Eric Stubbs our Grandfather and WW1

eric stubbs WW1

Above is a summary of his war efforts

Eric Stubbs 1918

Eric-Stubbs_Noorama 1914/1915 far right

Eric, in 1914 was the manager of Thurulgooma, Noorama, Bundaleer station, near Cunnamulla, QLD. 95,000 acres with 28,000 sheep.

He left Cunnamulla by train the 28th July 1915 with Bertie and Art.

Eric Charles Stubbs enlisted in Toowoomba, QLD in July 1915 at 28 years and 4 months as part of the 11th reinforcements, 5th Light Horse .He embarked on the HMS ‘Mashrobra” on the 4th October , 1915 from Sydney.( The Mashrobra was sunk in the Mediterranean on the 15th April 1917).

TSS Mashobra ship

Training  QLD:

Eric trained at the Enoggera camp in August 1915 , and then the training camp at Chermside, Brisbane.

Enoggera training camp, Brisbane 1915- this part of the camp was known as White City

Soldiers_Gympie_Road, Chermside, 1915

Chermside camp - light horseman training c 1915

Drilling with rifles and satchels but no uniforms at Chermside. There were no permanent buildings in the camp, the men lived in small tents while kitchens, toilets and mess huts were all temporary structures. They paraded on the grass among the gum trees; there was no parade ground. This reflected the Australian soldier’s attitude to the army; it was part time.

1914 mounted infantry queen street, Brisbane

Arrival in Egypt :

Eric disembarked and arrived at the Heliopolis camp , 7th November, 1915.

Heliopolis camp, august 1915

Heliopolis hospital 1915 - 1917 Australian first general hospital with hospital tents in the foreground. Formerly the Palace Hotel.

Australian Heliopolis hospital c 1915 , the patients were from Gallipoli

It would appear that Eric did not go to Gallipoli as he landed in November and they pulled everyone out in December, 1915.

Our father has transcribed from Eric’s Diary and here are some notes of interest:

December 15th to April 1916 , Cairo and the Canal 1915:Egypt

Eric was earning one pound per day.

8/9/ 1915: Eric took the Corporal Exam.

28/11/1915:  visited the Pyramids, Sphinx and Ghezirah. In December he reformed into A troop, C squadron.

1916: Sinai

January  1916: rifle practice range : 200 yds, 11 out of 20, 500 yds. 14 out of 20. Route marches to Heloman and other .

3/2/1916: His brother , Lt. H. W. Stubbs ( Harold) of the 6th east york rgt. 11th division, MGO British Med Exped. Force arrives . Eric gets a new mare.10/2/16: escorted turkish prisoners. 12/2/16: With brother Harold, goes to the pyramids.13/2/1916: Meets Harold again with the remount officers.

10/3/16: Sham fight, good sport, and got captured by some dead enemy!

23/2/16 : The fifth light horse under Brig. Wilson ( QLD) was ordered to move from Egypt across the Suez canal to Serapeum where they were inspected by General Birdwood and the Prince of Wales. The fifth light horse was the first Australian regiment to cross the Suez Canal and was part of the Suez Canal’s defence.Serapeum : The C squadron ( Eric’s squadron) was mounted and occupied the post at Devorsoir on the Canal.

Above: About Brig. General Lachlan Wilson.  The General wrote a book with Capt. Wetherell , “The fifth light  horse regn. 1914-1919” published Sydney , 1926. He died 7/4/1947 and is buried at Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane.

( Above is the ‘History of the 5th Light Horse Regiment 1914-1919″)

April 1916: Marches to Isailia, Salhaia, El Kantar 3/5/16: Out to Dueidar by camel to rejoin regiment. Mounted patrol to rail head and along telegraph line, 30 mile ride, 22 hour day – not a shot fired!

20/5/16: In hospital at Kantara with malarial condition. Left for Port Said 31st general hospital. Visit from Lord Brassy’s daughter.

23/6/16: Transferred to 3rd General Hospital ,Cairo.Recommend for England.

8/7/16 – 23/7/16 : Nursing England. 23/7/16: Out to John Stubbs( Stewart Dixon Stubbs’s son), at Tulse Hill with father and Mary ( sister). 24/7/16: To see ‘Hobsons Choice” with Paten and Phylis ( sister).26/7/16: Left Tooting Hospital for Tidsworth no. 1 command depot. 30/7/16: Day on river with Phylis – Dick Walker.31/7/16: Up to Luton, saw the Evans family and Grannie. 7/8/16: Return to London with Gladys ( Newsum).

6/9/16: marched over to Rollestone 12thtraining battalion.( Saulisbury Plains )6/9/16: granted final leave.

2/10/16: Left E’taples arrived Bailleu, France. 3/10/16: Joined 14 Pl. D Comp of 47th Battalion at Ypres Salient.

France October 1916 – January 1917:

23/10/1916:Became NCO  to 14 Platoon bombers. 26/10/16 : arrived Somme Canal. November:To Vignacourt, Flesselles, Dermancourt. 4/12/16: Promoted to Lance Corporal. ( in the field ,France, for “Coolness and promptness whilst in charge of a bombing post”.

9/1/17: In to Amiens.15/1/17: moved up to Bull trench,Flers – big dug out. 16/1/17: started for front line to no.  8 post with Sgt. Herman. Patrol to B. comp 1 post with Sgt. Hodge. snow one foot. 18/1/17: return to Flers.

20/1/17: wounded 5am by artillery blast. ..6pm operated on. 21/1/17:to rouen general 12th general hospital ward C1, arrived 3am. 25/1/17: pieces of metal still in, marked for “blighty”. 27/1/17: left for Havre, SS Warilda. 29/1/17: disembarked no. 1 General hospital , London. 3/2/17: Harold leaving for France .monday afternoon with the Milsons at 90 Angell Rd. Brighton….

I am working on typing the diary in its entirety.. and will provide this document at a later date.

Eric was transferred to the 69th battalion in march of 1917 and transferred back to the fifth light horse in April 1917. He proceeded back to Egypt and arrived in Alexandria in July 1917.

 eric stubbs egypt 1918

eric stubbs egypt 1917/1918, riding a donkey

1918: Abbassia , and 2nd Light Horse Moascar and back to the 5th Light Horse Moascar in June 1918.

( Egyptian Uprising of 1919).

From the History of the 5th Light Horse 1914 – 1919 :

CHAPTER 37. THE EGYPTIAN RISING.(March 1919)But the dreams of Australia were not yet to be realised. An Egyptian rebellion had broken out, and so urgent at the outset was the call for mounted men that even the convalescents from the hospitals were enlisted. All Australian troops, except the 1st and 2nd L.H. Regiments (which had already embarked for Australia), were sent into the disturbed area.

History of the 5th Light Horse Regiment. 151

There was no actual organised fighting, but the rebellion took the form of murders of soldiers and European civilians, looting, tearing up railways, destruction of bridges, telegraph and telephone lines, etc., and there was a lot more patrolling to be done before it was quelled.

At Kantara on the 24th March, 150 horses and 150 mules were drawn from the remount depot, and by 6 p.m. that evening the Regiment was again fully equipped as a mobile column. On the 26th the Regiment entrained for Damanhour, where headquarters were established and from there squadron moved out on patrols. Many villages were searched, arms and ammunition were found, and arrests were made. The rebellion was crushed, and the end of May saw the Regiment again at Kantara, cleaning equipment for handing in to ordnance stores, prior to embarkation for Australia. Our horses, which had so splendidly served throughout the long years, were never to return to Australia, and were parted with with very real sorrow and affection. On the 28th June, 1919, all the men marched to the wharf at Kantara, each man got his kit bag from the stack facing the wharf, embarkation rolls were checked, and the members of the 5th L.H. Regiment (what were left of them) filed up the gangway of the ‘Madras’ to return to their home country.

The Regiment arrived at Fremantle, W.A., on the 24th July, and at Melbourne on the 31st July, 1919.

Eric returned to Australia on the 3/8/1918.( After boarding the Madras from Egypt).

28th june 1919 , the 5th, 6th, 7th. LH embarking for australia on "the madras ", Kantara.

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  1. Susan Courtney says:

    Hi Jennifer
    My Grandfather was also an overseer on Bundaleer and the same age as Eric – and born in Poole England. He also enlisted on 15/11/15 and was with the 2nd light horse. In your text there is a mention of Eric leaving Cunnamulla with “Bertie and Art”. My grandfather was Albert known as Bert – just wonder who your Bertie is?
    Hope this finds you. Don’t know how old this link is.

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