A note from Jen re the Jacombs and the Rollasons

We Stubbs’s owe our existence on our mother’s side to the fact that Capt Robert Jacomb( our great , great , great grandfather ), who later became Commander, came out to Australia with the Royal Navy. He was lured by the “land grab” being offered in the 1830’s in Australia.  Robert could gain a wage with the Navy , so that must have been a lure , and free passage to Australia. The navy personnel accompanied prisoner ships to Sydney and Tasmania. ( Even though later Capt. Robert Jacomb was against the transportation of prisoners, he settled in Tasmania and did well for himself becoming a wool broker later in Melbourne ). Robert Jacomb did come out on a prisoner ship “The Enchantress”, arriving on the 31st July 1833 .

The Rollason brothers came out in the late 1800s for a slightly different reason?
To start a new life? Doctors were needed, and professionals,  gold had been discovered , and the colony was doing well.
Our Great Gandfather,  Thomas Rollason who married Mary Jacomb in Australia, was an accountant. With his brothers in Australia as well, Thomas would have felt little need to go back. At that time  the Jacombs were well entrenched in Australian life and most did not return to England.

What would also transpire as you read on, is that our grandmother , Kathleen Ryan,  who was born here, her family  wanted to bring their Newspaper trade to the new country (and make some money finding gold! ).Kate Du Moulin , Kathleen’s Ryan’s  mother,  her father was a Navy Surgeon accompanying a prisoner ship to Sydney. No doubt he, Jacobus Adrianus Du Moulin  also wanted to take advantage of the land grab and perhaps contribute to the medical profession in Australia.

The Du Moulins and the Ryans are next to be “discovered”. After that, Eric Stubbs ( our grandfather) and the Hoelschers on our Dad’s side will be featured.  Eric Stubbs came out as an engineer to start a new life.

It is an amazing journey this history of our family…….

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2 Responses to A note from Jen re the Jacombs and the Rollasons

  1. Marg O'Leary says:

    I am researching a soldier of WW1, and would like to contact Jennifer or June Rollason familes, re the connection.
    kind regards

    Marg O’Leary
    Fromelles Association

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