Doctor Charles Stubbs L.L.D. our Great Grandfather and his wife Frances Saunder


1901 stoneleigh , 59 church st. Surrey, Charles’s residence: Top Photo: Ashstead, Surrey ( Charles moved there after his wife died and was living there by 1911 )

59 church street epsom   Charles Stubbs The story of Stoneleigh above and those who resided there. The story of Hope Brewery Epsom above. Heritage walking tour of Epsom including Church street. History of the area above 2014 : 59 Church street, Epsom. One portion  will be renovated soon. Please see below the communication with the architect who will be renovating a portion of 59 church street. “Thank you so much for your swift reply. We are only dealing with number 59, as number 59A is owned by a different family.The original house (Stoneleigh) was the current number 59A, which was extended some time in early C17 along with the brewery buildings, we are not sure of the actual date but definitely before 1838.We also know that some smaller extensions were added to the house between 1838 and 1866. As you may know the brewery was demolished in 1921 and some parts of the house were demolished at the same time. According to the information that we have managed to gather, the house was divided in 1949, and the house (current No 59A) was renamed Stone House. However, the name Stoneleigh was dropped  after a nearby railway station was built in the 1930s and was given the same name.    We know that architect Brian Fender (1922-2007) bought No 59A in 1958 and lived there until his death.” ( Patricia Forero). Cranham , Ashstead Surrey , 19 Woodfield Lane:

Cranham, Ashstead , Surrey (19 woodfield lane)  1900s

Cranham, Ashstead , Surrey (19 woodfield lane) 1900s

Cranham, Ashstead Surrey ( 19 Woodfield Lane)

Cranham, Ashstead Surrey ( 19 Woodfield Lane)

Travel Document , Charles Stubbs and familiy, passage to Turkey 1901
Charles Stubbs date unknown. The dress suggests the photo was taken after his wife Francis died, later than 1909?

Charles Stubbs born Ealing 7/12/1850 – 1931 married Frances Sarah Saunder ,b. 1854 Marylebone 31/8/1881 ,( daughter of William E Saunder( Dental Surgeon) and Sara Pationce Saunder of Ealing) , at St Mary’s church in Ealing.

marriage of charles and mary francis saunder 1881

It is noted in the 1881 census that Frances was living with her father William Deache of Charlbury (69) and mother Sara Pationce(66) of Hornchurch Essex, brother George Douglas (26) at 48 Windsor Road, Ealing with visitor Sarah Allen and servant Harriett Dodd. So it would appear that Francis lived down the road from Charles and his mother at 35 Windsor Road, Ealing. ( In her childhood she was brought up in Marylebone and in 1861 her sub district was noted as 3 Rectory).

William Deache Saunder, ( Frances Sarah’s father born 1812), William Stubbs, ( Charles’s brother ) were witnesses at the wedding of Charles Stubbs and Frances Saunder. Frances died 1909 in Epsom. ( Dad says the photo above shows Charles with Arthur, )if so, this photo was in late 1920’s at which time, Francis had died. If the photo was taken at this time, the lady in the photo is unknown. We are working on this one.

It is noted that Charles was born in Brentford/Ealing, and he was baptised at St Mary of Ealing. It appears that Charles was baptised on the 3.1.1851. Ann Elizabeth mother , and John Dixon Stubbs father, 1824-1851 of 3 Ealing Common – John died at Brentford, buried Highgate Cemetery,  St Pancreas , St James.#7575.( He was an Ealing Grocer  and died at the age of 27).

ealing common early 19th century - the home would have been overlooking this

ealing common early 19th century – the home would have been overlooking this

Note that in the census of 1871 Charles (20) was living with his mother Anne E. (47) and at this time there was a visitor born in Calcutta, George E Roberts (21) and they had two servants, Sarah Elliott and Ann Porrett. This would have been Windsor Road Ealing I suspect.

From the book : Men at the Bar : above. Charles went to Corpus Christie college Cambrige and graduated 1882. In 1871 His mother was living at 35  Windsor Rd. Ealing and Charles was living there until his marriage. Below it is noted that in 1891 Charles and Francis were visiting Wellington College where Francis’s brother lived . And by the age of 50 in 1901 he was living at Stoneleigh, Epsom, Surrey with Francis. 35 windsor road ealing

1891 census charles stubbs, a visitor with Francis at the home of Samuel Saunder

As a visitor with francis they were visiting Samuel Arthur Saunder( and his wife Alice),  at the Wellington College Estate, Sandhurst, Berkshire where Samuel was a math master.) Samuel Saunder was proposed as fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1894.( Samuel Saunder was Francis Saunder’s brother born in 1853 – 1912). He died 1912 and left 9448 pounds , probate, George Douglas Saunder ( his brother), retired master mariner and George Bishop Francis gentleman. Samuel Arthur Saunder (1852 – 1912) was a British mathematician and selenographer. In 1908 he was made Gresham Professor of Astronomy . The crater Saunder on the Moon is named after him. George Douglas Saunder, Francis’s other brother : the story goes that our Uncle George Stubbs , was named after George Saunder . George was born 1856 Marylebone, London, and died 1931, Thonet, kent. George married Agnes Farmer MacMillan .  George and Agnes married at St. Paul’s church Marylebone in 1897. At this time, Agnes lived at Marylebone, 7 Beaumont St. whilst George lived in Stoneleigh, Epsom , Surrey. ( It is noted that Francis Saunder was from Marylebone, and so we can guess that Agnes and Francis probably knew each other ! ) George was a midshipman in 1874 with the Royal Navy Reserve. By 1900 Charles and Francis Stubbs were living at Stoneleigh , Epsom , Surrey. So it is almost possible then, that George was living with Francis and Charles in 1897. And by the time of the census in 1901 George Saunder and his new wife were living at Caversham, St. Peter , Oxfordshire. At this time, George was 44 and retired from the Navy. Agnes was much younger than George, she was 29 at this time. Charles married in 1881 and they had four children : Mary Francis, b. 1884, Eric Charles ( our grandfather )b. 1887, Harold Willoughby b. 1890 and Phylis Evelyn b. 1892. 1881 Census: Charles lived at home, single, with his mother,at 35 Windsor Road Ealing. ( The home of John Dixon Stubbs and his wife – by this time his father had died ). Charles was a Barrister in practice. 1891: Census – was at Easthampted, visiting at Wellington College with his wife Fancis. 1897: Eric Stubbs enters Epsom College 1901:Census: The parish of S. Martin. Stoneleigh, 59  Church st. Epsom. : Charles 50, head of the household, ( of Middlesex, Ealing ), Francis S. Wife, 47, ( of London, Marylebone), Margaret E . Jones Boarder, 40, Phyllis E. daughter, 8, ( of Surrey E. Molesay) , Alice Parker, servant , cook, 29, and Elizabeth Barnes, 24, Maid. Census: 1911: Charles Stubbs – widower, living with Phylis now aged 18 and an art student at Cranfield, ( Could be Cranham ), Woodfield Lane, Ashstead , Surrey. About Stoneleigh: Stoneleigh is an area of Epsom and Ewell in Surrey, centred around Stoneleigh railway station and Stoneleigh Broadway. Much of the area was just open fields prior to the early 1930s when most of the estate was developed, now being populated almost entirely by semi-detached housing. The red brick Anglican church of St John the Baptist, next to the station, was built around the same time. Stoneleigh comprises Stoneleigh Ward and Auriol Ward, wards in the Borough of Epsom and Ewell. Ealing Borough Celebrations The picture is from a commercial postcard and shows the celebrations of 10th July 1901 when Ealing had arranged its Charter of Incorporation as a Borough (the first in Middlesex) and the LUT had opened its tramway extension from Acton Hill on the same day. Ealing Town Hall is on the right. Charles received Doctor of Laws:L.L.D. at Cambridge 1882. He was a student of the Middle Temple 1876 and called to the bar in 1871. The Middle Temple is one of the four Inns of Court exclusively entitled to all their members to the English bar as barristers. In the 13th century , the Inns of Court originated as hostels and schools for student lawyers. The Middle temple is the western part of”The Temple” , the headquarters of the Knights Templar until they dissolved in 1312. Charles was the Admiralty Barrister and the Clerk of Assize of North Wales. It is known that Charles did 5 years secretarial work at the Technical Institute ( Epsom ). He and his wife gave much time to the community , “in the interests of the town of Epsom”. “Mrs. Stubbs has given time to the RSPCA , ( in 1908) of which she holds secretaryship”. The letter below by Charles talks of his interest in the Eyre family that will be blogged later.

Letter Charles stubbs 1925 , page 1

charles stubbs 1925 2

charles stubbs 1925 3

charles stubbs 1925 4

charles stubbs 1925 4

charles stubbs 1925 5

charles stubbs 1925 5

Charles stubbs’s living room at Ashstead

apostles cupboard in charles’ home

Charles Stubbs death, 1931 (24th September )

Charles Stubbs died at the home of Mary Haslam, daughter, at 124 Raeburn Ave. Tolworth.

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