Cornelius Anthony Du Moulin , a “Great Great Uncle”, son of Jacobus Du Moulin ( and about George Du Moulin , and The Gourlays )

Cornelius A. was born 1828, Kishunghur, Field of Mars , Holland. / Yzendyke, Zeeuwsch. He died 1896 at Croydon Station ( now Macroy Station?), 53 miles from Roeburne, West Australia.( 22 odd miles from Whim Creek). His first wife was Jemima Pingram b. c. 5/2/1837 St. Paul’s ,Deptford ,Kent, England, died Sept 26th 1863( consumption) and married 1858 at Albert Town, Victoria/Sydney.( Daughter of John William and Eliza Pingram and sister of one child James Pingram of Deptford b. about 1859).

Family Tree:

cornelius family tree

Link to another site of Cornelius Du Moulin

Australia College: Cornelius’s education:

1839: Australia College: 1st class in Mr. Aitken’s class in both English and Grammar.

1840:Cornelius was noted as receiving a history prize from  Australia College . He was noted as being from Parrramatta.

The Australian College (1831-1854) was founded by Sydney’s first Presbyterian minister, John Dunmore Lang (1799-1878), minister of the Scotch Church and principal of the College. The College lasted longer than his short-lived Caledonian Academy, announced in 1826, the year the Scotch (or Scots) Church was completed (cf. the announcement in The Monitor 2/6/1826, p. 8, which states that any funds which Dr. Lang may derive from his connection with the Academy will be used to pay off the church debt). The State Library of NSW holds a number of images of the three-storey building with verandahs on the corner of O’Connell and Bent Streets used by the Australian Club until 1892.

In spite of his education, Cornelius went on to work the land as station manager ( stockman ), dragging his family all over the country.

Residences of Cornelius:( Occupation, Station Manager)

1860: Murndall, Ararat Victoria.

1862: 26/9/1862Kishnagbur(Paramatta, Sydney)- a daughter born, died 1863

28/10/1865:Advertisement , ( Sale)Sydney Morning Herald:” Kishnagbur” “A most desirable and favourably attested country homestead containing about 50 acres on the Kissing Point Rd. about 2 1/2 miles from Parramatta together with commodious cottage residence, full bearing vineyard and orchard.

3 / 09/1862 : C.A. Du Moulin traveled with G. Du Moulin—On September 2nd, for the Northern Ports . ( The Courier Brisbane )

 1870 : Mc Kenzie Springs Station, Wimmera , Victoria

1871 : Sth Wimmera – as above ?

1874: Drumbarger Station, Dimboola, Victoria

1883: Cloncurry or surrrounds, QLD

1890:Cornelius had unclaimed letters at Rockampton Post Office. ( Already left for West Australia?)

Roeburne, W. Australia:

Died 1896: Croydon Station , ( now Macroy )Roeburne, Western Australia. ( Alluvial and Reef gold found around Croydon Station, Roeburne in 1888 and was to be thoroughly prospected ). The closest civilization was the Whim Creek Telegraphic station ( 22 miles away approx. ). In the early 1900’s and late 1890’s a cyclone hit the area and the Whim Creek hotel ‘s roof was blown away along with parts of the Croydon station homestead and outbuildings according to the “croydon station 1911” article.

Whim Creek:,_Western_Australia

whim creek hotel 1960's

whim creek hotel 1960’s

As of Nov. 2011 the Whim Creek hotel was closed .

( sale of Croydon Station in 1911 , Mssrs McKrae and Straker – owners -391,000 acres below)

croydon station 1911

unknown australia w mention of croydon station 1907

william harris's store whim creek 1910 near the croydon station

william harris’s store whim creek 1910 near the croydon station

 whim creek telegraphic station 1898 before and after hurricane

Wife #2 of Cornelius:

His second wife was Teresa Ellen Mc Donall b. 1847 Enniscorthy , Wexford,  Ireland- 1877 and they were married 1870 at Mc Kenzie Springs Station, Wimmera. ( She was the governess of his first two children at Murndal? after Jemima died in 1863 ). Teresa was the daughter of William and Emma Mc Donnell (Nee Kennedy). She was only in the marriage for 7 years before she died as far as we can tell.

Wife #1 of Cornelius:

With Jemima he had two children : 1.James Cornelius b. 1859 – 1900 and 2. Regien Jane b. 26/2/1860 at Murnal Station, Ararat, Victoria.  Regien Jane  died 1914 Port Augusta , S.A .

James Cornelius died 18/12/1900 in Rangoon , Burma, of cholera and is buried there.  There was a story of a Du Moulin, a relative of James’s,  turing up at an Adelaide hospital stating that his grandfather had shares in a ruby mine and was murdered by a jealous lover! I have uncovered a James Bonny De Moulin ( Burmese),(b. 11/4/1907) who arrived in Perth by aircraft in Sept. 1965 with Daphne Eileen De Moulin (nee Gay)( Anglo Burmese), (b. 23/3/1914). Both lived in Adelaide and left for England 21/4/1958. Bonny died in London in 1973 and Daphne was living in 1975 at 5 Sudbury Town, Wembley, Middx.

James Cornelius did in fact have shares in a Ruby mine in Rangoon Burma. ( The mine was actually outside of Rangoon). When he died , his share of the mine was left to his sister Regien Gourlay and went to educate Murndal Gourlay ( Fotheringham). His partners were John Reilly and Chris Ryan.

( Information above of the Burma Ruby Mines Ltd. ) The company sold shares in 1889- a British company – and it is my guess that this is the company – was he a company director, or just a share holder in the field?  If he was in Australia, did they release shares in Australia as well ?Perhaps James was already in Burma in 1889.

This story of James Cornelius is a bit of a mystery. We hope to find his grave and his story in Burma.

Unknown daughter of Cornelius :

There is a note of a daughter born Kishnagbur ( Parramatta)26/9/1862 in the Sydney Morning Herald. However, I am not sure who this was. This daughter was born of Jemima before she died in 1863 and apparantly the child also died in 1863?

1862 CA du moulin a daughter kishnagbur

2. Regien Jane:

Regien was born at Murndal:

RegienaJaneGourlay(nee du moulin )

RegienaJaneGourlay(nee du moulin )


( information above with regards Murndal Station, Hamilton, ( near Tahara),Victoria is a listed Heritage location) The original two bedroom stone cottage was built in 1849, and the lare squatting run was owned by Samuel Pratt Winter and George Winter under two separate licenses. Teresa Ellen Mc donnell ( wife #2)may have been at Murndal in 1860’s as the governess? – she was from Ireland and the owner was from an Irish , English Ascendency family who owned large tracts of land in Ireland. Did Cornelius meet her through the owners of Murndal?

murndal article 1965

Murndal homestead- cornelius du moulin

Murndal homestead- cornelius du moulin

murndal picture 2

1883: Cornelius was noted at being of a property in Cloncurry. In 1883 a Robert Daley was charged with stealing a mare from the property of C.A. Du Moulin.1884: C.A. Du Moulin applied for a QLD timber license.

2. Regien Jane:

Regien Jane( Cornelius’s daughter), (1860-1914) born “Murndal”was married in 7/11/ 1890 at St Peter’s church in Sydney to Thomas Philip Gourlay(1848-1923)Stockman, of Mt. Eliza, S.A. (Cornelius was noted as being of Queensland at that time. )

limoge plate most likely owned by Reigen Jane

limoge plate most likely owned by Regien Jane

The above plate was handed down to Murndal, Regien Jane’s granddaughter. The markings ( D & T L ) show it was made by G. Demartial and Co. 1867-1883. Limoge , France.

PrayerBookGourlay_duMoulin ( prayer book of regien jane )



Gourlay_Fotheringham: #1 Reigen Jane, #2 Thomas Phillip Gourlay#3 Murial Murndal Ethel Fotheringham(nee Gourlay),#4 Reigen Vivien Marshall Whyte ( nee Gourlay),#5 Maxwell Graham Fotheringham left, Jane Dawes(nee Fotheringham) middle, Walter Fotheringham, right.

thomas phillip gourlay death 1923

T.P. Gorley was a pastoral pioneer in S.A. T.P. acquired the lease for the Bon Bon station in South Australia in 1902.

( T.P. Gourlay’s mother was Margaret Gourlay(nee gray) the daughter of a Maori named Kotiro Hinerangi who married an Alexander Gray(1796-d. NZ 1839). Alexander Gray was a black smith from Aberdeen  Scottland who jumped ship in New Zealand around 1826/30.

Mount Eba   ( From an article 16/2/1924) “North and North West of Port Augusta”      

( With regards TP Gourlay).  

John Ross the old explorer, acting on behalf of Price Maurice went out in 1873 by way of Marree and Stuart’s Creek, and had taken up an extensive area of pastoral country around Mount Paisley, and Mount Vivian, which subsequently was called     Mount Eba Run, the mount being close to the south-western boundary. In 1880 Francis Pearce was sent there to take charge of the development work, but three years later Thomas Phillip Gourlay, who had been managing the Tarpaulin Station, on the Murray for John Whyte until the property was sold, came and took charge of the Mount Eba country, and under his care all the well sinking, fencing and so     on were carried out. He was the first   justice of the peace appointed in this out back country. In its palmiest days this station sent away nearly 2,000 bales of wool, which was carted, to the Coward Springs Railway Station. Gourlay re-   mained as manager until Price Maurice’s leases expired.     

Thomas Phillip Gourlay was in WW1 with the 3rd light horse.

thomas phillip gourlay WW1 embarkation roll

Regien Jane’s children:

1.Grace Gladys Gourlay (b. 3/2/1898)who married Bruce Mc Kenzie Foulis. Nancy Regien Foulis is one of their 6 children.

gladys grace nee gourlay , grandaughter of cornelius du moulin

Grace Gladys  Gourlay , grandaughter of cornelius du moulin

Gladys and Lex nee du moulin ( Lex is gladys’s younger sister )

Thanks to Anne Gordon for the photos and information.

2.*( Picture )Muriel Murndel Ethel b. 2/4/1905( Bon Bon station South Australia), who married Douglas Graham Fotheringham ( son of late A.S. Fotheringham). Their Sons: * ( Picture) Maxwell Graham and * ( Picture )Walter,   and daughter * ( Picture)Jane ( now Dawes).

Maxwell’s son is Douglas Graham Fotheringham.

( It is through Doug Graham Fotheringham  in South Australia that I have some of this information.)

Other Children of Regien Jane:

3.Also a daughter *( Picture )Regien Vivian Marshall b. 25/8/1891 Orroroo. Married name , Whyte.

4. Also a daughter Mary Vera Du Moulin b.22/9/1893, died 5/7/1894.

5.Also a son Thomas Philip b. 22/1/1894

6.Also a daughter, Iris Gladys b. 16/2/1900, died 18/2/1900

7.Also a daughter, Victoria Alexandria F. b. 6/2/1901 (QLD station).

8.A son Henry Du Moulin died at the QLD station 18/12/1900

Cornelius and Teressa: Children:

With Teressa Ellen  Cornelius had the following children:  1.Henry Munroe (1873-1874).

2.Henry Monroe b. 1874- 6/2/1945, b. Drumbarger Station, Dimboola, and Henry M. died Perth W.A. Henry was known as Harry and was a motor car Proprieter at 147 Adelaide Tce. Perth.(1923).

He had a son, Henry Francis b.14/4/1920 who died in WW2 20/4/ 1942. His name is on the Kranji war memorial, of Singapore.

details<:article id=mainContentContainer>


Service No:
Date of Death:
Australian Infantry
A.I.F. 2/4 M.G. Bn.
Panel Reference
Column 135.

Additional Information:

Son of Henry Thomas De Moulin and Elizabeth Ann De Moulin, of South Perth, Western Australia. ( See link below to the War memorial records ).


Casualty Record Detail



11/6/1945: De Moulin ( Lieut. Henry Francis) previously reported missing , now presumed killed in action at Singapore, Feb 11th , 1942 . Dearly loved and only son of Elizabeth and the late Henry De Moulin, loved brother of Eily (AWAS) and step brother of Gladys and Bob.

12/6/1945: Lt. Penrod Dean ( POW Malaya), wrote:”a tribute to the memory of a our very dear young Friend, Henry… inserted by Lt Penrod Dean and Mrs. Dean.

( Please see the tribute , including video footage of Lt. Penrod Dean).

Also, on the same day in the West Australian, 12/6/1945, a tributre from O.L. Haines and Co. ( Perth) chartered accountants. ( Did Henry F. work there?). And a tribute that stated “loving uncle of Lesley” ( Mrs. Kerr).

(The fall of Singapore to the Japanese occured 15/2/1942 and the surrender of the British and allied forces was the largest surrender of British led forces in History.)

Henry Francis was noted as dying on the 11th February 1942 before the surrender. It is noted in his enlistment , 16th November, 1940 that at 20 years and 7 months he had previous military service as Sgt in the 28th Bn. ( He was a clerk ). At the time of enlistment he was single and living with is father and mother at 15 The Esplanade Sth Perth.,+south+perth&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x2a329cd7abbf7d63:0x71564b00d1ee161f,15+Esplanade,+Perth+WA+6168,+Australia&gl=ca&ei=K4dXULLJHKGNyAGOqIBo&ved=0CCAQ8gEwAA

The AIF of 8th Division was sent to fight the battle for Singapore. Below is a picture of the 8th division arriving at Singapore harbour 15/8 1941. Henry Francis arrived on the “Batavia” 24/1/42 and disembarked Singapore.

The battle of Singapore: Japan attacked Singapore after heavy air raids on 8/2/1942, crossing the Johore Strait and attacking along the 22nd Brigade’s front and the 27th Brigade near the Causeway.

The machine gunners of the 2/4th battalion, of which Henry was one suffered heavily between 8th and the 15th February where 137 men were either killed or were missing. ( Henry was regarded as missing , inferring he was captured by the Japanese). And was no doubts killed by them after being captured.

After the surrender by the British ,  the 2/4th batallion was concentrated in the Changi jail and were sent as labour to parts of Malaya. by the Japanese.

Henry Monroe:

Henry Munroe married Gladys Rose Gale and had 3 children? Including a daughter Gladys Mary.  Henry Monroe then  married Elizabeth Woodhouse, b.1879/ Elizabeth Anne Sturkey ,and had a son Henry Francis b. 1920 – 1942 , and a daughter, Eileen Gertrude b. 1919.( Also known as Eily- who was a member of the AWAS- Australian Women’s Army Service ).



3. George b. 1871 Sth Wimmera, died Brisbane 14/7/1923.

George’s children :

Gladys Beatrice b. 1909 , died january 2012 in a nursing home in brisbane.

Regent Anne  b. 1911

Teresa Mary Grace ( Tess) b. 1914-2006

Georgina Laura b.1915-1998(m. wiliam mc garvey)

James Henry b.1917-1918

Evelyn Rose b. 1919-1919

George Henry b. 1920-1921

Isobel Arizona b.1922

Harry Richard  George b. 1924


George Du Moulin

George married Annie Beatrice Preston b.1889 in Glengarry Ward River. They were married 1909 in Charleville , St Mary’s Roman Catholic church.

George Du Moulin Wedding 1909 Charleville

The marriage of Annie Beatrice Preston and George du Moulin was celebrated at Pinewood Cottage, Charleville, in 1909. The Preston home was situated on the edge of the Pines, which lent its name to the cottage. Pinewood Cottage was moved from the block of land where the Hotel Corones now stands. (Description supplied with photograph)

Image sourced from Picture Queensland, State Library of Queensland
This image is free of copyright restrictions.

Annie  Beatrice Preston(1889- d.1968) aged 78 was the daughter of Mary Preston(d. 1916).

Charleville grave of Annie Beatrice Du Moulin

George was buried at Toowong Cemetary portian 7A , section 98, allotment 13. He died from Influenza.

George Du Moulin grave, Toowong Cemetery

George Du Moulin grave, toowong cemetery


Gladys was one of George’s children and her story is above.

George Du Moulin : a drover, owned the Tattersalls Hotel in Charleville. The hotel was partially burnt down and now is a boarding house no the site – on the corner of Sturt and Parry streets. Charleville, QLD. George bought the hotel after retirement on 18/12/1908 for 1400 pounds. ( His partner was Mr. Mclennan). George was remembered for bringing in cattle from Hodgson Downs in 1907. His portrait was published in the North Queensland register in 1909. He died in 1923 in Brisbane. Gladys, one of his children born in 1909 has put on the web above, experiences of her life.

Annie Beatrice’s mother was Mary Preston. Mary’s occupation was given as Licensced Victicaller ( publican ?). Mary , her mother was born 1860 in Collononary , Ireland.

In 1919: Ross and Keith Smith landed on Ward Plains on at trip to Australia. In that region Mary Preston had the Mc Nutty Hotel. Hence it is assumed that Ross and Keith Smith having landed at Ward Plains , went to the Hotel. It is known that Amy Johnson ( well known aviator ) landed in this area also.

george du moulin and the tattersals hotel

From the internet:

George, died 14.7.1923, son of Cornelius Anthony DU MOULIN & Teresa McDONNELL (1923/B040370).

George Henry, died 28.1.1921, son of George DU MOULIN & Annie Beatrice PRESTON (1921/000517).

Evelyn Rose, died 21.3.1919, daughter of George & Annie B. (1919/002457).

Jame Henry, died 1.1.1918, son of George & Annie B. (1918/000733).

George & Annie Beatrice, married 14.1.1909 (1909/000552).

In the 1913 Electoral Roll, there is only one, Alice Maud Octavia DU MOULIN,Home Duties, Royal Hotel, Warwick.

george du moulin1909

george du moulin 1908

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  1. Sally says:

    Regien Jane Du Moulin( daughter of Jemima Pigrim 1st wife of Cornelius Du Moulin) was my Great Grandmother.
    Her daughter Grace Gladys Gourlay married Bruce McKenzie Foulis . My mother, Nancy Regien Foulis is one of their 6 children.

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