Philip (Tim ) Rollason our grandfather

family tree thomas rollason who came to australia

Philip Jacomb was born 1891 in Prahan Windsor a south east suburb of Melbourne,and died 25/3/1967 . He married Kathleen Cue Ryan 26/1/1898 in Melbourne Grammar chapel 2/7/1924. ( Tim met her through some family friends of kathleen’s in whose home she was boarding ). Kathleen was known to live at or visit  Trafalgar , Moe, Gippsland, Victoria with her parents between 1922 and 1924/5 according to census results.

Tim went to Melbourne Grammar  ,leaving in 1908. In 1901 Tim received a prize distributed by their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York. Exibition building May 14th, 1901. ( They were in Australia to celebrate Australia’s independence)

rollason book prize 1901 for math

tim ( phil)rollason c. before WW1

Tim was an avid motor bike racer( hill climber). Tim’s bike in the photo above is dated 1909-1915 and is a 3 1/2 or 4 hp 500 single engined triumph. This might be the type A and the type H followed in late 1914 and used in the war by the British and known as the ‘Trusty Triumph”.

Tim used to go on Hill climbs: Hill climbing for cars and motor cycles in Australia dates back to the early 1900s and was most prevalent in the city of Melbourne. Tim won a hill climb 31/4/1912 at Wallan Victoria. ( It is possible that the Pretty Sally Hill north of Wallan, was part of the course used for the event in the early 1900s.)

Hill climb medal 1912

Hill climb medal 1912

1914: Tim lived with his father Thomas at 791 Malvern Rd. Toorak, Melbourne.

Tim was a tree planter by trade( according to his enlistment), however, I am unsure as to where he started, after he graduated school. He was a clerk in 1914. He became a relief plantation manager in Ceylon later.

He lived with his father (Thomas)at the house in Albany Rd. Toorak,( as when he signed up in 1916 for the war, gave this as his address.) He was 25 years and 5 months when he signed up and returned to Australia in Nov. 1919 . He must have taken the Ceylon job almost immediately in 1919, as he says in a letter he was out of the country from 1919 to 1924.(Tim’s war efforts are written in another blog). Tim returned to Australia permanently 14/7/1931 aboard the “Chitrac” at Fremantle . ( With Joan 1 year, Mary 5rs. and his wife Kathleen)

After a whirlwind romance Tim married Kathleen Ryan ( 8/7/ 1924) and they left for Ceylon two weeks later. Tim and Kath returned to Melbourne 1931 , Kath having given birth to Mary Bygrove in 1926 in Melbourne( Private Hospital in Windsor) and returned to Ceylon. Our mum, Joan Jacomb was born 18th April 1930 in Ceylon.


Note : 4/8/1916 on the ship Moolton from London , an english merchant JJ Rollason b 1867 got onto the ship to Melbourne. This english merchant may then be the Colomo Ceylon connection. At this time the majority of tea and rubber plantations were owned  by the British: The Cooperative Tea Society and the British Cooperative Wholesale Society.

The estate was called: Kirribatgalla , at  Nivitigalla, Ceylon

Tim Rollason Staff in Ceylon Circa 1930

Tim Rollason Staff in Ceylon Circa 1930-centre to the right of dog

1931-1936: Tim was living with Kathleen cue at 13 Byron st. Kooyong, Camberwell North, a clerk. 1933: Tim is noted in census to be at 278 Nicholson St. Fitzroy.

1942/1943: Living at 31 Glen Iris road, Camberwell, Kooyong- a civil servant

WW2: During the war Philip was in the army citizen military force.

In 1944 they were living at 31 Glen Iris Rd. Camberwell, E6, Victoria as per the letter that Tim wrote to the Records Office .

1949: Living at 773 Canterbury road, E.10 Deakin, Surrey Hills, Vic.( public servant).

1950: tim’s mother Mary died 3/8/50 , of 29 Adelaide st. Armadale, widow. Margaret Elfrida , Tim’s sister was living with her mother. Both were executors of the will

1954- 1963: Living at Broadwater Tce. Redland Bay, QLD – a farmer

Victoria Point was the next and last residence that Tim lived at with Kathleen.

1950’s melbourne home of tim and kathleen , Glen Iris Road?

phil rollason service letter 1944

Rollason family with visitor from Ceylong 1940s

Above: From left: Pop Rollason , Mary Rollason, Joan Rollason, visitor. ( plantation manager, Ceylon)

In 1952 when they retired , Kath and Tim decided to move to a warmer climate. They settled in Redland Bay just south of Brisbane. Kath’s parents went with them. Kath’s parents died in the late 50’s. Kath and Tim moved to Victoria point in the 60’s and Tim died in 1967. ( I understand he may have been on a holiday in ACT which is where the funeral was held ) All I remember of “Pop” was that he used to smoke a pipe and had a really nice old desk, he seemed a nice gentle man.

Kath Tim Rollason

Kath Tim Rollason

tim rollason 1964

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