Photo 1930’s early Photos of the Rollason children

1930s joan and mary rollason, early photos with relatives

These photos are thanks to Mary Houston.

TOP photo: 1938 : 80? Glen Iris Rd. ( Home of Kath and Tim)
Left to right : Mary ( joan’s sister , our aunt), Mary – Neville Rollason’s daughter, Kathleen : Haydon Rollason’s daughter. Front from left: Joan ( our mum), June Rollason – Hayden’s daughter and Jennifer – Hayden’s daughter.

Bottom Photo : 1934 : Kath’s friend Mrs Edith Pardy’s house: 11 Byron St. Canterbury.
Left to right : Mary Rollason (8), Marie Pardy (11) Elspeth Pardy ( now Digby) and Joan (4)

Note: Hayden Rollason ( whose daughters are shown above )was the son of Dr. Abel Rollason, Hayden was our grandfather’s(Tim’s) cousin and was the brother of Neville Rollason.

Edith Pardy was very good friends with Kath Rollason and so her kids are shown also.

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