2005 letter from Mary Houston re Tim Rollason and Kath Rollason

Tim Rollason and staff in Ceylong circa 1930

Tim Rollason and staff in Ceylon circa 1930


Excerpt from letter from Mary Houston ( Joan’s sister ) Nov 13th, 2005 to Jen Stubbs

In the 1870’s or 1880’s 3 Rollason brothers came from England to Melbourne. ….. Tim was your grandfather. He was sent to Ceylon before World War 1, where he was a relieving manager on tea and rubber estates – He came back to Melbourne when the war was on and enlisted in the A.I.F.in 1915- He served mainly in France during the war – Fortunately was not wounded, but never talked much about his experiences.

He met Granny ( then Kathleen Ryan ) in 1924? In Melbourne when he was on leave from Ceylon – He had 6 months leave, but 3 months had passed before he met her at a mutual friend’s home – So it was a real whirlwind romance, knowing each other for such a short time before they were married. The trip back to Colombo by ship was their honeymoon and Granny used to say she was sea sick a lot of the time ! …….

By the time I was due to go to school (1931) Pop, ( your grandfather Tim ), had had enough of the tropics, so back to Melbourne. I was 5 and Joan was 16 months having been born in Colombo – Granny had come back to Melbourne for me to be born, as I was the first grandchild on either side of the family.
Your pop and granny lived in Melbourne where Joan and I grew up, until 1952…Pop was 76 when he died … and Granny was only 3 months of her 100th birthday when she passed away.

Kath and Tim (Philip ) Rollason

Kath and Tim ( Philip ) Rollason

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