Kittye ( Kate) Davidson Du Moulin Ryan(1873-1958) our great grandmother and her father James Andrew Du Moulin

Kate Davidson Du Moulin married our great grandfather ,Herbert Ryan

kate du moulin marriage 1897

christ church brunswick melbourne victoria

christ church brunswick melbourne victoria

(They married christchurchbrunswick)

kate davidson du moulin b 1873

kate davidson du moulin b 1873

Kate Davidson Du Moulin

Kate Du Moulin was born at Boisdale near Maffra/Sale in 1873 , the youngest of the family of 5 daughters and one son. Their father was James Adriances Du Moulin born in Holland of French descent. James A had several pockets of land(3) at Boisdale  – land gained through John Foster ( William Foster was his in law – married to Sara Du Moulin, William also had land at Boisdale ).

James Andrew, Kate’s father,  came to Australia in 1834 ( he was only two), with his parents and 15 other family members, another daughter was born in Sydney in 1836.

(Kate’s grandfather was a surgeon in the British army 50th foot (Queens own ) regiment. ( Jacobus A. Du Moulin). He served in the Peninsula war under Wellington before being ordered to Australia with his regiment.)

The Son James Andrew(b.1832- 1891) our great great grandfather, Kate’s father, took up land at Boisdale after returning from the California gold field, when he married Mary Ann Bowen(1841-1888) in 1862 in Launceston, Tasmania . They had 6 children who lived for many years in various parts of Gippsland: Charlotte b. 1862- 1943 m. John Blythe( five sons and one daughter), James Arthur b. Sale 1863- 1932 ( not married), Annie Bygrove b. 1868-1898 ( not married), Francis b.1862- 1938 m. Andrew Linton, Sarah b.1866 -1889 ( not married).

Frances m. Andrew Linton :  and had two sons and one daughter. 8/11/1923: On the 7th November (result of an accident), at Maffra, Andrew Noel Du Moulin, dearly beloved son of Fanny and the late Andrew Linton, Maffra Gippsland, also loved brother of Eiley aged 21 years.

Kate’s father, James Andrew Du Moulin  d. 1891 is buried at Maffra Cemetary with his daughter Annie Bygrove d. 1898 – only 28 years old, also son James Arthur died 1932 as well as Sara Du Moulin d. 1889( she was cremated at Springdale). Mary Du Moulin ( her mother), may be buried at the Cann river cemetary , Victoria, we are unsure.

Kate Married Herbert Ryan 24/3/1897 and lived in Walhalla while Herbert ran the editorial of the Walhalla Chronicle until he signed up for WW1 in 1915. ( Kate’s mum had died in 1888 , the same year as the fire in Walhalla and the year before Herbert took over the Walhalla Chronicle as editor).( Kate’s father had died in 1891 at Brookdale  – so when she married neither of her parents were alive ). Kate lived at Yaralla , Trafalgar and in the later years went to live at Redland Bay with her daughter Kathleen Cue Rollason( my grandmother), and her husband Herbert. Kate died in 1958 the year that I , Jennifer Stubbs was born to John Stubbs and Joan Nee Rollason.

Some of this information came from “The Wind Still Blows” and extracts from diaries of Rev. W.S. Login, 1st resident minister of North Gippsland, his daughter Jessie Harrison and Eliza Montgomery (nee Du Moulin ) who lived at “The Heart” , Sale.

“The Wind Still Blows” was compiled and edited by John W Leslie and Helen C Cowie. (Now un obtainable )

Our great grandmother Kate Ryan with our Great Uncle Russ Ryan at 10 years old

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  1. Diane Dooley says:

    Need to contact someone about the grave of Frank Linton b 1882,d1897 Buried in Maffra Vic. Sister & brother left no issue. Mother Fanny Du moulin b 1862 daughter of Jacobus Adrianus Du moulin & Mary Ann Bowen. Perhaps the Dumoulin family have some living issue. The grave is unsafe at the moment. Diane Dooley, Maffra Cemetery Trust, Maffra, Victoria, Australia, Email:

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