Rev. William Aitken Haslam( husband to Mary Francis Stubbs) ,b. 1880-1952

William Aitkin Haslam

Here is a family tree for Haslam with thanks to Lois Swales.

It was originally believed that William Aitkin Haslam was born of William Haslam (1818-1905 ) who married Frances Ann Taunton(1866-1877), however, these are his grandparents.

William Haslam ( senior ) 1818-1905

william haslam senior

william haslam senior

William Haslam

Birth 5 Jan 1818 in Bencoolen, Sumatra
Death 26 Jan 1905 in St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, England

This gentleman, William Aitken’s grandfather  almost deserves his own blog!

William Haslam Senior was the son of Thomas Haslam (1790 England – 1832 Barrackpore, India ) who married Eliza Pyefinch. Thomas was an officer in the East India Company and was married in Calcutta.

haslam pulpit

haslam pulpit

Rev. William Haslam’s wayside pulpit In brick wall surrounding the Old Rectory. The Old Rectory retains some traces of a C17 house but the present red-brick house was built for the Rev T.W. Beauchamp in 1827 and extended in 1839. The surrounding red-brick wall has a wayside pulpit which was put in for the Rev. William Haslam, who was rector here from 1863 to 1871; he used this pulpit to preach to the huge crowds that gathered in the adjoining field.

William Senior married Eliza Stone(1836-1905)  along with Anne Taunton (wife #1)who died  1877. William senior had around 13 children in total.

William graduated Durham University in 1841 and became a vicar at Baldhu church, around 1847 – a parish in Cornwall, and became a Revival Methodist in 1851. It is said that Haslam designed this Baldhu church, opened in 1848,  now closed as a private residence.( William married around 1847 to Francis AnnTaunton ).

Baldhu Church, near Truro , Cornwall:

ttp://  –  Billy Bray a Methodist preached was buried in the church yard in 1868.

1852: He preached on the beach in his old parish of Perranzabuloe and also at Mount Hawke and anywhere where he was invited.

1855St George's Church in Truro

St George’s church in Truro, designed by Rev William Haslam, vicar of Baldhu, is erected.

1857:The church at Hayle,  Cornwall,district of St Paul’s; 1860s: Rectory in Norfolk;

1872: Rev Haslam was offered a post at Curzon Chapel , London; 1878 joined the Mission Society-1893; He married again in 1878 after his first wife’s death.

1890: he travelled to India


1905:died at St Leonards on sea.

John Horsley Haslam 1850-1904, (William A. Haslam’s father)

William  Aitken was born to John Horsley Haslam born  25/12/1850 ,Baldu Parsonage,Cornwall a son of many children born to William Haslam – at latest count a least 13 children. We know that John H Haslam married 1875 Ellen Marianne ( daughter of William Gorham of Tonbridge) (1845-1914).John went to St Catharine’s college ,Cambridge and was ordained 1874. After which he was curate of Wanstead , Essex .

Census: 1875 John Horsley was at the church of Holbrooke, Derbyshire. 1881:John Horsley in the census was the vicar of St Matthias Bham living at 18 South Rd , Handsworth, Stafford. His wife is not noted ,  and William A. of 8 months , born London, was living with his sister Alice , 2, born London 1879-1947?. At this time there was a Cambridge student visiting Herbert Muir and two servants.



1876 he was at St John’s , Highbury, Vale. 1880 the Vicar at St Matthias , Birmingham.1886 the Rector at Gravesend. 1889 the Vicar at St Saviors , Denmark Hill.

By 1901 I believe  John  Haslam was in Camberwell with a wife Ellen(56) , daughter Alice 22. The story goes that William Aitken received his middle name from the vicar Robert Aitken who convinced the clergyman William Haslam senior , his grandfather,  around   1851  to being a  revival Methodist.

March 1902 J Horsley was Vicar of St Saviors , Denmark Hill, SE and was elected fellow of the Royal Astronomical society. He built several observatories including at Denmark Hill.

John died in Switzerland after an operation and was buried in Lucerne, August 1904.

Thomas Aitken Haslam ( refer to Lois’s family tree). Thomas was one of many uncles to our William Aitken. It would appear that Thomas Aitken Haslam also received the middle name and we need to confirm whether he was William Aitken’s brother – Thomas was ordained as a missionary in London  in 1878 (and so I suspect he was not since William A ‘s brother since William was born in 1880.) The Rev Thomas Aitken Haslam went to Canada/US as he is found to be donating money for the Mackay Institution for protestant deaf-mutes and the blind in 1885. Thomas was in Huntington Quebec  at this time.


Born April 19 1880 at Highbury , North London where his Father John was a lecturer at Christchurch, Highbury. (1876-80)

William went to the South Eastern School , Ramsgate. Received at BA 1902 and MA 1907. He as ordained Deacon 1903 and priest 1904.

1903-4: C of Lewisham , London ,SE.

1904-08: C of St Martins Epsom , Surrey

1908-9: St Georges , Battersea

1909-11: C of St Mary Magdalene , Wandsworth Common

1911-16 C of Long Ditton ( Second Lt. WW2 RAF 1916)

1919-21: C of Ashstead , Surrey

1928-47 V of Brockenhurst

1911 : F.R.A.S. ( Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society)

st nicholas church , brockenhurst

St Nicholas Church, Brockenhurst
Brockenhurst, the only village within the New Forest whose value in the Domesday survey of 1086 was doubled (to £4.00) when that of many others was reduced. It was also the only village mentioned as having a church, St. Nicholas, built upon a mound, which may date back to Pagan times. Roman “bricks” and parts of Second and Third Century masonry have been built into the South porch and, in the South wall of the knave, typical herringbone masonry, possibly from an earlier church, can be seen. Both the doorway and the nave show late Norman work.A service is held each year on the Sunday nearest to Anzac Day by the memorial in the churchyard, commemorating the New Zealand soldiers who died in the 1914-18 war.
William’s inventions , art and plays :
C.I.D.-poster William Haslam, Play in London

C.I.D.-poster William Haslam, Play in London


Matterhorn-1907 by william haslam

Penzance-Harbour-1906 by william haslam

Early water colour : Dittisham, Dartmouth, Devon, England.

carlock by william a haslam


It is noted that at the funeral Mary Stubbs his wife attended along with William’s sister, the Deaconess Haslam, Our Great Uncle Harold, ( Mary’s brother), Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haslam ( his son and wife), whilst Mrs. George Sharples, his daughter, was in West Africa.

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