Mary F. Haslam and her daughter Peggy marries George Sharples

Thanks to our cousin, Richard Sharples for the information.

Mary nee Stubbs, our Great Aunt,  ( daughter of Charles Stubbs) and the Rev William Haslam had a daughter, Margaret Mary ( known as Peggy) she was born 1923 and died 1997. She married George Sharples ( 1916- 1979). George worked for a tin mining company in central Nigeria – it may have been ‘Rio Tinto” we are unsure.  And so they spent some time there , Richard says they were in Jos, Nigeria in 1955.  Dad, John Stubbs, visited with the Sharples when in London in 1952, and below are some pictures he took whilst visiting them . They took a trip to the Channel Islands. Our dad tells me that George used to loan out his open air Austin touring car to take to Bude for the lifesaving. When I asked our dad about how that might have been a hit with the girls he said at that time he was only interested in lifesaving!

Peggy divorced George in 1959 and George continued to work in Nigeria. He re-married and retired to live in Norfolk, England in about 1968. Peggy also remarried.

Peggy had a daughter Liz and a son Richard. Liz, once married to Martin Harris , is now re married and is Liz French. Richard is unmarried.

Wedding-George-Peggy Sharples, 1946: From left , William Haslam, Maid of honour unknown, George Sharples, Bridesmaid unknown, Peggy Haslam, Jack Sharples ( brother of the groom)/best man, Mary Frances Haslam ( nee Stubbs ), our Great Aunt, mother of Peggy, Michael Haslam, elder brother of the bride.

The wedding took place at St. Nicholas Church, Brockenhurst, Hampshire. Rev. W. Haslam was the Vicar of this church until his death in 1952.

St Nicholas Church, Brockenhurst

st nicholas church, brockenhurst, altar

peggy and george sharples

europe1952 George and Peggy ( sharples) with Harold Stubbs on board the ship to the Channel Islands

Harold Stubbs was Charles Stubbs’s son, our Great Uncle.

europe1952 channel islands the Sharples and others

europe1952 john, peggy sharples and harold

europe1952 john, peggy sharples and harold

europe1952 on Sark, George Sharples and Dad's Uncle Harold

Our dad tells me that they stayed on Sark for approximately two weeks  with Harold and George and Peggy.


Sark is a small island, just off the coast of Guernsey. Whilst only three miles long and one and a half miles wide, it boasts 40 miles of what must be one of the most picturesque coastlines anywhere in the world. There is no airport but there are reliable ferry links to Guernsey’s harbour.

Owing to the small size of this island, cars are not driven. Instead the population employs bicycles to get about, although there is the occasional tractor to watch out for!

Sark is unique, in that it is Europe’s only remaining feudal state. Its Seigneur, under a constitution dating back almost 500 years, officially rules Sark.

 Dad was not familiar with the fact that these Channel Islands were occupied by the Germans in WW2.
Liberation of Sark May 10th 1945

Liberation of Sark May 10th 1945

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5 Responses to Mary F. Haslam and her daughter Peggy marries George Sharples

  1. george sharples was my grandfathers brother david
    called him uncle george and i remember how very well spoken he was happy times

    • David hi again it is jennifer with regards to George sharples and yourself.
      do you happen to have any photos of george and david? I know very little about George, although my dad, john stubbs was familiar with george. so you are David Sharples grandson? Have you come across Liz French at all. ? that would be George Sharples’ first wife?
      It was nice to hear from you. please, at some point, email me your details to my email addess : . i will put you in my book in case i go to england. are you in england?

  2. george sharples was my grandfathers davids brother

  3. Dennis Sharples says:

    It was fantastic to see photos of of my great uncle’s George and Jack both who I have met. My grandfather, David was Jack and George’s brother who was the manager of the mine in jos Nigeria. Rio Tinto, again correct. My father and mother went out to Jos and my elder brother was born there. Funny his Godmother came from Australia can’t remember her name

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