Thomas Rollason of West Bromich/Handsworth , the father of sons who migrated to Australia

Thomas Rollason (1826-1903) married Eliza Mallin in 1855 (1823-)at Mares Green Chapel, (Weslayan methodist) in west bromich .

1871 they lived in West Bromich in England after which they moved to Handsworth.
Thomas Rollason was a land and mine surveyor and was elected to the West Bromich council in 1882. Within this time, Thomas served a term of Mayor of West Bromich from 1885 to 1886 and was also Justice of the Peace there. He held his position at the council for more than 40 years.

1871 census thomas rollason census 1881

1861 census thomas rollason and eliza

thomas rollason 11/4/1903 notice

Thomas died in 1903, and was buried at Aston Parish Church.

The sons:Thomas(jnr), Abel and Edgar Mallin

Three of Thomas and Eliza’s four sons migrated to Victoria. Abel(1865-1923) came about 1890, following his brother Thomas in 1883,(b. 1860-1927) , and Edgar(1866-1921),  who had come out earlier and was younger. Their sisters(Rachel Elizabeth/Lizzie, Hannah, and Mary Harriet) remained in England, also probably their brother Henry(B1859) who most likely may have died before their father as he is not mentioned as a recipient of Thomas’s estate with the others.

hannah rollason

hannah rollason

Thomas Rollason ( junior) , our great grandfather:

1907 rollason and brandon company:

Rollason and brandon company – Thomas Rollason partner

The Rollason and Brandon Co. has it ‘s noted address in 1894 as 39 Queen st. Melbourne. As secretary either with his own company or as working for BHP he was listed in 1890 as at 15 Queen street Melbourne.

Thomas Rollason migrated to Australia 1883 from Bradford and was employed by Broken Hill Pty Ltd prior to 1888 after which time he formed Rollason and Brandon Legal management firm Melbourne.  He married Mary Jacomb  30 March 1887 ( born 29th March 1862 ) who was educated at Mr. Budd’s school, Russel Street, Melbourne. They were married at Trinity Church East Melbourne and Married by Rev. Wolliston

Marriage of Thomas and Mary 1887

For a time Budd, with the assistance of two daughters, conducted a school for girls in Russell Street at the Independent Hall. It was so successful that to be ‘one of Mr Budd’s girls’ was quite a recommendation. [12] This work was taken up at the suggestion of some Presbyterian ministers concerned about higher education for girls. Subjects taught at the school included Scripture, Greek, Latin, English, French, History, Geography, Euclid, Algebra, Arithmetic, Needlework, Class Singing, Theory of Music and German. Lectures were also given in Natural Science. The school was closed in 1886 but he continued to receive boarders in his home at Brighton.

An article (1885)noted that Mary Jacomb was a regular weekly visitor for five years to the Melbourne Benevolent Asylum.

Thomas and Mary  married in 1883. (Mary Jacomb b. 1862 was the daughter of Robert Elwall Jacomb and Anne Russell Jacomb ( formerly Ker).)

14/11/1888: The couple lost a son aged 9 months, Thomas Eric . Their address was : 5 Normanby St, Windsor.

Philip was born 1891 in Prahran  ,Victoria

1899: The family including Geoffrey, Margaret , Philip ( children ) and his wife took a trip to England on the ship “Cuzco”

1911: Thomas was embroiled in a court case concerning speeding on the Toorak Rd. ( Constable Rose v Rollason) Three police were involved along with civilian witnesses. Thom as was doing 25 miles per hour and was found guilty and fined one Pound and 10 shillings in court costs. He was supported by John Brandon ( his partner ) and his wife.

1914 : their address was: 791 Malvern Road Toorak. Philip left for WW1 April 1914 aboard “Mongolia” for England.

8/7/1924: Philip gets married to Kathleen Cue Ryan at Melbourne Church of England Grammar school Chapel. ( Philip had already ? started working at Kirrirbatagala , Ceylon Plantation . )

The couple of Thomas and Mary   lived in Ellesmere Road, Melbourne, and later built a house in Albany Road on  a large block and after his sons had left home, Thomas built a smaller house in Albany Road near Malvern Road.

Thomas died 4/3/1927.

Mary Rollason of 29 Adelaide St.,  Armadale , died around 3/8/1950 at which time Philip Rollason was living at 773 Canterbury Rd. Mont Albert. Margaret Elfrida , Philip’s sister was living with her mother at Armadale.


Edgar Rollason:

Settled in Porepunka , Victoria and was a Dairy farmer and a fruit farmer. ( 20 acres of apples in 1916).

1914: He was nominated in the north riding vacancy at Bright Shire Council , Victoria

1919 : indications are that he died in 1919“Edgar Mallin Rollason, of Porepunkah, farmer, left real estate valuedat £3295 and personal property valuedat £1982 to his widow and children.”

Albury 1921: Wedding at the Trinity Cathedral , Miss Nellie Rollason the only daughter of Mrs. F.M. Rollason and the late Edgar Rollason of “Falls View” Porepunka . ( Now known as Eurobin Creek). She married Mr. Lubin J. Robertson – ( Parents lived at “Munaro” Wangaratta).


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