James Ryan our great great grandfather


James Ryan was the son of Denis Ryan,and was born 1837 County Tipperary , Ireland.  ( Was connected to the Nenagh Guardian). He came out from Ireland with his printing press in 1861/1862,( on the “Shalimar”), and later sent for his fiancé Susan Cue to come to Australia? The parents( James and Sue Cue ) are buried at Walhalla Cemetery. Susan Cue died in 1883


From Elaine Bailey : Two Cue sisters Jane b.c.1843  and Susan b. 1845 sailed from Liverpool 10/4/1865 on “Ocean Empress” and arrived Melbourne 10/7/1865. Both sisters may have  been born of Susan ( nee) Spillane who died when the youngest sister Harriet was born – b. around 1857. Harriet came out to Australia later  in 1869 with her father James Cue b. c. 1816 and his second wife Susan( nee )) Gibson  b. c. 1808/1820. Sisters Jane and Susan may have married Philip Nind nad Charles Nind – brothers?

susan and james cue grave walhalla – the parents of susan cue

cue grave walhalla

Our relatives went and dedicated a grave stone to the Cue’s. For all those who did partake, thank you. Susan Cue (1808 – 1883) and James Cue (1816 – 1891).

susan cue death 1883

Jame Cue Death: 1891

DEATH.CUE.–On the 21st instant, at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. James Ryan, Maffra,James Cue, of Ballineen, County Cork,Ireland, the beloved father of Mrs. Philip P. Nind, Warragul, Mrs. James Ryan, Maffra,and the late Mrs. Charles P. Nind, Mor-well, in his 75th year.( These three married woman would be

The perdriau’s  , the kemps, the lintons, the ryans below at Walhalla Cemetery

ryan family at walhalla cemetery- descendents of susan and james cue , 2011

shalimar 1862

shalimar 1862

James  was at Sale when he first came to Australia and was connected with several country newspapers in the early days of Gipppsland. ( Reputedly brought a printing press with him out from Ireland ). In Ireland he worked on the “Nenagh Guardian”.

He first became foreman of the ‘Gippsland Times” in Sale, ( a few months after his arrival in Melbourne), and several years later he started a paper in Dargo/Grant- the “Crooked River Chronicle”, in 1865. ( Dargo had a population of 20,000 in it’s hey day). When the gold ran out, he returned to Sale and founded and ran the ‘Gippsland Chronicle”, and when that was unsuccessful he returned to his old position at the “Gippsland Times”. Two years later Ryan and W. De Tracey became the owners of the “Times”, but they almost immediately dissolved the partnership. Ryan took a complete printing plant to Walhalla where he started the ‘Walhalla Chronicle” in 1870.

James married Susan Cue in 1868 at St John’s church, C of E, Melbourne.

James Ryan and his wife Susan had 5 sons, their 3rd son Herbert (my father) was born in Walhalla in 1871, the 2 older sons were taken to Walhalla by pack horse, on each side in a gin case.

Some years later he leased the Walhalla Chronicle to Henry Whitton and left to live in Maffra. He founded the “Maffra Spectator “ in 1881. James left the running of the Walhalla Chronicle to his son Herbert after the fire of 1888 in 1889. While the Chronicle office was being reconstructed, the newspaper was published in Bendigo.

1888 Walhalla Chronicle fire

1888 Walhalla Chronicle fire – much of Walhalla was burned. The new office was completed in a couple of months. ( I have wondered if that is James Ryan or Henry Whitton in the centre)

James Ryan has been described …. “James Ryan was one of the old school of pressmen who took pride in their broadsheets and scorned to turn them into advertising sheets. That was the judgement of his son, also a journalist, who said of his father that though keen for business and his rights, he never permitted his editorial pen to give way to those little exhibitions that so often discredit the newspaper press.” ( written by Bill Trevena in the 80’s , who did his thesis on the biographical apsects of Victorian country newspapers ).

After the historic fire in Walhalla in 1888, which burnt out many buildings, including the Chronicle office, the running of the chronicle was taken over by Herbert Ryan at the age of about 17. He continued as Editor until July 1915 when its doors closed . Herbert joined the  A.I.F – the government having withdrawn the subsidy, which kept the long tunnel mine going, and the town collapsed.

James Ryan died suddenly at his home, Luarel Lodge  26/4/1902 at Maffra. Funeral service at Maffra Cemetary was conducted by the Rev. William Parkes , of St. John’s Church of England, Maffra.

death of james ryan 1902


“He made friends wherever, he went, was universally esteemed, and it can be said that he had not an enemy.He leaves a wife and five sons all of whom are grown up. His second son Mr James C. Ryan, recently left for a second time for South Africa–enlistingIn the First Commonwealth Contingent,and will not know for some time of his bereavement. ” ( His five sons were: James Cue, George, Percy, Herbert and Harold).

James Ryan 1832-1902 Maffra Cemetary

 Sadly we have no photos of James and Sue Ryan, and only a late in life photo of Herbert Ryan.

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2 Responses to James Ryan our great great grandfather

  1. thats incredible! my ggfather james ryan-mary dwyer come out 1864-and daughter alice ryan-nee norman-ran coppermine hotel 1879 and commercial hotel 1901-AT WALHALLA as all her sisters ran pubs—————————————————————————-paul waterstreet

    • Hi there, Paul,
      your great grandfather james ryan was obviously a different ryan yours having married mary dwyer. However, it is a small world. However, interestingly enough, the criterian hotel at walhalla ( before and after 1900), was run by a relative of mine John newton jacomb after marrying mary jane hannan – another family of publicans.
      Have a look at some of the other blogs around this one with some old photos.
      Cheers, and I can be reached at stubbsjennifer3@gmail.com

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