :

Death: “On the 11th ( October 1871) at Powlett street, East Melbourne, Olive, youngest daughter of Robert Elwall Jacomb, aged 16 months”

John Robert (1864-1864) also died in infanccy

Other children:

Mary ( Minnie ) Our great grandmother (1862-1927) m. Thomas Rollason.

Florence (1863-1959) m. Henry Foster and had a son Henry Jacomb Foster jr. , he married Frances Blesser , and they had two sons, John Elwall Foster(m.Heather Mc Cubbin) and Robert Jacomb Foster (m.   Jan Barker).( see note on florence foster on the post for Robert Jacomb senior .

Robert Ker Jacomb(1854-1906?) m. Louisa Donnelly (1876-1906/13?), had Leslie and Violet who died in infancy, and Robert Arthur Jacomb who died in WW1.

Lucy Jacomb (1858-1936) was a spinster and the one who gave the rollason broach down to our family. She took in Arthur Robert before he died in WW1.

Francis Elwall Jacomb (1866-1927) , lived at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Cloncurry.

The others: Amy Elwall(1860-1929), Charles Newton (1855-1888), William Leslie (1868-1928),

53 Powlett street melbourne

The old house wher Robert E. and family lived has been demolished and this is the set of townhouses/flats there now.

I have received word from the East Melbourne Historic society that : Robert also owned 59 and 61 Howlett street built in 1872. When he died in 1902 he passed the houses to his wife Anne Russel, and then she passed them to Lucy Jacomb, who left the houses to a sister , niece and nephew. We assume that 53 was passed to Florence Jacomb who married Henry Foster.  Lucy died in 1936. The houses remained in the family till 1967 .One house was most likely passed to Amy ( Lucy’s sister who had polio), and the other possibly Henry Jacomb foster, a son who she educated. Ther is a record of a house going to a nephew but I don’t know which nephew.

Grave of Robert Elwall Jacomb and annie russel jacomb , melbourne general cemetery

Also, Henry Foster .. in grave

Also Robert Ker jacomb and Lucy Jacomb

Robert Ker was a son of Robert Elwall and Louisa was his wife. Amy Elwall and Lucy both daughters of Robert Elwall.

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