Emily Stewart Stubbs ( daughter of John Dixon Stubbs), sister of Charles Stubbs our great grandfather

Not much is known of Emily Stewart Stubbs. She was born of John Dixon Stubbs and Anne Elizabeth Linnington in 1848  London.  She died in 1927 at Stanborough, Hatfield, Herfordshire.

1851 the Year her father John Died:

When two years old Emily  was living with her mother and father at Ealing Common in the 1851 census with young Charles ( 5 months). Her father was a wholesale grocer and both he and Anne Elizabeth were 27 at the time of the census. John Dixon, her father ,  died shortly after.

1861: Still living at Ealing Common,Emily(12) was living with her mother and two servants. Where was Charles? Was he at boarding school?

1861: George Evans (27) was living at 34 Haymarket Street, London with John Harper (40) also a tobacconist with one housemaid.

1861 census

1861 census

1866: Emily was only 18 when she married.

Emily Stewart Married George Augustus Carter Evans (b1833 in Ealing , Mddx), in 1866. George was born of George and Hannah Evans of Ealing.  They married at Christ Church Ealing, 4th October, 1866.

( George Evans of Ealing was a Land Tax Commissioner for Middlesex – as noted in 1837). George and Hannah also had two daughters, one, Sarah, the seond daughter, married John Charles Morice 21/9/1840 . John was of the Stock Exchange, London.

At the time of his death in 1887 George was noted as being a tobacconist of 3 Leadenhall street , London.( now a health food store). Also of 34 Haymarket street, London. He and Emily at the time of his death were living at Hale Lodge, Edgware.

( A former  owner or tenant in 1872 of Hale Lodge was Sir Francis Cowley Burnand 1836-1917. His then young wife died at Hale Lodge around 1870). Sir Francis was a Barrister and the editor of Punch Magazine.


george a. c. evans baptism 1834

george a. c. evans baptism 1834

1866 marriage of george evans and emily stewart stubbs- Charles Stubbs was in attendance. It is noted that Emily was only 18 at the time.

They had 9 children : George b. 1867, Mabul b. 1868, John b. 1872, Adeline b. 1875, Robert Hilliard ( alive in 1911) single at 38 and in census of 1911,b. 1873,Maud ( alive in 1911 ) single at 41 in census of 1911, confectioner, b. 1870, Marion Emily  b. 1869 ( alive in 1911) single at 42, confectioner, Mary Humphery ( alive in 1911)( married ) in census of 1911 b. 1885, Annie Monica b. 1858( alive in 1911), single at 33 and confectioner.

 Out of the children: George, Mabul, Adeline, two children had died by 1911. In the census of 1911 Anne Elizabeth Stubbs, Emily’s mother at 87 was living with the Evans clan and three servants. See Below: The address looks like Friars, Hunstable? Bedfordshire.

1911census_Emily_S_Evans(Stubbs)with hermum Anne Elizabeth Stubbs

1911census_Emily_S_Evans(Stubbs)with hermum Anne Elizabeth Stubbs

will of george evans 1887

Carter EvansProbateCalendarIndexofWills

Carter EvansProbateCalendarIndexofWills

You will note that the lawyer was Charles Stubbs of 3 paper-buildings Temple.



Emily Stewart died 28/12/1927 .. of Turpins Rest, Stanborough, Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Probate to her son John Goodhart Evans – Merchant.

turpins rest tea room right hand side now demolished 1927

turpins rest tea room right hand side now demolished 1927

John Goodhart Evans was mentioned in the will of Rev Arthur George Evans deceased 15/5/1936.

john goodhart evans 1936

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