Charlotte Johanna Du Moulin, “Great Great Aunt”, daughter of Jacobus A. Du Moulin and Henry Gunton

Charlotte Johanna b. 1814 London ( came out to Australia in 1834) married Henry Gunton (1809-1844) in 1834 at the C.O.E. St. Matthews( Windsor) . She died   1/6/1877 Marsham , Norfolk, England. ( I suspect that Henry Gunton was from Norfolk). Henry died Baileys Farm, /Krisnacur Parramatta in 1844. Hnery was a Lt. in the 5oth regiment (queens own ) at the time of the marriage. ( same regiment at her father ).

Henry joined the 5oth in 1827, Lt. 1833, Capt. 1837. ( He would have served in the penal colony of Norfolk island with his wife and first child). His first child ( Louisa Jane )was born in 1838 and came back to Sydney with them but died in 1839 the same year as Jacobus Du Moulin. Henry retired after coming back from India in 1842.

They had two other children: Harry T.J. born 1840, Capt. Dennis Du Moulin (1843-1877). Dennis served with the 96th -Abyssian war – with the transport train. Won a medal for energy ability and zeal. The 96th with Dennis also  served in New Zealand according to records.

96th Foot

In 1824, the 96th regiment was reformed, inheriting the history and battle honours of their predecessors. The regiment was deployed to a variety of territories in the Western Hemisphere, before providing detachments for convict ships sailing to New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land, now Tasmania.

In 1843, during tensions between the British and Māoris, largely caused by the Treaty of Waitangi which had been signed between the British and Māori in 1840, a detachment from the regiment was dispatched to the northern island of New Zealand. Trouble did occur, with confrontations occurring between the regiment and Māoris. In one incident, the 96th met a large Māori force and in response withdrew in the face of a numerically superior opponent. The Flagstaff War began on 11 March 1845. The regiment took part in a number of engagements during the war, which lasted into early January 1846. In 1849, the 96th arrived in Calcutta in India, which at that time was under control of the British East India Company. They left the sub-continent in 1854, returning home to the UK, before deploying to Gibraltar for garrison service.

In 1862, the regiment was en route to Canada when the ship they were sailing on hit a storm in the Azores. The 96th spent only a brief time in Canada, being deployed to South Africa in 1863, after a brief period back home in the UK. In 1868, the 96th deployed to British India, an entity only created ten years before. They remained there until 1873. The following year the regiment was officially deemed to be the direct descendant of the Minorca Regiment, later The 96th (Queen’s Own Germans) Regiment of Foot.

Dennis Gunton married Louisa Tomlinson and had a son Henry Gunton  who married Tabitha Pike.

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