Grace Adriana Du Moulin , another Great Great Aunt, daughter of Jacobus Adrianus Du Moulin and her Husband Christopher Fearon ( Also about WW2 , William and James Wheeler)

Grace Adriana Du Moulin born in Holland or Belgium 1822/23 – 1890. Married 1845 to Christopher Augustus Fearon. (1788 – 1866 Parramatta, “KIshnaghur” –  Sydney), of the Fearon Trading Company.

Christopher had previously married Elizabeth Noad and fathered 5 children, when she died in Lintin China, 1838 . Christopher was one of three sons of Charles George Fearon – a Major of the 31st regiment of foot and his wife Anne Philips. Robert Fearon, Christopher’s brother, was born in Quebec i 1783 ( where Charles Fearon was serving), and he became a Major General in India and died there in 1850. Whilst his other brother b. 1790 was killed in the Peninsula war in 1814.

Christopher entered the Navy in 1800. He started service with the East Indian company . The ship was captured (The Charlton) and he served the next five years as a prisoner of war. He was released in 1814 and made voyages to India and China.

Christopher retired from the East India company and established himself in a house of agency in Canton, China with James Illberry, a skilled watch maker. Christopher witnessed the ending of the East India ? trading company’s monopoly of trade with China. Christopher (1825?) was company purser for Fearon Trading company(became  Ilbery Fearon and Company). And he became Vice Consul of Canton in 1825 and Consul in 1843 after his business partner, James Ilbery was the previous consul and he died that year. The Consul was transferred to Hong Kong in 1844. ( Christophers children by first marriage included : Samuel Turner, Charles Augustusm, Elizabeth Noad, Anne , Robert Inlgis )

Christopher left China in 1845 with his servant Ah Chow to Australia and married Grace Adriana Du Moulin who was only 22 and he was about 59. They had lived in Parramatta and Christopher was 76 when the last child was born. He became Justice of the Peace and died in 1866.

The Children , many of which had distinguished careers:

Charlotte (1855/1864)m. Wiliam Sherlock, and had three children: Grace, Linda Marriot, Ellen who married her second cousin Anthony Weaver.

Jane Du Moulin Fearon (1860-192) married Septimus Daly (b. 1840/44) and Married in 1874/1884 in Shanghai.

See below:

Jane Du Moulin Fearon and Septimus Daly:

Septimus Daly(b.1844 Brighton England-1914) had a biography of him published in 1992 by the Sydney Stock Exchange. Septimus arrived in Sydney about 1887 after 20 years in China. His obituary in the Australian Worker referred to his ‘strange and adventurous life” and his “very substantial fortune”, but did not mention what business he conducted in Shanghai.

1890: Daly was on the committee of the newly formed Stock exchange of New South Wales, ( rival to the Sydney stock exchange till 1894). He became an authorized dealer, or vestibule member, of the SSE in 1897 and in 1898 bought a seat.

When he died in 1914 the Stock Exchange ws closed for an afternoon while most of the members attended the funeral. He was buried in the South Head Cemetery .

Asburton Guardian Feb 1914: Mr. Septimus Daly aged 71 deceased was a member o fthe Sydney Stock Exchange, and resided in New Zeland in the early 60’s (1860’s).

Jane and Septimus had three children: Madge Fearon (b. 1887), Re b. 1886, Eileen D’Arcy b. 1885.

Other children of Grace Adriana : William Foster Knowles who married Jane Montgomery ( 1st cousin) whose mother was Sarah : They had three children : Augustus Foster (1890-1930Tientsin), whose son was Basil William Fearon 1921-1997 – Canberra , who had two sons: Christopher Fearon and Derek Henry Fearon. Also Millicent b. 1892 who married Edric Brett .

The remaining children of Grace of Christopher Fearon: Lancelot Low Foster (1889-1941 Shanghai), James Sturgis (1849-1920) who married Emiy Talbot/wood, Henry ( who died 21 years), Augustine b. 1851, Grace b. 1847, Charlotte b. 1864, Ellen Joanna Singleton (1862 -1948) .

Grace married William Wheeler( 2nd husband) and their children :

Grace married again to Wiliam Wheeler, I guess she and Christoper divorced, or Christopher died.  Grace and Wiliam had 5 children: Kathleen and Marjory who died in infancy, Henry Howard, Maud Grace, Harold Fearon Wheeler.

Harold Fearon Wheeler married Thelma Harrard , and they had two sons James and Wiliam.

Sadly both sons died in WW2. James died in New Guinea in 1942, whilst William Wheeler died also in 1941- A Lt. of the “Cossack” ( He was with the Royal Australian Navy)which was instrumental in the sinking of the Bismark.

James  Wheeler WW2

Lt. Wiliam Wheeler:

27/10/1941: Cossack sank in the atlantic west of gibralter. She had been struck by a torpedo on the 23/24th and was being towed . However she sank after losing the tow line and sank losing 159 men. William died on the 23rd when the torpedo struck.

From an email received from HMS Cossack Association 😦 Re Lt. William Wheeler, an “Uncle” / second cousin. )

Survivors of the Cossack were picked up by a number of ships:

HMS Legion, HMS Carnation, HMS Jonquil, and a French ship Arliguani. Some survivors were landed in Gibralter, some directly to the U.K. We understand that Lt. Wheeler was on the bridge when the torpedo hit the ship’s side almost directly below. All those on the bridge were killed except one who was blown over the back of the bridge and survived.

Yours aye,

Peter Harrison , Secretary, HMS Cossack Association.

Below: The surviving members of the Cossack crew.

Lt. William G. Wheeler D.S.C. R.A.N  was mentioned in dispatches for gallantry at Namsos and was  awarded the distinguised service cross for  service in connection with the sinking of the german ship, Bismark. The Cossack did exchange gun fire, torpedos with the Bismark, however, according to records this did not sink her.

On the 26th of May 1941, the Cossack leading the 4DF was ordered to join with the Home Fleet battleships searching for the Bismarck. The Fleet’s own Destroyers were running short of fuel and needed to be relieved as a matter of urgent priority. That night the HMS Piorum sighted the Bismarck and at 2200 hrs Vian ordered his Destroyer flotilla into the attsck. Despite being seriously outgunned Cossack managed to launch three torpedoes from 6,000 yards at 0140 hrs. Two hits on the mighty German battleship being recorded. The other Destroyers made similar attacks and kept the Bismarck engaged until the Royal Navy battleships arrived at dawn to finally finish off the job.

Notes on William Garrard Wheeler:

page of service record for william wheeler

Born 23/9/1915 at Kiama , NSW.

1929 : Cadet Midshipman, 1935 sub lieutenant, 1937 lieutenant. Loaned to royal navy 193, 1939. Cossack was a royal navy ship, and hence loaned to royal navy in 1940 – 1941. 1938 he was an intelligence officer in the HMS Canberra. William specialized in the torpedo.

The DSC ( distinguised service cross ) was awarded 14/10/41 and sadly he died 23/10/1941. The cross was awarded for his torpedo attempts on the Bismark. Hence, he only got to enjoy his DSC for one week before he was killed !

James Wheeler:

His sister Helen lives in Melbourne and his sister Betty Deakin lives in Hornsby. Betty Deakin’s husband was Brigadier C.C. Deakin who has a distinguised career in the Indian army. Their son, Tony Deakin of Magoffin and Deakin architects in Armidale provided copies of newspaper article information referring to James Wheeler.

The above are for the Cossack , re William Wheeler

The above web page is with regards Lance Sargeant James Garrard Wheeler (1919-1942)an ‘uncle” or second cousin, who died in New Guinea in 1942. He is buried at Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby.

james wheeler enlistment ww2

wheeler casualty form james

wheeler james service record

Here is the story of James Garrard Wheeler:

He was born in Narrabri, N.S.W. His father was Harold Charles Fearon Wheeler a solicitor of Narrabri. His mother was Thelma Edith. ( Garrard is a family name going back to the family of silversmiths to the Queen of England).Harold Wheeler died in 1945.

James was at Armidale school (TAS) from 1932 – 1937. He was Sgt. in the Cadet Corps in 1937 . He left school in August 1937 after trouble with a Master who called some boys Bolsheviks which was then a very derogatory terms. Although the Master withdrew the word, Wheeler didn’t return to school. Wheeler’s unexplained nicknames were “House” and “Choot”.

After leaving school he was a bank clerk at Narrabi and Murwillimbah. He enlisted in October 1939. He served as Sgt. in the 2/1 Australian field regiment AIF. Records show Jim Wheeler joined up at the first call and sailed with the first convoy adn served through the North African campaign.

Killed: He was killed in action in the Gona area,New Guinea. Armidalian Dec 1943: ‘News has come through of his brave action in going tout to rescue a wounded Sgt. who had been shot by a Japanese sniper”.  The Sgt. was a friend of Wheeler’s. At that time there was a rumour that the Japanese would eat Australians they killed and Wheeler did not want his friend to be eaten. The story of Wheeler’s death was told in newspaper articles in 1972, 12.3.1972, Sydney Sunday Mirror and the Narrabri Courier 13.3.1972  as well as a Moree paper. Mr. J. F. Lewitz , then licensee of the Aurora Hotel on the corner of Elizabeth and Kipax streets in Sydney, made news by asking for an Army inquiry so that Wheeler’s bravery be officialy recognized. Mr. Lewitz was a lieutenant and forward observation officer with the 2/1st field regiment at the time of Wheeler’s death.

“We were 2 1/2 miles from the Japanese front, on the Sannanda Trail which leads  from Soputa to Sannanda Point. We were fighting with the 32nd US infantry division. .. ( Both Leut Daniels and and american officer were shot dead ) ‘we thought we saw the american move .. wheeler went forward to bring him back, but was shot himself. He managed to crawl back to safety but died soon after. He was buried beside the Sannananda track. The Americans said they wanted to recommend him for an award,and they gave me his identification disc, along with a written recommendation ( but it was lost)… Wilson, a grazier from Tamworth .. recently toured the war grave cemeteries and memorials in New Guinea. … ( he said) Wheeler was listed as not found. Well, i know for sure he was buried properly, as I saw his grave myself, i took the place of Daniels, the australian killed in the incident ” ( The Moree Champion,,20.3.1972)

original war graves at soputa, new guinea. they were interned after and reburied

There is  a memorial at Narrabri.

Bomana war cemetery , Port Moresby

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  1. Richard Slaney says:

    Jane Montgomery Foster is a 1st cousin to William Foster knowles. Her mother Sarah is my GG Grandmother on my mums side.

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