Joseph Stubbs our great great great grandfather and his son , John Dixon Stubbs, Rev. Stewart Dixon Stubbs

William Stubbs( 1754–1803) Grocer and Vintner m. Sarah Butcher (1756-1810)

William Stubbs  

( Above: William and descendants thanks to Angie)

They married 1782 at At Andrew by the Wardrobe,( same church Joseph Married at ) &  lived in Cannon Street , London.

Children : *Joseph Stubbs(1789-1864), Anne Stubbs(1783-1809)& William Stubbs(1757-),_London_Genealogy

*Joseph Stubbs (1789-1864) son of William Stubbs & Sarah Butcher-  ( b1753 Hampswaite , York- son of Joseph and Sarah ) was regarded as a wholesale grocer of Common Street , St. within London Stone parish, London . Joseph and consequently his son/s had the “Freedom of the worshipful co. of Vitners London” )- Freedom of the city of London . This freedom was a royal charter dating from 1237 which granted rights to trade and to conduct business. Originally it was the only way to vote in parliamentary and civic elections.

joseph stubbs

joseph stubbs 2

1845 freedom of the city given to John Dixon Stubbs

Scenese at the Vintner's company, London, 1884 Scenes at the Vintner’s Company London, 1884

Vintner crest, Joseph Stubbs Master of Vintner

*Joseph Stubbs of London,(1789-1864) son of William Stubbs of London:  married 1811 to Sophia Judith Dixon(1793-1864)

Children: Ann(1813-1870), Joseph(1815-1833), Sophia(1816-1907), Mary(1818-1901), Charles Stewart (1822-1848), John Dixon( 1824-1851), Rose(`827-1827, Elizabeth( 1830-), Stewart Dixon ( 1832-1919)

Joseph’s death notice in the Times 11th , January 1864 reads: “on the 8th instant, at 10 St. John’s park, Upper Holloway, the residence of his son, the Rev.( Stewart Dixon) Stubbs(son), Joseph Stubbs esq. , late of no. 46 Mecklenburgh Square , aged 74. ”

A link to a google book above : “the magazine of art” dated 1878 with an article on 46 Mecklenburgh square, London

Corner of Mecklenburgh square and Mecklenburgh street area of Joseph Stubbs’ residence

Joseph had thirteen children  including John Dixon 1824-1850( our Great Great Grandfather )and Rev Stewart Dixon 1832-1919- vicar at St James Pentonville.

Joseph’s claim to fame was that he was the Master of the Vintner Company of London from July 1859 to 1860.Vintner company of London  is one of the livery companies of the city of London, England. ( A livery company is a trade association of London ). The Vintner existed as early as the 12th century  and it received a royal charter in 1364. Most liveries are known as the “Worshipful Company of” the relevant trade. Until the Reformation, they were closely associated with religous activities.

Livery companies are governed by a Master. One can be a member as a freeman or liveryman. A freeman means  by patrimony- ie one parent  was a liverman of the company. Or a liveryman means if one serves a number of years as an apprentice of the company or by redemption, if one pays a fee. Training takes place to be a Master, from Swan Warden, Renter Warden, Upper Warden and then Master.  According to the company, the Master of the company chairs the governing body( the court) and all committees during the year. He also respresents the company at all inter-livery dinners and ceremonies. Once the Master’s term is up, he becomes once again an ordinary member , and is entitled to be called a ‘Past Master”.

The Vintner’s first charter (15th July 1363) was in fact a grant of monopoly for trade with Gascony’ s wine. The wine trade was of immense importance to the medieval economy- between 1446 and 1448 wine made up nearly one third of England’s entire import trade.The Livery Company came under violent political attack in the 19th century. The company was able to show the Charity Commission and the City of London Livery Companies’ Commission that it was caring for its estates and was spending more on its charities than was legally required. It managed even to keep the remnants of its once enormous power , the privilege of selling wine without license in London, within three miles of its walls and in certain specified ports and thoroughfare towns between London and Dover and London and Berwick.


Anne Stubbs(1783-1809) : Joseph’s sister, married Henry Hulbert in 1802 . Henry was a tea broker in 1814, banker 1851 and merchant in Mincing Lane.


John Dixon Stubbs, son of Joseph Stubbs, 1824- 1851, married 1847 to Anne Elizabeth Linnington(1829-1917). The daughter of Samuel Linnington Esq. of Barnstaple,  1799 – 1850 ( drug broker ). Her father, Samuel died at Liverpool.

ann elizabeth linnington marries john dixon stubbs

John was born in Ealing, Middlesex , England. He married Elizabeth at St. Mary on the Hill, Lancashire, England 6/10/1847. He was noted to be a wholesale grocer of 23 Cloudesley Square, London. Joseph Stubbs , his father,  was a wholesale grocer . Whilst the bride’s father , Samuel Linnington , was a Drug -Broker. The witness to the wedding was James Linnington, Mary Stubbs( John Dixon’s sister b. 1818) , Fanny Linnington, W. Linnington, and Lucy Norris. Witness: R.J. Linnington.

The question has been raised, why would Johh Dixon from London, marry in Lancahire and the answer would be because Anne was living in Everton, Liverpool most likely with her father.

John Dixon and AnneElizabeth had two children:

  • Emily Stewart b.1848 ( who married George Augustus Carter Evans b. 1833 in Ealing in 1866 ) .Emily Stewart married George Augustus Carter Evans (b.1833) of George and Hannah Evans. Eric Stubbs , our grandfather talks about going to see the Evans’s in his diary. We need to find out more about them.
  • Charles Stubbs ( our great grandfather) b. 1850/1851 d. 1931.( Charles was baptised 3.1.1851 at St. Mary, Ealing ). It would appear that Charles was born the year  his father died.Charles’s( our grandfather’s) birth was registered in the March quarter of 1851 so he must have been born Nov. 1850 – March 1851. ( You had 42 days to register a birth).
  • John and Elizabeth had also another child , John, who died as an infant, 1849-1849.

The death of John Dixon, took place , 7th august 1851 at Ealing. William Stubbs of 4 Eastleigh London in attendance. It would appear that he died from Pulmonary TB. The witness in attendance was his brother William.death certificate of john dixon stubbs, 1851

The burial of John Dixon was at St. Michael , Highgate 13.8.1851 aged 27 and he was interned at Highgate cemetery graves. ( same as Stewart Dixon). #3370 granted to John Dixon Stubbs of 23 Cloudesly sq. Islington, tranf 1872 to Elizabeth, relict of 35 Windsor Rd. Ealing. Interred : John Stubbs 1849, John Dixon Stubbs 1851, Matilda Ewbank 1862, Anne E. Stubbs 1916 .

23 cloudesly square, london, residence of John Dixon Stubbs

John had a residence in Islington, he and his wife may have been living at 35 windsor road , Ealing.

Picture above is 35 Windsor Rd. Ealing.

So Charles, our Great Grandfather, would not have known his father, and how did Anne Elizabeth cope without a husband?


Rev Stewart Dixon Stubbs,( John’s brother) (1832-1919)Stewart was the son of Joseph Stubbs of London,  married 1856 to Mary Elizabeth Alder,b. abt 1835 who died in 1869.  (Stewart went to Cambridge 1852-1856 at Pembroke college. )

Rev. Stewart Dixon Stubbs, 1832 ( Brixton , London , Surrey) – 1919  ( Penton Place, London ).

1852 – 1856 Census: Stewart was a pupil of 18, unmarried, living at Alburgh, in a household of John Adams Cooke ( rector of Alburgh, Norfolk), his family, servants and one other pupil

1857- priest C of St. Mark’s – Islington. 1856-60 C of St Matthew , Islington.

#1 Marriage :1856 :On the 24th ( August ), at St. Matthew’s Church, Islington, the Rev. Stewart Dixon Stubbs, B.A., of Pembroke College, Cambridge. and Curate of St. Mark’s, Tollington Park, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. E. T. Alder, MA., Incumbent of St. Matthew’s. With Mary Elizabeth he had 8 children, including

  • Rev. Charles Alder b. 1863
  • Eliza Caroline b.1868 Holloway, Middx.Note : His daughter, Eliza Caroline married Edward George Horder M. D. of Pakhoi China in 1889. ( He was a physician in a mission hospital) and died 1908 in Middlesex.    ( about the church missionaries)
  • Dau. Fanny Esther (1860-1934)Daughter Fanny Esther Stubbs married Rev Edward Barnard Beauchamp (1851-1902). Edward was the son of Joseph Sidney Beauchamp and Louisa . Fanny died 1934.- assuming  some kind of royal connection to the “Marquis of Ruvigny and Ranieval” in marrying the Rev Edward.
  • Son. John Dixon (1865-1936)

1861- Chaplain at Rouen, C of St james Muswell Hill 1861-2, C of St John’s – Upper Holloway 1863-70, St James Pentonville 1870-1919.

Census 1871: Rev. Stewart , Widower: Occupation at 38 , Vicar of St. James Pentonville, living at 70 Pentonville Rd. St. James, Clerkenwell wtih daughters Fanny E. , Amy K. and Gertrude E. and son John Dixon Stubbs*(b.1865), sister in law Pheobe e Burdon, wife’s cousin, Louisa Edwards, and 3 servants

*John Dixon Stubbs (1865-1936) , Physician. Physician at St Bartholomew’s , London; House Surgeon at the Temperance Hospital.

#2 Marriage : 1873 to Jane Taylor – ( her second marriage ),   at Chorlton , Lancashire. Jane Taylor: b.1828 Stanford Rivers, Essex and died 1899 in Hampstead, London. At this time, Stewart was living at 10 St. John’s park , Upper Holloway.

1876: member of the royal institution of Great Britain

Census of 1881: Stewart was 48 and was with wife Jane Stubbs(Nee Jane Taylor born Stanford Essex 1828 – 1899- died Hampstead), with daughters Fanny E, Eliza C, and Gertrude E..,visitors Hilda M C Grant (aged 6) and Louisa  C Grant ( aged 2), 2 servants, 1 servant’s child.

1891, Stewart was 68, and living at 29 Penton Place, St. James , Clerkenwell, wtih wife Jane Stubbs, son John D. grandaughter Ester .1901: Widower, Stewart , aged 68 , living with sister in law Rosa Taylor and two servants.

1908: Daughter : Gertrude Elizabeth ( noted in the Plantagenet roll of the blood royal) Published 1911.

Died: 6/4/1919: Death notice : The Times: 8/4/19: passed away peacefully at 1 Penton Place , Rev. Stewart Dixon Stubbs, for 49 years! (1870-1919)of St. James Pentonville, aged 86. Funeral .. Highgate Cemetary

st james church pentonville 1900


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    i believe we are distant relatives my mum [89] is a stubbs and our ancestory tracks back to Hampswaite !!

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