The Mallin Family ( Eliza Mallin who married Thomas Rollason in 1855 )

Thomas Rollason and Eliza Mallin made their home at 85 Barrow St. West Bromich.

Eliza Mallin was the grand daughter of William Mallin d.c. 1816 , who married Mary.  The Mallins’ must have been a moneyed people like the Rollasons. In 1851 the Mallins had three servants residing with Samuel,Elizabeth( Eliza’s parents) and their family in Oldbury Road in the parish of Harborne and hamlet of Smethwick.

Eliza was born in 1823 to father Samuel( a grocer and nail ironmonger of Spon Croft House, Oldbury Rd. parish of Harborne, Smethwick.) It seemed that Samuel’s wife Elizabeth Horton was his second wife b.1804/5 .

When Samuel’s father William died(1816), he was left with parcels of land in the parish of Harborne occupied by others. Plus 3 shops in Hargate Lane, West Bromich, as well as shop and buildings in Spon lane, and a farm occupied by himself  rented from Rev. John Fox Palmer. Also money and household effects all left to his sons William and Samuel.

100 pounds each to William( his son), Elizabeth and Hannah( his daughers)- these were the only ones not married,  and rents to Mary ( his wife ).


There were also other Mallins who were iron founders and engineers in West Bromich at this time. They are most likely related.

1871 census thomas rollason and eliza

thomas rollason  and eliza census 1881

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3 Responses to The Mallin Family ( Eliza Mallin who married Thomas Rollason in 1855 )

  1. Norman Perrin says:

    Thanks for the posting. I am researching “the other Mallins” and trying to establish the family connections. Could you just check when you write “100 pounds each to William, Elizabeth and Hannah and rents to Mary ( his wife )”. Are these brother and sisters to Samuel?

    • Hi norman,
      Sorry this was written a long time ago and I am a bit out of touch on this. when i have time i will try to look into my notes.

    • I have found my notes:
      William Mallin had a son samuel, also william, sarah, mary , elizabeth and hannah. ( These were all his children)
      William was a farmer, Sarah married William Cooksey, Mary married George Williams. Samuel 1793-1868 was am iron and grocer monger of Spon Croft house , Oldbury Rd. parish of Harbourne, Smethwick.
      That is all I have.

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