Dr. Abel Rollason born 1865-1923 -married Edith Sill, died 1958.


1851 census abel rollason

1851 census : Abel Rollason( senior ), born in Bromford,  is living with his mother and father( Rachael and Abel) at 29 , he was a metal roller like his father. They lived at Shepherd’s Green in the town of Erdington, the parish of Aston. Abel Rollason senior was born circa 1822. Dr. Abel Rollason was not yet born. Sons, Abel 29 metal roller,  Thomas land surveyor 25, daughter Hannah 27, son Samuel ( general merchant, apprentice, and son Septimus 16, general tacker apprentice, and two servants lived together under the one roof.

1871 census abel rollason

1871 : Abel Rollason( senior ) and wife, Rachael still living at Shephard’s Green with Rachael Rollason, granddaughter, 17. At this stage, their son Thomas would have been already married to Eliza Mallin and Abel Rollason junior would have been born.

abel and thomas rollason census 1881

1881 census: Address is Dowl’s Hill Farm: in the parish of Dowls : Thomas(55) land surveyor,  and Eliza Rollason(58) were living with daughter Mary 17, and Abel (scholar), 16.

Abel was one of the sons of Thomas Rollason( see census 1881 above), and was born in West Bromich.   He became a surgeon M.R.C.S. in 1890 and married Edith Jane Sill (1869-1958) at St. John’s Church of England Heidelberg 18/10/1893. His children: Neville Alan (1895-1976), Haydon Mallin (1900-1972) and Majorie Venn (1902-1981).

Abel attended the Royal Bewdley Grammar school , a few miles s.w. of Birmingham on the Kidderminhster to Bewdley Road, and received a chemistry prize there in 1879. ( Bewdley Grammar school was founded around 1566 by Thomas Blount Esq., Lord of the Manor of Kidderminster. It was the chantry of the Parish Church of St. Mary and All Saints from 1566 until 1848  when it moved to the site known as Woodfield on the Bewdley Rd. It was granted its royal charter in 1636 by King Charles 1st and was the only school in England to bear his name. The original premises, Woodfield House in 1785, and the Hall built about 1848, are now listed buildings ).

He graduated in Medicine (M.R.C.S.) 1890 from Guy’s Hospital , London. (Guy’s hospital established it’s own medical school in 1825, after being founded by Sir Thomas Guy in 1721- originally used to treat ‘incurables’ discharged from St. Thomas. )

Upon his arrival in Australia, c. 1890, Abel practiced briefly in Tungamah in N.E. Victoria before settling in the Melbourne suburb of Heidelberg. He had his own practice at the corner of Villa and Buckland streets as well as being an honorary consultant and occasional medical officer at the nearby Austin Hospital for 25 years, following which he became resident medical officer 1918-1921. Abel was a J.P., a member of the Masonic Order, and was a friend of the Heidelberg school of painters and the winegrowers of the Yarra Valley. He was also a member of the Heidelberg council. The Heidelberg Historical Society has several photos in which “Cr.A.B. Rollason” is readily distinguished from the crowd by his glasses and drooping moustache. Abel died from T.B. in 1923 and his wife Edith (Sill) died in 1958 . They are buried together , adjacent to Edith’s parents’ grave, in the C.ofE. section of Warringal cemetery; compartment CC No. 20.

From the book: “A Century of Compassion ( A history of the Austin Hospital)

p.60…In December 1917, Abel Rollason was appointed Resident Medical Officer . He had been a member of the Honorary Medical Staff for some twenty five years and gave up his Heidelberg practice to take the appointment. He resided at the Medical Superintendent’s house near the entrance gate. However after three years he became ill, from tuberculosis, and asked for three months leave. The committee did not treat his request kindly, refused to extend his leave and demanded that he vacate the Superintendent’s house. Dr. Rollason, who died two years later from T.B. might, in modern times, have claimed worker’s compensation. He is remembered as a kind, thorough, and understanding physician..


Please see above a moving clip of the hospital in  1928. The only hospital for chronic diseases in Australia.

1900 Austin hospital heidelberg

abel rollason marriage 1

abel rollason marriage page 2

heidelberg church, st john’s


1900s abel rollason back row: 7th from left , Eaglemont Golf Club


Abel Rollaon’s Will:

June 31st attachement witnessed by Mary Agnes Rollason of 86 Shannon Av. Newton, Geelong.

“MY fountain pen to my daughter Marjorie Venn Rollason.

My gold silver links to my son Haydon Mallin Rollason

My gold watch chain and silver pencil case and all attachments thereto to my son Neville Alan Rollason

My dressing gown to my son Neville Alan Rollason

The remainder of my personal effects to be divided among my three children named above by my wife to her own satisfaction.

15/4/1936:The Argus

The wedding was celebrated very quietly at St. John’s Church of England,Heidelberg, on Saturday of Miss Marjorie Rollason, daughter of the late Dr. A. Rollasen and of Mrs. Rollason, Banksia street, Heidelberg, to Dr. W. J. Johnstone,of Korumburra. The ceremony was per-formed by the Rev. A. E. Young, and the bride was given away by her brother, Mr.Neville Rollason, of St. Arnaud. She was attended by her small niece, June, daugh-ter of Mr. and Mrs. Haydon Rollason, of Heidelberg, whose dainty frock of cycla-men-pink ninon, with which she-wore ahalo hat of brown velvet, was a replica of that worn by the bride. Only members of both families were present at the wed-ding and at the party afterwards at the Occidental Hotel.

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  1. Owen says:

    Bit of a transcription error ‘Thomas law surveyor 29’ should read ‘Thomas land surveyor 25’

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