William Du Moulin ( New Zealand), “Great Great Uncle” , son of Jacobus.

William Du Moulin (1821-1894) came to Australia in 1834 with his father Jacobus Du Moulin. William had a twin , Hendrik and was a son of Jacobus A Du Moulin. He married Emily Ester Smith Fearon(b1827/1831? -1907)) in New Zealand in 1862 : and one daughter Emmis b. 1865, and two sons only known as W. and C. (One son was born 30/9/1863 at Race Course Hill Station. )

1862 marriage william du Moulin

Son: Charles Feron 1863-, Daughter Emmy Elizabeth 1865-, b. Kishnagur, Parramatta, William Henry 1866-1896 d. Rangiora , clerk, Herbert 1870-1872.

( There is a note that Emily Fearon was the daughter of Christopher Fearon and Elizabeth, she was born in 1831 in Ma). See the inscription on Elizabeth Fearon’s grave at Macao below:

Elizabeth FEARON

 nee NOAD

born 22 Oct 1794 London England

died 31 Mar 1838 at Lintin age 43 -burial no 84 location Lower Section

married Christopher Augustus FEARON 14 May 1818 London England

children -Charles Augustus born 1821–trader in Shanghai

Samuel Turner Fearon -1

st Professor of Chinese Kings College London

Emily Esther Smith Fearon christened 19 Feb 1831 Macao

Elizabeth Noad Fearon

Anne Fearon

Robert Inglis Fearon christened 15 May 1837 Macao

Godfather George Chinnery – Artist cao, China .

William ,whose sister Grace married Christopher Fearon, after his first wife died…. that means that William married Grace’s step daugher .. all in the family !

( Capt. Nelson Fearon was one of the first settlers in New Zealand  in 1842 but we are unsure of any connection).

1853/4 Alfred Cox , an Australian squatter, buys 26,000 acres ( run 43) of the Canterbury ( Raukapuka) area in New Zealand. Cox was not living in N. Z. until 1857 but visited in 1854, William Du Moulin met Cox in 53/54 and managed his runs at the Raukapuku Station, what is now the Geraldine district.


The above link is about Alfred Cox.

1858: W Du Moulin: Cancelled Crown Grant

William subsequently managed the Racecourse Hill Station. About 1859 Mr. Creke moved the homestead to its present site and ever since the station has been called Racecourse Hill. ( At that time it was a sheep station). The station was sold in 1860/1 and again before 1863 to the bank manager of the first branch of New Zealand inChristchurch.( Recently the homestead was damaged by the 7.1 quake in Canterbury).


The original racecourse hill homestead in the link above

William was a manager at the Lochinbar station , then St. Helens station ,Amuri, 1871.



Sports at Rangiora featuring W Du Moulin.

He went to Rangiora and died there in 1894. ( South island, largest town in northern Canterbury, near Christchurch. ) There is a historic museum in Rangiora.


( The life of William Du Moulin above 1894 )

from a newspaper article : 17/4/1894: ‘ At an early hour this morning there died at Rangiora Mr. Wiliam Du Moulin, an early settler, and one who passed through many of the hardships and adventures which fell to the lot of the colonial pioneers… on reaching manhood, Mr. Du Moulin like many a thousand others, was smitten with the gold fever, and for several years wandered about from one gold field to another. In 1853 he found his way to Canterbury, and becoming acquainted with Mr. Alfred Cox, undertook to select land for him in South Canterbury. Starting from Christchurch with a bullock dray, after seven weeks of roughing it … he reached what is now the Geraldine district, where he selected a tract of country and established Raukapuku station…( Lochinbar Station ).. It was while here that a memorable snow storm ocurred, and Mr. Du Mouin , with others, was snowed up for three months…  ( he remained at St. Helen’s station ,Amuri until 1871).. The intelligence of his demise will cause a feeling of deep regret amongst a large number of friends made in the early days, many of whom shared the hardships he underwent.

Notices of Probates in the archives in Wellington:

1893: Maude Du Moulin Thompson, Christchurch

1896: William Henry Du Moulin, clerk , Rangiora

1950: Charles Robert F Du Moulin, retired carpenter , Rangiora

rangiora junction hotel c 1900

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2 Responses to William Du Moulin ( New Zealand), “Great Great Uncle” , son of Jacobus.

  1. Fiona King says:

    Is this the same beautiful homestead where the Morrison family resided? I am an old friend of Peter Morrison ( son of Patrick Morrison)
    I would be so grateful if you would pass on my contact details as would love to get back in touch.

    Fiona Martin

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