Frank Louis Du Moulin, Great Uncle

Born 1889 ,when he was 18 he  joined the Royal Sussex Regiment in 1907, only five years after his father Louis Eugene’s death .Then he joined the first battalion Yorkshire regiment, 21st division.  He enlisted in New Zealand and became a Captain, then lt. colonel. It is through many of his article letters that a lot is known about Jacobus Adrianus Du Moulin and family to Australia.

Francis Louis Du Moulin MC ( Jacobus’s great grandson) was Lt. Colonel , 1st Battalion, Yorkshire regiment, 21st Division. Killed in action 7th November 1918. ( He enlisted in New Zealand )Son of Louis Eugene and Katherine Parrell Du Moulin of Fishbourne Lodge, Fishbourne. Awarded the Military Cross . Buried in Belaimont Communal Cemetary F. 935. ( From the Roll of Honour Fishbourne War Memorial). Francis ( Frank)Louis was the son of Louis Eugene who died in the Boar war 1902.

The battalion was sent to France in 1915 and participated in major battles  on the Western Front throughout the war including Passchendale, and Polygon Wood in 1917 . Sadly Frank Louis was killed on November 7th, only a few days before the end of the war on November 11th, 1918.

 21st Division was the first of the six created for the Third New Army which had been authorised under Army Order 388 on the 13th September 1914.  After the debacle in the trenches and mud at Loos in September 1915 they would go on to be one of the finest British Divisions of the Great War. By the end of World War One they had suffered 55,581 killed, wounded and missing, being the highest number of casualties suffered by a New Army division.

There exists no Divisional History of 21st division written since the war, though some regimental and battalion histories exist. This site hopes to correct that, charting the progress from New Army Division to battle hardened unit by the wars end. From its origins and unfair bad name it gained at Loos, it would by virtue of the Somme, Arras, 3rd Ypres,Cambrai, German Spring Offensives and the 100 days gain a reputation as one of the finest divisions in the BEF.

The last battle fought was the Battle of the Sambre November 4th, 1918.


British 21st division insignia

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