Robert Arthur Jacomb killed in action 7th August 1915 Gallipoli

Robert Arthur Jacomb

Lucy letter re Robert's death

Lucy letter re Robert’s death

Robert Arthur(1886-1915) a farm hand, was looked after by Lucy Jacomb( Robert’s father’s sister), in Melbourne, after his parents both died when he was five.  Louisa died at Brighton Beach at 35 in 1891. Robert A. was our Great Uncle, being the grandson of Robert Elwall Jacomb* and son of Robert Ker Jacomb (1854-1896) and **Louisa Donnelly (m. 1876-1891).Robert had two siblings who died as infants , Leslie d.1885  and Violet d.1880.Robert would have lived at Powlett street in Melbourne with Aunt Lucy and possibly his grandmother,  however, when he enlisted on the 5th January 1915, he enlisted at Liverpool , N. S.W. which infers he was working on the land in New South Wales at that time.

marrriage robert k jacomb 1876

*Robert  E Jacomb married Anne Russell Ker ( eldest daughter of the late William Ker) 25/6/1853 at St. Peter’s church Melbourne.

**Louisa Donnelly  was the youngest daughter of James Donnelly of Auckland NZ(1834-1874). James married Ann McNamara (1834-1888). I believe that other children included: John, Edward (1870-1930), Honoria, James (Junior) (1853-1930).(It is believed that John Donolly was of the HM40th and received land for service in 1894).

James Donnelly Junior :

James Donnelly Junior : according to the above , James Donolly junior was born in Illinois USA 1853 . Married Ida V Brown(b Berrien Michigan -1881 Home Lake Township, Berrien) and had one child Lavisa V. Donnelly (1881-Niles , Berrien, 1953). (Ida must have died in childbirth.)  James junior died Ramarama NZ.

Robert Arthur:

Robert A.,  was born in Brighton( Victoria) in the parish of Bourke .  Robert was 28 years and 11 months when he joined up in January 1915. The note on the enlistment says “discharged at own request 12.3.15.”In this enlistment document he stated his next of kin was his grandmother Mrs. Jacomb living at 53 Powlett St.His grandmother was Anne Russel Ker, and we know she died in 1915 and so, she might have died in early March, hence the reason for the discharge.

Census places Robert in 1909 at Corio , Victoria, 1913 Herbert , Qld, Corio Victoria in 1913 and 1914.

Robert enlisted again on the 21st April 1915. On his second enlistment he states his age as 29 years and four months and yet only three months approx. had passed since his first enlistment! In this paperwork he called his guardian his “aunt Lucy”,  not his “grandmother”.   Robert left for overseas on the  15th June, 1915 on the “Karoola” he was a private with the 6th reinforcements of the second battalion, first infantry and was earning 5 shillings per day.   (Private Jacomb was ranked as Corporal 1st June, 1915, however it was reverted, back to Private – based on some defence department memo dated 3/3/15 and it looks like this reversion to ranks occurred 6th August, 1915).

Robert Joined for duty at Gallipoli on the 6th August 1915 . In August, the Allies went on the defensive against the Turks in the Battle of Sari Bair. The British command proposed a new operation to reinvigorate the campaign by capturing the Sari Bair ridge, the high ground that dominated the middle of the Peninsula above the Anzac landing. The main operation started on the 6th August landing at Sulva Bay with  the Brits, the Australians and the New Zealanders included. To distract the Ottomans from the offensive, the infantries of the Australian first division made an attack at Lone Pine at 5.30pm on the 6th August.  Robert Arthur was killed sometime between the 7th and 14th August, 1915 , grave unknown.

Records Robert Jacomb Casualty Report

lone pine memorial turkey

Lone Pine memorial turkey

The Lone Pine Memorial stands on the site of the fiercest fighting at Lone Pine and overlooks the whole front line of May 1915. It commemorates more than 4,900 Australian and New Zealanders who died in the Anzac area. The original small battle cemetery was enlarged after the Armistice when scattered graves were brought in from the neighbourhood, and from Brown’s Dip North and South Cemeteries, which were behind the Australian trenches of April – August 1915.

He is remembered at the Lone Pine memorial at Gallipoli and at the War Memorial in Canberra

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4 Responses to Robert Arthur Jacomb killed in action 7th August 1915 Gallipoli

  1. E Ted Jarrett says:

    I am trying to sort out the family connection Robert Ker Jacomb wife Louisa Donelly do you have any detail etc of the Donelly`s

    • Hey
      Thanks. I have added the pdf of the marriage of Robert k jacomb and Louisa. I have corrected that Louisa was married in 1876 and not born 1876. Louisa was the youngest daughter of the late James Donnelly of Auckland NZ. so he was deceased when they married. I found this info on the trove newspaper site

    • I have potentially found James Donnelly (1834-1874) Auckland, married Ann McNamara (1834-1888) . children ; Louisa is not mentioned where I found this , but sure it is the same James: other children: John, Honoria, Edward ( 1870-1930) and James ( 1853-1930)

    • sorry one more correction. Louisa (Donnelly ) Jacomb died 1891 in bendigo according to the east Melbourne historic society.

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