Eliza Du Moulin a “great great Aunt” married William Montgomery . And the Lort Smiths.

Mrs Montgomery

Eliza Wilhelmina (1836-1916)was the youngest of Jacobus A. Du Moulin’s children. She was the only one born in Australia, Windsor, New South Wales,  after Jacobus  arrived in 1834.C.1853 Eliza  traveled to Victoria via John Foster’s boat,  ( The Isabella ),there is evidence that Jane Du Moulin followed her daughter Eliza to Gippsland  at some point, as Jane is buried at Sale.  There is a plaque on the Sale ( Victoria ) United Church for Eliza and her husband William Montgomery(1821-1902) , they married in 1854. ( William was born at Manor Cunningham, Strabane, Northern Ireland of Hugh Montgomery and Margaret Park,   and died in Malvern in 1901). William has been noted as from London , England. He had a sister Margaret , who married Robert Mc Clure who died at aged 29 , March 1842. They are both buried at the Alberton Cemetery – The Albert River.

William Montgomery’s heritage: Manor Cunningham , Strabane was orginally named the Manor of Fort Cunningham,( it was a plantation town),  taking it’s name from the first Proprieter, James Cunningham(1600’s?) who was married to the daughter of the Earl of Glencairn. Between him and his relatives, they were granted 5000 acres in the Portlough district of Raphoe, Co. Donegal.

William in Australia:he arrived in Australia in 1841 to Port Albert and was a relative of Major Frederick Campbell Montgomery of the 50th regiment (of which Jacobus Du Moulin was a surgeon). Major Montgomery died before 1858 the year of  his wife, Sarah’s death.   He joined the 50th in 1825 and it is my conjecture that he came in 1834 with Jacobus. In 1835 he was stationed at George’s River NSW and was noted as being a superintendent , policeman and magistrate. ( His salary for 1835 was 127 pounds and 15 shillings).  Mention is  made of Major Montgomery as superintendent of iron gangs at Georges River in 1836.

Georges River and Lansdowne Bridge The Sydney Herald of 14 May 1835 reported ‘the government has at last determined upon stationing a Military Detachment on the Liverpool-road for which purposes the spot occupied by the Lansdowne Bridge party will be formed into a stockade. The military will be under the command of Captain Montgomery, 50th Regiment. James Backhouse visited the ironed gang at Georges River in1836 where the gang was ’employed raising stone, which is conveyed up the George’s River to Lansdowne Bridge’. Backhouse p. 417

Lansdownebridge, Georges River, NSW

Lansdownebridge, Georges River, NSW

In 1837 the Major relocated to Sydney and remained a superintendent of iron gangs , by 1839 he was living at Woolloomoolloo in Sydney.

In march of 1841 the Major was granted land by Sir George Gipps of 640 acres at Roxburgh for one farthing annual rent per year for ever.( Roxburgh park is 20 km north of Melbourne ).

William Montgomery:

Please see Mrs Montgomery the word document at the beginning of the blog for more information.

William Montgomery was working for John Foster, (William Foster  married Sara du Moulin). The story goes that Eliza came to Gippsland to visit Sara.According to the records William Montgomery managed The Heart, Clydebank near Sale, the Ridge near Rosedale, as well as Boisdale, Merrimans Creek from William Foster.William had arrived in Melbourne in 1841 and soon moved to Gippsland where he occupied the cattle station of the Heart from 1842 – 1886. During which time he became a territorial magistrate in 1857. ( It appears the Heart was still owned by The Foster family when it went up for sale in 1908) – However, William Montgomery has been described as the owner of ‘The Heart” and “Clydebank”(Sale) and “The Ridge”( Rosedale) and I believe he purchased land – we know that John Foster sold or licensed land in the north of the Heart to William.   Whilst living at The Heart, he must have , as the notes suggest, overseen the other properties .  Eliza and William Montgomery lived at ‘The Heart’, Sale.William obtained the license of the Heart in 1858 possibly.  The area of Montgomery was named after the family , south east of Maffra Victoria.

(The Heart : the last of the estate comprised over 76 acres and The estate  was sold over a period of two years, and was broken up . )The original estate was 10 sq miles. (1840’s)

william montgomery 1821 - 1901

william montgomery 1821 – 1901. portrait dated 1841.

1890 letter from William Montgomery about the swing gate – says he was fomerly of Woranga , Manning  and Emo Rds. East Caulfield, now of Gippsland. ( It Looks like Eliza and William moved to East Caulfield after 1886, then possibly back to Gippsland then back to East Malvern).

1916 mrs william montgomery, the death of

(Eliza’s lounge and chair is shown at the Stratford Museum, Victoria. )

1901 death of william montgomery- woranga , east malvern

“The Heart , Sale ” the story of

elizabeth montgomery and william montgomery grave stone in Sale or Maffra cemetery

william montgomery grave with eliza

stained glass window for elizabeth montgomery st. john’s church melbourne

second stained glass window elizabeth montgomery , st. john’s melbourne

29/2/1917: “A handsome window has just been placed in St. John’s church, Finch Street, East Malvern, to the memory of Mrs. Elizabeth Montgomery, a very old resident of Malvern. The window.. is the first of its kind erected in Victoria. It was designed by Miss Rigg, an English artist.

As written in the St. John’s centennial book:

Mrs. Elizabeth Montgomery , who died in 1916 aged 80, wrote in her reminiscences :” in 1853 we came to live in the area , then consisting almost wholly of quite open country..” She was living in the Caulfield area when the first ( St. John’s church ) was built and was one of the first to worship within it. She lived at Emo Road, East Malvern, in the house now numbered 75.

Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery were well known in Gippsland.They had a long association with St. Columbia’s Presbyterian church in Sale, where a memorial tablet was erected in their memory as pioneer worshippers.

From “the wind still blows” published 1973 by Mrs. H.C. Cowie and Mr. J.W. Leslie

(Mrs Montgomery) remembers: ” I left Sydney on the 15th April, 1853 in Mr. John Foster’s ( of Hobart) wool vessel, the “Isabella”, commanded by Captain Moore, and arrived at Port Albert, Victoria, to spend a year with my newly married sister. ( Sara). I intended to return to my mother by the same vessel’s next trip to Sydney.

My mother was a widow ..my father,James Andrew Du Moulin, was a surgeon of the 50th foot, ( Queens own) commonly known as the Dirty Half Hundred. ( from the dark facing of the uniform)…(my father) was wounded at Bandajas in Spain, while dragging an injured soldier to a place of safety…. I was born at Windsor on the Hawksbury River on May 11th, 1836. A fellow officer of my father was Major Montgomery – a relative of my husband, and .. Colonel Anderson ( lived where Merton Hall now stands)… Anderson Street is named after him and Acland Street after his son. …

Mr. Neslon ( was on board)of the Tarraville Hotel.. returning to Gippsland… We landed at Port Albert and went to the hotel… took a long walk with my sister ( Sara) and her husband William Foster.. to Tarraville. When about half way we met Mr. Wiliam Montgomery,(b 1821 Ireland ),  the Manager of the Heart Station.. and went back to the Tarraville Hotel, where we spent a pleasant time celebrating the return to Gippsland of my brother in law and his bride…..we walked to Erinvale, a small staion managed by Wiliam Foster, and destined to be my home for some time.”

From the trial of the Tichbourne Claimant, it says that Eliza married Mr. Montgomery at the house of Erinvale.

In 1854, whilst living at Erindale, Eliza got wind of her brother ( James Wiliam’s) death????( all from the testimony at the trial of the Tichbourne Claimant )


Eliza was a close friend of William Spence Login who was the first Minister of North Gippsland.

william spence login

william spence login

Eliza was living at ‘Woranga” East Malvern, Melbourne when she died in 1916.

1916 death of eliza montgomery

Elizabeth and William Montgomery had a lot of children:

Isabel b. 1873 Sale, (died in infancy)

Louisa Eleanor ( Lu lu) b. 1875(Sale) – 1956 who married Charles Lort Smith

Jane Sara b.1855 -gippsland m. Henry Ogle Moore: children , William, Harry, Alice and Helen . ( Jane was an accomplished musician and horsewoman )

John Park b 1857 Sale – 1916 Terang, Vic, (doctor), married Jean Stewart Mc Lean who had two children, John b. 1890 Caulfield ?and Doris b. 1891 Taraigon, Victoria,

Marion Isabel b.1879 Sale – 1940, worked with Louisa Eleanor at animal hospital

James b.1866 Sale, became merchant and pastoralist , m. Kate Marsland with two children : Maurice and Adrienne

Henry Gunton b. 1860 – died 1918 at Armadale , Victoria and buried at Sale , Victoria with his grand mother Jane Du Moulin .Unmarried.

Hugh b. 1862- 1925,( Occupation was bank manager at Mooroopna )

Robert McClure b. 1868 Sale, unmarried

Margaret b. 1864 Sale- 1945, unmarried

William b. 1870 , Sale, – 1915, bank officer , unmarried

mrs montgomery gippsland

mrs montgomery gippsland

The book from the Stratford Historic Society

Mrs Montgomery

The children of Eliza and William:

Louisa Eleanor ( Lu Lu)b.1875  – 1956 married Charles Lort Smith, ( Charle’s first wife died in 1913 ). She was known to many as Aunt Lu Lu and Margaret Perdriau mentions to me how she used to go around in a chauffer driven car having to stop on many occaisions to allow the dogs go do their business!

home of charles and louisa lort smithThe house above is 7 Stonnington Place , Malvern

The next house , “Wahranga” , 10 Denham Place, Toorak was designed by Architect Marcus Martin and was featured in the Australian Home Beautiful. Mrs. Lort Smith was still living there in the 1930’s. She also owned flats at 5 Stonnington Place.

Mrs Lort Smith also owned a beach house with her sister Marion , “Strabane”Freemans Road,  at Mt. Eliza. (We realize now that the reason for the name is because Mrs Lort Smith and Marion’s  father, William, was born in Strabane, Northern Ireland ).

About Louisa Lort Smith from "The Kindness of Strangers" by Felicity Jack

About Louisa Lort Smith from “The Kindness of Strangers” by Felicity Jack

About Louisa Lort Smith continued

Charles Lort Smith from "The Kindness of Strangers"

Charles Lort Smith continued

Charles Lort Smith continued

1931: “Death of Mr. C. Lort Smith” “We regret to announce the death of Mr. Lort Smith, a leading solicitor, which occured at his residence, Denham Place, Toorak, … Mr. Lort Smith was particularly well known in racing circles. He had been solicitor for the Victorian racing club for 40 years, and for the Victoria Amateur Turf Club for many years. He drafted the Australian rules for racing at present in force, and he was a recognised authority on racing law.

Mr. Lort Smith was the elder son of Mr. Charles William Lort Smith, who was a gold buyer for the Bank of Australasia in Bendigo in the heyday of the gold industry. He was born at Epsom near Bendigo. As a lad he went to England with his parents and was educated at Hereford. He lived for some years at The Brook, Worcester, owned by his father. Returning to Australia , he served his articles in the office of Crabbe and Kirby , Solicitors , at Bendigo, and after he had been admitted to practise as a solicitor he joined the firm of Bennet Attesborough , Wills and Nunn, and became a partner. … Mr. Lort Smith’s widow was formerly Miss Louise Montgomery, daughter of the late William Montgomery of the Heart, Sale, Gippsland. The burial will take place at Sale tomorrow.

Louisa’s brother William was also in the racing circles as he managed race horses. Perhaps it is possible that Louisa was introduced in this way?

Louisa Eleanor Lort Smith (1875-1956)( from Australian Dictionary of Biography)

Animal welfare advocator and administrator was tenth of 11 children of William Montgomery, a grazier who came from Ireland, and his Australian born wife , Elizabeth Wilhelmenia nee Du Moulin. Her father’s reversal of fortune in the 1880s forced the family to leave their property for suburban Caulfield.

In the early 1900s Louisa and her younger sister Marion (d. 19400 began to teach ballroom dancing and they continued for 25 years. They devoted much of their time to the care and welfare of animals. They formed the Animal Welfare League of Victoria in 1928.

Louisa married Charles Lort Smith at St. George’s Anglican church in Malvern in 1925. (He was 69 years old .)In 1929 she organized the animal welfare league ( a free clinic ).In the first year 2150 animals were treated ,including 188 horses.  In 1936 the Lort Smith Lyle Hospital for sick and injured animals was opened.( She was widowed in 1931).

Louisa was appointed justice of the peace in the 1940’s. Petite and impeccably groomed, Lort Smith was a woman of courage and determination, with the ability to win the interest and support of influential people. In 1953 she was awarded Queen Elizabeth’s coronation medal. Lort Smith retired as president of the league six weeks before her death. The bulk of her estate, sworn for probate of 61,382 pounds was used to set up the “Lort Smith Trust for Animals”. Her portrait by Violet Teague is held by the Lort Smith Hospital.

lort smith gra ve , sale

lort smith grave , sale



Marion Montgomery: 1879 – 1941( daughter of Eliza Montgomery )

Marion was the older sister of Louisa and was also involved in the Lort Smith hospital and clinic. She also was a dance teacher.

marion montgomery 1926

1934 Mrs Charles Lort Smith and Marion Montgomery

death of marion montgomery

marion montgomery- ambulance given in rememberance 1941

1954 tribute to marion montgomery in the woman’s weekly

William Montgomery 1870 – 1915 ( son of Eliza Montgomery)

death of william montgomery 1915

( The funeral left from his mother’s house at Woranga, East Malvern ).

1928: a stained glass window was presented to the University of Melbourne , Wilson Hall by Mr. Edward Stevens. The window was designed by the late William Montgomery and completed by Napier Waller. The hall burnt down in 1952 and sadly the window did not survive. However in Trove newspapers , you can find a picture reference to this window.

William’s and Catherine built a nice 2 storey duplex flat at 9 Iona Ave. Toorak. Catherine was a remarkable woman , and was good with figures and monies, and made a good living which kept William, her husband, in race horses. Catherine was good with her hands and did a lot of tapestry, sewing and needlework . She was also a good cook and employed a live in housekeeper.

Other child, James:

James Montgomery: 1866 – 1933. ( Born at the Heart and died at Rand, NSW)

James married Kate Marsland had a son Maurice Du Moulin(1897- 1979) who married Mary and had a daughter, Ann ,who married Dr. John Mc Donald from Albury – NSW, they later divorced in 1998. Ann never remarried. James also had a daughter Denise who died in 1942.

James’s  son: Maurice , born 1897 in Malvern Victoria- 1979:

Maurice( a Jackeroo),  went to WW1 1915-1916 in the 1st AIF and 1916-1919 as a driver for the 3 div. ammunition column, 38th battery AFA and he returned from the war in April 1919. Maurice lived at “Dowra” Burke Rd East Malvern , Victoria at that time with his father James.

maurice du moulin montgomery

Maurice Du Moulin Montgomery married late in life in 1939 to Mary Margaret Mclaren and  lived at Woomargama Station near Holbrook , NSW.

(The Woomargama Station is famous for its visitors : Ronald Reagan and Prince Charles, Lady Diana and Prince William ( 9 months) in 1983.)


About the visit from Diana and Charles .

From John Dale:

Monty went to the World War 1 in 1914.-1918 and on his return he drew  a Soldier Settlement block at Rand in the Riverina South of Wagga. It did not work out  as they had series of droughts and then the Depression and like many others, Monty sold out. He was offered the position of Manager of Woomargama Station at Holbrook, by the owner Mr Clive Fairbarn which position he held for some 35 years from 1934. Woomargama Station was about 10,000 acres  and Monty developed the Shorthorn herd and the Dtud which became one of the leading Beef Shorthorn Studs in Australia winning many ribbons at all the major Shows in Australia. He was the president of the Shorthorn society from 1942.  Mr Fairbairn died in the 1960s and the property was purchased by Mr Gordon Darling whose uncle was Mr Harold Darling a former Chairman of B.H.P.. It  is still in the Hands of the Darling family. (Angela Darling, John Dale’s sister, married John Darling whose father was Harold Darling – past chairman of BHP.)( See note on John Dale below who provided me with a lot of this information.)


(Clive Fairbairn was the son of Sir George Fairbairn)

woomargama station homestead garden , 2000

woomargama station homestead garden , 2000

1939 woomargama station

maurice montgomery 1943 birth of daughter

Maurice’s sister was Adrienne Denise who married Dr. Norman Roy Dale. They had two children : Angela Darling b. 1929 –  and John Montgomery Dale b. 1929 –  of Kooyong. John ( who provided this information , has five children, simon, sam, sarah, susannah and nicholas). Adrienne D. Dale and Dr Norman R.  Dale( practised in Hamilton , Victoria)  both died in 1959.

2/3/1942: In the Argus there is mention of the probate of will 19/5/1939 of Catherine Emily Montgomery deceased of 9 Luna Ave. Toorak. … must be granted to Adrienne Denise Dale of Kennedy st. Hamilton .. and Maurice Du Moulin Montgomery of Woomargama Station, near Holbrook NSW.

Sale Cemetery:

The headstones below are all together in the Sale Cemetery
SMITH: Charles Lort SMITH, died 6th April 1931; also his wife, Louisa
Eleanor, daughter of William MONTGOMERY, died 15th July 1956. A friend to
all animals.

DU MOULIN: In memory of Jane, relict of James Andrew Du MOULIN, surgeon HM
50th Regiment, died 19.5.1871 aged 77. (VERSE). Also her grandson, Henry G.
MONTGOMERY, died 30.10.1918.

MONTGOMERY: Hugh MONTGOMERY, of The Heart, died 22nd March 1925; also his
sister Isabel, died 1874; also Marion MONTGOMERY, died 1st September 1940.

MONTGOMERY: William MONTGOMERY of “The Heart” Obit 4th September 1901
“Conquiesco”. Also his beloved wife Elizabeth, died 16th August 1916.

MONTGOMERY: In Memorium. William, youngest son of Elizabeth and the late
William MONTGOMERY of “The Heart”, Sale, died 21st January 1915.

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