Walhalla , home of the Ryan’s and a couple of family members from the Jacombs

1901 parade walhalla celebrating austrlia's federation

1901 parade walhalla celebrating australia’s federation- chronicle office behind the stone fence behind the flag pole

Walhalla was home to our Ryan and some Jacomb families on our mum’s side and so I have special fascination for the place and managed to visit it recently with Thirza.

1890 upper walhalla near the chronicle office

walhalla cricket ground c 1900

long tunnel mines and buildings walhalla 1890

The Long Tunnel mine was just steps away from the centre of town and just steps away from the Walhalla Chronicle office with two windows and door behind the hotel below, (our great grandfather and great , great grandfather’s.)You will notice that the backyard of the office is fenced, and it appears that there are logs beging stored there. No doubts being used for power? One wonders where Herbert and Kate Ryan and family lived. I wonder if it was one of the houses close by the office. The home of William Trembath ( storekeeper) is to the right, and Trembath’s stable and warehouse is behind.

Criterion Hotel early 1900s owned by John Newton Jacomb and Mary Jacomb  from 1879, (one of our Jaccomb ancestors ). Mary re married after John N. died and remained at the hotel, with her new husband Mr. Hannan.

Criterion Hotel description

Jacomb’s bed and breakfast on the site of the hotel , the stables

Walhalla cemetary

Kath Rollason, her ashes are spread here.

John Newton Jacomb, his tomb stone can be found. (” Died 5 November 1891 of Epilepsy” Fence and headstone erected 15 August 1892 by wife Mary per Mr. Chissold? ) “Sacred to the memory of my dear husband John Newton Jacomb who died 5 November 1891. Aged 48 years”.

Also buried there : James Cue d. 22/1/1891 ( senile decay) Age 75  and Susan Cue d.6/7/1893 Age 75 , natural decay of nature. ( They would be James Ryan Senior’s in laws, Susan Cue’s parents ).

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