Rollason Lineage from 1700s onwards , James Rollason marries Hannah Pickford

Origin of Rollason:

William Rolland – son 1550 La Wills;

John Rollingson( of the Becksyd, in Cartmel – Cumberland),  1596 ib. “Son of Roland”Common in Furness , side by side with Rowlinson, where it has also become Rawling-son.

james rollason family tree

james rollason family tree

James Rollason(c.1765-1835) married Hannah Pickford(1770-1806) in 1790 and resided at Witton in England. They married at Saint Peter and Paul’s church, Aston. (13/1/1790),_Aston


( The Rollason family had a rolling mill and were quite prominent in the community and well off ). Rollason Road was named after them( north east of Birmingham – now a suburb of Birmingham. The Rollason ‘s metal rolling mill has since been taken over by “Stewart and Lloyds” and now by  “Tube Investments”.

James’s surname seems also to have been variously spelt as Roleson and Rollinson etc. When James got married at St. Paul’s Ashton on 13/1/1790 they are listed as “both of this parish” and official witnesses to the wedding were Mark Rollison and Abraham Cooper.

Their children were : James(1795), Abel(1797) and John(1798), Pheobe (1792) and William (1791).

2/10/1835 The Admon ( estate instructions) of James Rollason describes him as a roller of metals in Aston Parish and a widower. His effects of under 200 pounds were granted to Abel Rollason.

A son, Abel Rollason(1797 – 1872) married Rachel Wilkinson(1797-) and in 1841 they lived at Shepherd’s Green, Erdington. Abel was a metal roller. He had sons ; Abel*, Samuel, Septimus, Henry and Thomas, as well as three daughters. Many sons were  buried at St. Peter and St. Paul’s Aston. Also buried in the family cemetery were James and Hannah, Abel’s parents. ( It is noted one of the daughters,  “Hannah dying in ‘child bed'”.)

The most successful grandchild, ( son of Abel* 1822 – 1893) was Frank Rollason 1864 – 1902 , manufacturer of Alton Lodge, Gravelly Hill who married Kate Alexandra and he left 234,000 pounds in his will!

Abel senior’s son, Thomas Rollason(1826-1903), born in Aston , married Eliza Mallin(1823-)  ( It is noted that the Rollasons were “non conformists” in the church, belonging to the Congregational Church. )Thomas was a prominent figure in religious circles and took an interest in all matters pertaining to the public good. Thomas Rollason was mayor of West Bromich (1885-6) and held a position on the West Bromich Council for 40 years.  Thomas left 19,000 pounds in his will.( see other article and funeral notice ).

Thomas had three sons who migrated to Australia: Thomas, Abel and Edgar.Our great grandfather, Thomas(1860-1927) married Mary ( Minnie) Jacomb (1862-1950) in 1887 in East Melbourne. Thomas was an accountant and the first secretary of B.H.P. His accountancy firm “Rollason Brandon and Co.” had its offices at 372 Little Flinders Street,Melbourne. By 1919 the offices had moved to 31 Queen street Melbourne.

1891 cricket rollason brandon and company

Thomas married to Mary Jacomb  had a son Thomas Eric who died young(9 months), Geoffrey Mallin (1899-1977) , Philip Jacomb ( Tim) (1891-1967),( our grandfather), and a daughter Margaret Elfrida (1892-1964).

Margaret Elfrida with passage paid by her father travelled to the US in 1921 to visit her brother. She left Sydney for SanFrancisco and her address there was the Stewart hotel. Her stay was regarded as indefinite.

family tree thomas rollason who came to australia

Tim Rollason was our grandfather who married Kathleen Cue Ryan(b.1898) on  2/7/1924 in Melbourne Grammar Chapel. They had two daughters: Joan Jacomb (b.18/4/1930 – 2007) and Mary Bygrove (b. 21/5/1926). Mary married John Malcom Houston (b1928) in St. Paul’s Presbyterian church, Brisbane 30/12/1960 and have one son Timothy Charles b. 1965. Joan married John Henry Eyre Stubbs(b. 25/10/1927) in St. Mary Bolton’s , London 24/3/1956: children: Jennifer Mary (b. 17/6/1958), Philip John born 4/9/1961 and Matthew Eric born 4/10/1969

Presently: Jennifer has one son, Dylan Austin John Jackson (b. 29/1/2002), common law with Trevor Jackson(b. 12/9/1960) . Philip has one son (b. 2004) Archie Wolifson Stubbs, while Matthew has a son Luca Johnathon (b. 2005) and Sophie Joan (b. 2007) having married Maryanne Millhouse (b. 1969)

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2 Responses to Rollason Lineage from 1700s onwards , James Rollason marries Hannah Pickford

  1. Bud says:

    Hello there
    Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s l lived next door to a Mr Thomas Rollason who was born in Maldon (Victoria, Australia) in 1879 and died in Bairnsdale in 1973. His father was a Mr Walter Rollason who was apparently born in Birmingham in 1843 and migrated to Australia sometime in the 1850’s or 1860’s. He fathered six sons and five daughters, one of whom was obviously Thomas. Just wondering if there is a connection between Thomas Rollason and the Rollasons of Birmingham. Interesting.


    Mr B.Shehu
    Melbourne, Australia

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