Mary Francis Stubbs our Great Aunt (1884-1956)

Mary Francis Stubbs as a young girl

1886 ( mary francis stubbs )

Mary Francis Stubbs (1884 – 1956) was the daughter of Charles Stubbs and our Grandfather Eric’s  sister. She lived at Stoneleigh and at Ashstead Surrey with Charles .

I am not aware of many details of Mary Francis with the exception of her wedding in 1908 to the Rev. William Haslam.

1908 newspaper article of wedding , haslam , stubbsmarraige of mary francis and william haslam 1908


marriage of mary francis and william haslam 23/3/ 1908

The certificate above indicates they were married at St.George The Matyr, Battersea, Surrey by Alfred Wilcox . This church was the church that Wililam Haslam was curate of. So perhaps they registered there ..

The ceremony was performed by the Rev Stewart Dixon Stubbs, the late John Dixon’s brother- Charles’s father, (and the son of Joseph Stubbs.)at the Parish Church in Ashstead.   Rev. Stewart  was one of three reverends at the ceremony. The reception was held at Charles’ home, Cranham, Ashstead.Phyllis Stubbs was one of the bridesmaids.

One of the esteemed guests was Sir Thomas and Lady Bucknill.

There were hundreds? of wedding gifts, and the one I like best was the opossum rug given by Eric Stubbs ( our grandfather). He had been to Australia by this time, I am unsure as to whether he came back for the wedding.

1908 Mary Francis Stubbs and Rev William Haslam, photo taken at Ashstead

 Mary Francis died in april/may/june of 1956 at New Forest , Hampshire , England.

Mary and William Aitkin Haslam (1880 – 1952) had two children:

1.Michael ( 1914 – 1980 ), he married Nancy Taubman,  and 2.the daughter, Margaret Mary ( 1923-1998) ,  who married in 1946 to George Sharples (1916 – 1979) .

Margaret Mary and George Sharples had two children : 1.Margaret Elizabeth b. 1947 and married in 1969 to Martin Harris. And 2.Richard Sharples b. 1954.

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