The Hoelscher family – Their arrival to Australia -Johann Eberhardt Hoelscher

The Immigration of Johann Eberhardt Hoelscher

Lisa Burton’s paper on the “Diana” and it ‘s passengers

“Holscher/Hoelscher”: occupational name for the maker of clogs, north Germany.

(The name is strongly associated with Westphalia in Germany, although it is also associated with the Netherlands. Bearers of the name almost universally descend from individuals originally from the Paderborn region of Westphalia or the Netherlands.After the Congress of Vienna, the Kingdom of Prussia received a large amount of territory in the Westphalian region and created the province of Westphalia in 1815. The northernmost portions of the former kingdom, including the town of Osnabrück, had become part of the states of Hanover and Oldenburg.)

hoelscher family tree by lyn hanlon

August 2011: I wanted to dedicate this blog to George Stubbs who passed away , (june 2011),someone most definately into our history , as is  his daughter Lyn Hanlon who provided a lot of information.


Meta Lilian Mary Hoelscher(1892-1952) was our grandmother, married to Eric Stubbs.

Below is the marriage of Meta’s father : William Louis Johann Eberhardt Hoelscher ( our great grandfather).

MARRIAGES.11th March 1886, Brisbane Courier.HOELSCHER – POTTS.-On the 24th February,1886 at St Paul’s Church, Rockhampton, by the Rev. W. A. Dlggens, William Eberhard Hoelscher, of Brisbane, to Mary Ann, third daughter of George Potts, Esq., of Rockhampton.

The story begins with :

Johann Eberhardt Hoelscher, known as Eberhardt, born Hanover , Germany 1827- 24/3/1877, the grandfather of Meta Hoelscher.  He immigrated to Australia leaving end of November 1857 and arriving May 24th , 1858.. Johann came out less than a year  after his father’s death.

Johann was born of Yelto Holscher, clergyman, (born 8/12/ 1800 in Juist , Germany , died 17/3/1857 Marienhafe), a pastor at Marienhafe 1825- 1857,   and  wife Maria Antoinette Taaks( b.21/6/1802 Norden, died 15/9/1837 Marienhafe).(Yelto’s father was Lorenz Eberhard Holscher a pastor in Juist*, Westerholt.) Note, Marienhafe is a neighbouring village to Norden.(* Juist is an island off the coast )

“TAAKS” of Norden

  • Maria ‘s parents were : Johann Hillern Taaks ( pastor, )b. 25/10/1751- 27/2/1843 Norden) and Dorothea Catharina Telting b.17/11/1762 Dornum – 16/7/1816 Norden. Maria Antoinette Taaks  was one of 11 children and was the youngest in the family.
  • Johann Hillern Taaks   was the son of Willem Gerdes Taaks , Burger, Destillateur(distiller) U. Diakon(deacon) in Norden,( bapt 7/1/1714- 18/7/1769 Norden) and Rewenda Margareta Kokebacker ( Bapt. 16/12/ 1714- 29/10/1784 Norden) and they had seven children
  • Willem Gerdes Taaks was the son of Gerd Jansen Taaks , Burger( male citizen), Kaufmann( merchant) u. Diakon ( deacon) des gasthauses ( guesthouse) in Norden bapt. 18/11/1687- 24/3/1735 Norden, married Trinitie Willems of Norden, bapt 25/9/ 1689 -24/9/ 1734 . They had 6 children.
  • Gered Taaks was the son of Willem Rembts b.1650-1689 Burger ,Kleidermacher ( dressmaker) d. gasthauses ( guest house) in Norden , married Janeke Gerrits b.1660. They had two children.

See above genealogy for Yelto and Maria and most especially the TAAKS family

The Hoelschers to Australia:

German Settlement in QLD:

Above is an article re the german settlement in QLD in the 19th century. The gold rush in the 1850’s had made Australia a popular destination for many Europeans. In 1861 there were only 2000 germans in QLD. A QLD government committee sent a German business man Christian Heubler to recruit immigrants for QLD. The Hoelschers however, had come quite possiblly before this committe was set up, and were not the typical germans who came before , mostly labourers and tradesmen – attracted to the cities in the south. They would have known very little about Brisbane and QLD when they came, unless they knew some Germans already there. As farmers the Germans called Queensland “Qualsland” ( land of torment) – as it related to how hard it was to protect the farms from wallabies, rats and birds. Since Eberhardt was a farmer first , and he was typical of many Germans who came in the second wave of immigrants after the businessman drummed up immigration to the state. We know then that Eberhard must have come from a rural farming background  . There were, and I think still are, many german farms at Laidley in Queensland.

The three time premier of QLD (1879 – 1893)Thomas McIlwraith wrote: ‘ Having disembarked from the ships and spent one or two days in the Immigration Depot, the German Immigrants disappear. One hears or sees nothing of them for 18 months or a couple of years, when some fine day they return from the bush in their own attractive turn out, wife and children seated high, and all well dressed and happy looking” ( I suspect this is exactly how Eberhard tackled things for two years before becoming postmaster ).

Johann Eberhardt Hoelscher:

Eberhardt was born Hanover, in 1827. He arrived in Moreton Bay on the “Diana”  on the 24th May 1858 from Bremerhaven.

The Journey: As seen in the paper by Lisa Burton, the Diana journey was a tedious one , being delayed by a storm in the North Sea for 30 days, the Barque Diana spent Christmas in England , then took on provisions and a respite in Bahia – north east cost of South America. The ship was thwart with immoral problems and was in the papers of the day (Darling Downs Gazette, 10 th June 1858) described as a “floating brothel”. Two sisters were seduced, and a 20 year old girl seduced by an officer in  “a public manner”. Magdaline was 19/20 years old at the time ……. I wonder.

The paper suggested the general conduct of the some of the unmarried people was grossly immoral and called for the strictest examination on the part of the Brisbane Authorities. That is to say the Eberhardt and Magdaline were of that “immoral group”and since there is no evidence they knew each other before the journey , at least Eberhardt did the right thing and married the pregnant Magdaline upon arrival in Moreton Bay.  The conduct of the officers on board also came into question as the said un married females on board prostituted themselves in circumstances that called for an immediate enquiry of the officers. Perhaps the Captain Hussing , who was noted as being kind ,did not have proper control of the ship. On the other hand, read the conditions below for immigrants.

naturalization johann hoelscher

naturalization johann hoelscher

By 1860  he was a freeholder, who may  have paid one pound per acre for land to farm, as by then immigrants were allowed 40 pounds worth of land. ( Although no evidence has been found of him buying land, since if he had been contracted to come out to farm , he may not have been eligible  ).  Farm land was subdivided especially for the new immigrants. Early crops were sugar cane, ( wiped out in the early 1870’s due to harsh winters) and also maize, potatoes and fodder crops .The german farmers who were brought out were mostly shepherds.

history of rocklea as told 1929

By  1858 he married Magdaline Willhelmine Charlotte Rau . Magdaline was born 2/7/1838 at Speyer Wurttemberg of Ludewig H. Rau and Susanna C. Plock and died 1908 in Brisbane, QLD. We do know that Eberhardt and Magadaline were married 11th June 1858 by Pastor Schirmeister , however at that time the Lutheran pastor did not have a church. The first services were held in private residences and the old Police Court house, in 1905 this was the general post office in Queen street. Services were also held the school for the arts which in 1905 was the Queensland National bank. By 1861 there was a chapel at Wickham Terrace and Wharf Streets on land given by the government . The first chapel was wooden and humble and later replaced with a brick church in the 1880s.

1867 letter e hoelscher

1868 letter 2 hoelscher

1868 letter by hoelscher

Rocky Water Holes, Brisbane , QLD:Where Eberhard Settled , ( later known as Rocklea) , Brisbane:

history of rocklea

The name Rocky Water Holes was derived from the water holes and a huge rock- a large slab that towered above the waterholes – this being a  favourite place for the aborigines.

High lights of Rocklea/Rocky Water Holes:

1865: Cobb and Co set up a coach service to Ipswich and Beaudesert. Rocklea was the first stopping place of the coaches from Brisbane . The Blacksmith’s shop, general store, and the old Crown Hotel were amongst the first buildings to be erected. Did Eberhardt have the General store by 1865?

Rapid progress was made in the area till the flood of 1887 , which damaged to a great extent the farming areas along the Oxley. Then there was a giant flood  in 1893 where practically the entire area was underwater. Both Moorooka and Rocklea shared the general depression that followed . Many residents gave up farming altogether and left for other areas.

1871 rocky water holes

1873 rocky waterholes

Erberhardt was a farmer and overseer in Germany and we can only assume that he did farm at Rocky Water holes, then became  a postmaster and storekeeper around 1868 or before. ( Articles to the editor show he was in charge of the store in 1868)  He remained at the store until his death in 1877.

rocky water holes painting

The painting above was of part of the township of rocky waterholes and you can see the general store in the front foreground on the left. You can also see the Kelly Hotel – which came to be known as the Rocklea Hotel. There was another hotel called the Crown – later to be known as the Oxley Hotel.( Note, that the floods of 1887, 1893 and 1907 submerged much of the suburb and many farmers left the area after that. )

(The artist travelled around Queensland in the 1870’s and 1880’s. In 1880 he was living in south brisbane , where he took a fatal overdose of opium.)



Rocky Waterholes , later to be called Rocklea ( to shorten the name for the Railway station ), was first found by white men around 1823 . In the 1860s aboriginees still lived there , however, they moved away when the land was cleared. The village was a campsite for bullock teams and their drivers. Rocky waterholes was described in 1876 as a small postal village on the Rocky Waterholes Creek and the Stable Swamp Creek. There were sugar and saw mills in the area. The area also raised cotton, sugar cane, maize, oats and other vegetables. At that time the number of people was around 100 in and around the village. The nearest township was Ipswich and there was a good main road from Brisbane to Ipswich. It seemed that at this time the communication was by horse or dray between Rocky waterholes and Ipswich.

1899 hotel at Rocklea

1899 hotel at Rocklea- crown hotel- Barnacle

The general store:

general store Johann Eberhard Hoelscher

This is an engraving drawing of Eberhard’s store , moved at one time to “Early Street” village in Norman Park.  ( Geri, a descedent,  has advised me that in 1993 he had the name Hoelscher painted on the store for his Dad Dan Hoelscher’s 80th birthday , see below)

general store early street village

general store early street village

back of general store picture

e hoelscher 1868

A wonderful letter to the editor in 1868 from Eberhard about the rowdy (german) neighbours, no doubts coming out of the nearby pub! He wanted to get police protection. Here you can see that Eberhard was an agent for the Queenslander newspaper, and so he had the general store in 1868.

1868 e hoelscher, agent for the queenslander

market dues rocky waterholes 1868

Interesting letter again from Eberhard to the Queenslander about levy dues on goods.

Article: The Queenslander : 4/9/1930:

Title: “Immigration in 1861.. Jordan’s Lambs by One of them”.Passing through the belt of scrub on Oxley Creek towards the Ipswich road, a walk of about two miles, the Rocky Waterholes (now Rocklea) were reached. The settlement here consisted of a public-house, kept at one time by a German  cavalry officer, Captain Steinheuer a blacksmith’s shop, kept by Mr. Eis con, and a general store, kept by Mr. E. Hoelscher. Thence to Brisbane there was scarcely any settlement. The population of the colony was about 90,000, and of the city, such as it then was, about 10.o00.

Eberhard’s siblings:Johann Eberhardt had a brother Wilhemi Gerrard (b.1832)who was a pastor D.D. and on 14/5/1870 the newspapers stated that he was a pastor of Marienhafe, Ostfriesland , Hanover, and his wife Johanne Faaks died on the 12/12/1869. One would assume that the Reverend was still in Germany.  Eberhardt had two sisters: Dorothea Cristina K.E.(b 1830) and Cornelia Maria Sophie (b. 1835).We do have evidence that a Miss Hoelscher travelled from  Melbourne &/ Sydney to Brisbane 25/10/1884 and I wonder whether this Miss Hoelscher may have been one of Eberhard’s sisters? If not, it would have been one of his daughters.

Magdaline Hoelscher:

magdaline wilhelmine charlotte rau- married to Eberhard Hoelscher

Magdaline, his wife above,  took over postal duties and storekeeping after her husband’s death until 1883 , after which she moved to a house called “Newstead”/”Neustead” in Vulture Street, Brisbane. ( It is Evelyn Bowden’s belief  that Magdaline owned Newstead and perhaps she purchased it with the proceeds from the Post office, if indeed they owned the place?)

Johan was buried at Oxley Cemetery when in 1877 it was located on the land owned by Thomas Grenier who also died that year and was buried there. The Oxley cemetery is now known as Grenier’s Cemetery or God’s Acre and is located at the entrance of Archerfield Aerodrome. Either Johan is still buried there or was moved to Sherwood cemetery where  his name was placed on the family plot at Sherwood. ( “God’s acre” is the Germanic designation for burial ground ).

I have noted that the witnesses to Johann’s burial are: William Barrett( a local land owner of 200 acres), and John Howe, the manager of “Cannon Cripps and Diez” undertakers at South Brisbane. (No priest appeared to be present confirming that he was not buried at St Matthews cemetery ).

gods acre history

god's acre cemetery

death certificate of johann eberhardt hoelscher

death certificate of johann eberhardt hoelscher- buried Oxley cemetery and later? reburied Sherwood cemetery with magdaline

johann and magadaline hoelscher with children?

johann and magadaline hoelscher with children?

Magdalina died nov 13th 1908 at Neustead as Magdaline Bowden.  ( Neustead was located on Vulture Street between Hope and Merivale streets. Hope street appears to no longer meet vulture street, however, the location is very near Sommerville house. The home of Neustead may be located on Vulture Street opposite where Tribune Street hits Vulture Street. There are houses of the period that still exist there and we wonder if one of them is in fact Neustead.The Story of neustead

Death of magadaline hoelcher/bowden

Death of magadaline hoelcher/bowden

1900 mrs bowden at neustead , social column( Magdaline had already married Evelyn Bowden in the article ).

Sherwood cemetery

Sherwood cemetery

Evelyn St. Laurence Bowden: Magadalena married after the death of Eberhard to Evelyn St. Laurence Bowden on 30/12/1885, and  Evelyn died 19/4/1913 in Diamantina hospital sth Brisbane. ( He is buried in Duttonpark Cemetery).

In 1903 they were living at Neustead, Vulture St. Sth.Brisbane. The picture below gives an idea of the look of the area in 1907.

vulture and stanley streets ca 1907 south brisbane

vulture and stanley streets ca 1907 south brisbane

death of magdaline bowden December 1908

Magdaline was buried at Sherwood cemetery in the grounds of the church of England St Matthew’s. ( The original structure of brick was replaced by wood after the floods of 1893 , then St Matthews burnt to the ground in 1921). The church and burial ground were consecrated in 1874. And if Johann was buried at “God’s acre ” /Oxley cemetery prior to Sherwood , this may have related to  ease , finances and religion . The Rev Hassell presided over St Matthews at the time of Johann’s death, and Johann’s burial was presided over by what appears to be two witnesses and not a priest.

The house of Neustead:The Story of “Neustead” to date

In 1910 Lily Beatrice Hoelscher( her daughter),  was living at the home of Newstead after the death of Magdaline in 1908, before Lily married in 1911. .

See the ad below.31/1/1910: Someone has placed an ad in the Brisbane Courier 😦 two years after the death of Magdaline ): “Comfortable furnished double bedroom , “neustead” , Vulture St. S. Brisbane- between Hope St. and Merivale St. However it looks like the Klose family might have owned the home at this time?

death of evelyn bowden

Evelyn Bowden: Thanks to Carole Bowden for the following info:

evelyn st laurence bowden

evelyn st laurence bowden

Evelyn was born of Sir Richard Bowden ( also a Captain ) in about 1841 in Clontarf , Dublin. Richard was decorated during wars in Portugal and was decorated by the Queen of Portugal in 1836. Richard also fought in Spain later. Other Bowden members are thought to be architects: John Bowden – court houses in Derry and Cavan, the Church of St George in Belfast and Church of St Stephen in Dublin.

Evelyn was born of Mary Charlton ( his mother) who also came from an army family. Evelyn was thought to have gained an engineering /surveyor degree at Dublin University and came to Australia probably just before 1868. His first wife, Margaret Nolan arrived in Brisbane from London on the “Young Australia” in August 1868. They married in Warwick, QLD on 24/Sept 1868. Their first two children were born in Townsville – Richard Herbert (1869) , Ernest Edward (1871) . The others , *Henry Fitzroy( known as Harry) 1874 – c 1902, Laura 1876 and Arthur 1878 – who died the same day as his mother, in Rockhampton. Evelyn worked as an engineer with the Queensland railway.

*Harry F. Bowden , Evelyn’s son, was a private of the 7th Battalion commonwealth horse (QLD) and died in the Boer War in South Africa. I would appear that the 7th Battalion was at sea when the war ended and that 28 people died of illness, which could have beenhisfate.

Evelyn Bowden:In 1909: Evelyn was living at 33 Prospect Terrace , Kangaroo Point.33 prospect terrace highgate hill

(This house was very close to `Neustead`and  close to Dornoch Terrace, where of course Meta Hoelscher  and her siblings , husband, Eric Stubbs and her son,  my dad, John  lived. )(Also close to where my Father and Mother came to live after they got married at Beaconsfield, Highgate Hill ) This particular neck of the woods holds so many relatives for us! So too, William Eberhard Hoelscher , was born at Kangaroo Point( possibly now Highgate Hill ) before they moved to Rock Waterholes.

death of evelyn bowden 1913 ( remembered in 1916)

From Evelyn’s Will:”I bequeath unto my step-daughter Amelia Christine Hurd wife of Reginald Hurd of Gregory Terrace aforesaid a legacy of twenty pounds together with all my surveying instruments and my personal effects other than moneys or bank books belonging to me in her custody at my decease”.

By 1913 Evelyn was living alone at the residence of The Channings, Gregory Tce. Evelyn was noted as being an inspector of works, he died in 1913 of cancer. ( ‘The Channings” was a boarding house ( of moderate tarriff ). The location was opposite the exhibition building ( home to the QLD museum from 1899 onwards)which later became known as the museum building , on the corner of bowan bridge road and gregory terrace.( Bowen Hills ).Ads in 1901 state that the accomodation was first class and that you could catch a penny bus from the gate through town. Evelyn would have been in his early seventies  when he died.)

Son of Evelyn Bowden:Ernest Edward:( From 1st marriage).Ernest Edward was married to Mary Josephine Carroll.  Her family is fairly prominent in the Goodna/Redbank Plains/Ipswich area in Queensland.  Her father (and mother) were both well known people and a lot of my brother’s research covers their lives.  Her brothers include Dan and EJ Carroll – famous for being involved in the film industry early on making silent movies and building theatres, bringing overseas artists to Australia.  Quite of bit of stuff has emerged about them.  The Carrolls were catholic, the Bowdens were not.  EE was born in Townsville in July 1871 and died in Brisbane in October 1953.  Mary was born in Redbank Plains in 1874 and died in Brisbane in March 1961.death of ernest edward bowden 5th oct 1953

The Carroll Family:

EJCarroll: story above of EJ Carroll and the Birch Carroll and Coyle cinemas

The story above of his brother Dan Carroll and of EJ Carroll.

Ned Kelly the film by the Carrolls: part one of “The story of the kelly gang” ) part two of “The story of the kelly gang”)( The movie above, dated 1906 : “The story of the Kelly Gang” was made outside Melbourne, and EJ Carroll acquired the rights for the first Australian feature film ).

Alert iconUploaded by on Feb 17, 2010Released in 1906, The Story of the Kelly Gang is the world’s first full-length feature film. Filmed outside Melbourne when the Kelly legend was still fresh, it was believed lost for many years. However, a century after it was first shot, the Australian National Film and Sound Archive have re-incorporated 11 minutes of material recently discovered in the United Kingdom. The restoration is now 16 minutes long and includes the key scene of Ned Kelly’s last stand.

Arthur Henry :The son of Ernest Edward ,was a Carpenter and the father of our Carole Bowden. He worked at the Rocklea Hotel ( the old rocky water holes hotel) and was Mr. Abercrombie’s ‘offsider’ ( chauffeur and all other jobs) and his wife, was the kitchen/dining room person. The couple left Rocklea in 1936 to Marburg and took over the Royal Post Office Hotel , a couple of days later they married in October 1936. The pub license for this hotel is still in the family name of Bowden – Daniel, the youngest son, is now the proprieter and has leased the business out. )

Magdaline Hoelscher:

Magdaline is buried with her first husband Eberhard and her last child Magdaline in the same grave at Sherwood Cemetery- this is one of the original graves in this cemetery.

grave of magdaline W.C. Rau at Sherwood cemetery

grave of magdaline W.C. Rau at Sherwood cemetery

inscription for eberhard hoelscher d. 1877 and magdaline hoelscher, died 1908 , sherwood cemetery

inscription for eberhard hoelscher d. 1877 and magdaline hoelscher, died 1908 , sherwood cemetery

The Children of Johann E. Hoelscher and Magdaline W. Charlotte Rau:

Nearly all of the children were born at Rocky Waterholes.Our Great Grandfather , William was born at Kangaroo Point, Brisbane.

  • 1.Wiliam Louis Johann Eberhard ( our great grandfather ),1860-1942
  • 2.Jelto Ludewig johann charles( postmaster)( known as Charles) Nov. 1858 – 1942.( Jelto would be the reason that Eberhard married so quickly as he got married in June of the same year- or was Magdaline on board to Australia?). Jelto L. Hoelscher married Mary Ann Barry in July of 1876, and they had 5 children: Charles, Alexander William, Jeffrey William(m. Catherine Delaney and had six children), Evelyn May and Horace.

1931: “On licensed premises” Alexander William Hoelscher of Newstead Ave. Newstead, Horace Hoelscher of Vernon Street, Nundah,  and one other pleaded guilty to a charge that on Sunday, August 23rd, they were found in the Breakfast creek hotel without lawful excuse. ( Were pubs closed on a Sunday?). They were each fined one pound.( Horace  and Alexander William were Jelto (Charles’s) sons ).

Charles was a telegraph operator 1883-4 Edmonstone St. S. Brisbane. 1892-3 to1896/7 postmaster at Eidsvold. 1897/8 to 1910/11 postmaster at Aramac. 1911/12-1913/14 Postmaster at Dalby. 1914/15 to 1922/23 Postmaster at Innifail. Buried in toowong cemetery wtih his wife Mary Ann (nee Barry).

1901 : Their son, Alexander ( William )joined the 5th QLD imperial bushmen contigent to the Boer War South Africa:

Charles’s children : Charles Joseph Eberhardt (1877- 1918) – buried toowong cemetery  married Ethel Bridgett Tait 18/4/1911 . Charles  was a tram motor man and lived on Russel St. Brisbane? in 1915 with Ethel Bridget.  Alexander William (1879/1880 – 1956 – toowong cemetery), stockman,born in Greenmount QLD, who married Gertrude Matilda Corky in 1909. In 1910 Alexander William lived at 1 Glenwood st. Jeffrey William (b. 1881), who married Catherine May Delany in 1911 : (I believe  Jeffrey  joined the Boer War –  and joined 11/2/1902 just before his brother Alexander William came home in 1902. )

Jeffrey William also went on to join WW1 for the first Australian Wireless Signal Squadron ,1918, in Basrah. At the age of 35 he joined and had 4 children. He was noted as being a drover/cablehand and enlisted at Longreach, place of Birth , Brisbane.

Other children of Charles: Evelyn May born 1884,Horace (b. 1888) who married Louisa Wilson in 1912 and settled in Nundah.( There is a record of a Horace Hoelscher , joining the 14th Australian Field regiment,AIF ,WW2 ,and he was courtmartialed on 28th September 1944.- this was Horace Junior b. Cairns 1915).

  • 3.Louis Albert 1864- 1898:Louis Albertmarried in 1898- 1934 to Elizabeth Caroline Watson. Louis was a constable at Longreach 1900 -01, a constaple at Hope st. South Brisbane 1902 – 1919?, a Sargeant at Innisfail 1920, A sargeant Mosman 1921-24. He lived at Mitchell st. Townsville 1924-28.death of louis albert hoelscher 1934Louis Albert was a well known figure at the Hamilton racecourse. In recognition of his service in the police force he was awarded the King’s medal. He was into dogs , especially fox terriers . He lived at St. Leonard’s street, Cooparoo and he wife had died 6 weeks earlier.’s_Police_Medal( about the kings medal to QLD police).
  • 4.Mary Magdaline1866  – Mary Magdaline:25/6/1887 the marriage of:

MARRIAGES.1887 mary magdaline drury wedding at neusteadDRURY-HOELSCHER. -On the 20th June, at the residence of the bride’s mother (Mrs. E. St. L. Bowden), Newstead, Vulture-street, South Brisbane, by   the Rev. T.J. Pepper, Arthur Joseph, eldest son of     Robt. F. Drury, M.I.M.E., F.I.P.A., Solicitor for Patents, Sheffield, England, to Mary Magdalene,eldest daughter of the late Eberhardt Hoelscher, Rocky Waterholes, near Brisbane. They went on to have a child, George Albert born 1881.

  • 5.Alexander1868 – 1920:Alexander Hoelscher: Alexander 1868 – 1920 married Esther Gympie Childs 1869 – 1956.  He attended Yeronga state school in 1875. In 1895 he was a clerk on Arthur St. fort. Valley third house above Sergeant’s Ginger Beer Factory. By 1900- c 1905 he was 31 and living on Edward St. fifth house from the right from boggo road. At some point he was living at Francis street Newstead as a clerk, Q.N. bank.
esther gympie childs
esther gympie childs- buried dutton park cemetery 87 years.
alexander hoelscher at his wedding to esther gympie childs

Alexander went on to have 9 children : Ethol born 1889, Ruby (1892 – 1892), Mabel Ann (born 1894- 1940), James Alexander *born (1896- 1935), Esther May born 1898, Magdaline Beatrice born 1902, Evelyn May b 1905, **Leslie b. 1907, Cecil (1910- 1923). ( *James A. and Cecil are buried together at Toowong cemetery -portion 24, section 12, grave #24).(*James Alexander at 18 years old enlisted for WW1 and was living with Esther Gympie in South Brisbane- his services were not required and he did not go to war. His occupation was noted as sawmiller)

**Leslie Hoelscher RAN WW2:

Leslie entered the Australian Navy in 1925 – 1945. He was on board the “Adelaide” from 1940 to Sept 1943 , then onboard the Moreton”as well as “Adelaide”  during 1943. In later years, the Moreton was used as troop transport ship. His address was noted as being Tamana st. Camp Hill and his next of kin Edith.

Alexander:1891: Alexander was a clerk at the Queensland National bank Frances St. The Valley. His residence was at “Stratton” Frances St. New farm. The family moved around a lot in the South Brisbane, WGabba, and Annerley areas. His wife is buried at Dutton Park Cemetery.

In the 1913 census: Alexander was living with Esther ( and Ethel Hoelscher ) at 5 Merton Terrace, Merton Rd. – South Brisbane, near Vulture Street.

alexander hoelscher 1922- an accident It would appear according to this brisbane courier article that Alexander was a tramway employee and connected in some way to “Parky” O Neil a Brisbane Jockey. Alexander was residing at Newstead Terrace.

Mabel Ann Hoelscher , Alexander’s daughter:

mabel ann hoelscher pictured with most likely reg simons hoelscher&searchLimits= death of mabel ann hoelscher
cecil hoelscher( left) 1963 first son of mabel ann hoelscher
athol hoelscher son of mabel ann hoelscher
athol hoelscher son of mabel ann hoelscher

Athol Hoelscher, Mabel Ann Hoelscher second son. Athol served in WW2 with the 2/26th btn. enlisting 9th May 1941 ‘QX21554’ . His next of kin was listed as Cecil Hoelscher , and his platoon was “mortars” of the 2/26th Btn. Athol died on the 13th October 1943 and was buried in a P.O.W. cemetery. ( Prisoner of war in Singapore). On the 28th August 1946 his body was exhumed and reburied at the Thanbyuzayat War Cemetery in Burma. A16.A.19.

athol hoelscher grave 1921 - 1943
athol hoelscher grave 1921 – 1943

Above is the web page: the nominal roll for the Thai Burma railway. Athol would have worked on this railway for the Japanese . He died in the Thanbaya hospital camp of ulcers.

Cecil Hoelscher: (1914- 1970)- worked at the royal brisbane hospital up until his death of pancretic cancer as a wardsman. Cecil married Marion Wallace Johnston Hall (1917-2001)  in 1935. Cecil and Marion:  The picture below is of Marion with daughter . I am trying to locate any living relatives of Cecil at the moment and have now received an email from Sharon Nee Hoeslcher, see below.

Hello Jennifer,
 I found your genealogy site, and noticed that my Parents Cecil & Marion Hoelscher were mentioned, and you said that you were trying to find out if there are any surviving Children of theirs, I am their youngest Daughter Sharon (nee) Hoelscher, I was born in 1959. I have eight siblings: Marion Esther (eldest) dec’d, Joan (living), Dawn (living), Malcolm (living), Janice (living), Christine (living), Dianne (dec’d stillborn 1952), Raymond (living) and then I’m the youngest. My Mother Marion was born 28th November and passed away on the 4th of March, 2001. My Father Cecil passed away on the 17th of February, 1970. If you look on the website “The Banks Madden Family information, you will find my Maternal Grandmother, Hester James Gibson Johnston, and her Children are listed, my Mother Marion Wallace Johnston Hall, is listed as her fourth child, follow the links under my Mother, and you will see my Mother’s children (my siblings) listed. I sincerely hope you find this information useful, and helps fill in the blanks on my family.
kindest regards,
Sharon (nee) Hoelscher

marion hoelscher married cecil hoelscher
marion hoelscher married cecil hoelscher

Mabel Ann ,Cecil’s mother : 1925 Census: Mabel Ann lived at Haskard’s , Green Tce. Windsor, Brisbane.

According to the Courier Mail , 4/11/1940 Mabel Ann (who had been married to Reg Simons ),died,  and at the service were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Hoelscher, Athol Hoelscher and Reg Simons.  She had married Reg in 1930 and it looks like Athol and Cecil were not  fathered by Reg, they were fathered by someone else, Walter Montgomery? We have to find out more about this, as I gather she was not married before reg simons, however Athol and Cecil were born of another father.

  • 6.Lucy Johanna Victoria 1870-1905 , married(10/1/1894) Michael James Bracewell– a civil servant – They were both living in Eidsvold when they got married. ( Later, they Lived Wooroonga , Gladstone).Michael was the son of John Bracewell (from England)and Johanna Dwyer ( from Ireland) who married 6/2/ 1868 in Rockhampton, QLD. John was a miner and the son of James Bracewell (Weaver) and Ann Hopkinson. John’s wife Johanna (b. 1844)was a servant, and the daughter of Michael Dwyer and Mary Prendergast. Both John and his wife Johanna were living in Rockhampton when they got married.
Prussian Soldier a hoelscher

Prussian Soldier a hoelscher

( Lucy Hoelscher passed down this photo( to Lucille Williams) of a Prussian Soldier to her grand daughter and we are presently trying to figure out which Hoelscher it was. Or what relation to Eberhard and his daughter Lucy.)

Lucy Hoelscher born Rocklea(1870-1905)and her husband Michael James Bracewell born Rockhampton(1869-1949), had two children: John Barlow (b. 1895 Eidsvold) m. Gladys Muriel Spier at Randwick NSW…..See Below:

bracewell spier wedding 1922

( The wedding of the son, John Bracewell).Bracewell Spier Marriage Certificate 1922

John and Gladys had a daughter : Lucille* Gladys Bracewell b. Nowra 1924. Lucille married Geoffrey Athol Williams born Ryde NSW (1922-1979).(* It is through Lucille that we have much of this information).

michael james bracewell family tree(In 1903 Michael James became the acting Police Magistrate  and representative of the government for the Hospital Committee – Gladstone. )

Lucy Hoelscher died 1905 of bubonic flu

Lucy Hoelscher died 1905 of bubonic flu

Michael James Bracewell

Michael James Bracewell 1869 – 1949

John Bracewell

John Bracewell,(1840-1887)( michael’s father) above, was a miner who immigrated to Australia 17/7/1863 arriving in Brisbane- aboard the ship “Beejapore”.

It looks like Michael James Bracewell  his son, was a ( Gold)warden in Gladstone for many years and  married again to Dora Ethel Chippindall ( in 1912) . James was living with Dora at Yaroon Street, Gladstone in 1913. By 1919 Michael James, now calling himself James ,was living in Gympie with Dora and Gladys Lilian .By 1929 he was living at Barter Street, Gympie.  He lived in Gympie on Barter Street, until his death in 1949. It is unknown what year his son James died, but there is no mention of him in 1913 in the census which may make the date of the below photo within the first year of his life around 1912.

Michael Bracewell, Dora( 2nd wife), Gladys- daughter by Lucy & James Bracewell , son of Dora

Michael Bracewell, Dora( 2nd wife), Gladys- daughter by Lucy & James Bracewell( died of bubonic flu) , son of Dora

Also:other children of Johann E and Magdaline Hoelscher:

The Hurd Family:

  • 7.Amelia Christine 1872- :Amelia Christine married 10/1/ 1901 to Reginald Arthur Wickham Hurd. She trained as a teacher at Coorparoo’s S. School until 1891, taught there till May 1892. Transferred to East Brisbane State School? until 1896/7. Transferred to Charters Towers QLD in 1897. The school was a school for girls and she was an assistant teacher.  ( Minnie and Ernestine Hoelscher – from Elaine and Victoria taught at the Charters Towers School – were they cousins?)1919 the death of reginald hurd.  Prior to their marriage, Reginald was living in Lutwyche , Brisbane. Reginald had gone to Brisbane Grammar school and had passed the University exams in Sydney in 1891.(In 1904 there is a note that he was a Leuitenant – he was the son of Reginald S Hurd of Ascot ).In 1908 Mrs Hurd and we assume Mr. R.A. Hurd, were living at Sexton Street, off Gladstone Road in South Brisbane, where Lilly Hoelscher also lived with her sister .)Sadly he died in 1919 , but unfortunately we don’t know how.about the Hurds etc notes about the Hurd and Hoelscher families
  • Amelia and Reginald had one son ,Sargeant Noel Reginald Hurd (1905-2000) and he married Joyce R Sneden (1900- 2004). Noel was born in Gympie and died in Sydney. Their son was called John. . reginald hurd&searchLimits= ( ” Yank pays damages”).It would appear that an An American serviceman wooed his wife and Noel went to court and got damages! (1944). Noel also divorced his wife due to her misconduct.
  • reginald hurd&searchLimits= ( and more news about the divorce and the Yankee solider)
  • hurd&searchLimits= ( A picture of Mrs Noel Hurd in 1934)

( Reginald Arthur Hurd 1875-1919 was the son of Reginald Schuckburg Hurd of Frome Somerset, 1848-1940 and Christina Mc Leod 1849-1944). R.S. Hurd was the treasurer of the school of arts in Brisbane in 1884. He was gold warden and police magistrate at Goondiwindi , Toowoomba and Roma . There are many references to him in the Trove newspaper site.

Reginald S Hurd

Reginald S Hurd

  • 8.Lilly Beatrice Feodore1874 – 1937:brodie death 1937This is the death notice of William’s youngest daughter , now known as Mrs. D.F. Brodie( Lilly)– known to have a property at Charleville called the station Laguna .The same,  Lilly Beatrice Feodore (b. 1874) married in 1911 to Dudley Finch Brodie .Brisbane Courier : 4/3/1911Brodie—Hoelscher.   The marriage of Mr. Dudley Finch’ Brodie, of Lagoon Creek, Augathella, son of Mr. W. H. Brodie> Yeronga, to Miss Lily Beatrice Hoehcher, younger daughter of the late Mr. E. Hoelscher, took place at St. Andrew’s Church, South Brisbane, on February 22. Canon Ashton officiated. The bride, who was given away by her brother, wore a pretty toilet of ivory silk eolienne, made in tunic style and finished with silk fringe. Misses Audrey Hoelscher (niece of the bride) and May Pearce acted as bridesmaids. Mr. Alick Plalmei- acted as best man, and Mr. Montague Hoelscher as groomsman. After the ceremony a reception was held at the residence of the bride’s Sister (Mrs. Hurd- Amelia). The guests were limited to relatives of the bride and bridegroom. Later in the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Brodie left for Tweed Heads.1911 marriage of lily beatrice hoelscher1911 marriage of lily beatrice hoelscher.pdf2
  • 10. Mary Magdaline died near birth, 20/2/1863.

Plus one unamed male died at birth 3.1.1864 and one unamed femaled died at birth 27/6/1862.

  • 1.WILLIAM LOUIS JOHANN HOELSCHER: Son of Eberhard and Magdaline: ( Our Great Grandfather).
  • William Hoelscher

Wiliam Louis Johann Hoelscher has been found as being a part of QLD horse and cattle brands index in 1898 and 1920/21. He was born at Kangaroo point and married in Rockhampton 1896 to mary anne potts( died 1912).  He married again to Elvira Barbara  Wilhelmina Haussmann  on 22/10/1912.

13.3.1896 From Sydney Mrs. Hoelscher , Misses Hoelscher, and Masters Hoelscher travelled to Rockhampton on the SS Ranelagh. ( No doubts for the wedding ).

William Louis Johann Eberhard Hoelscher was a bank clerk, Townsville,  when married to Mary Ann Potts(1861/3- 1912) at Rockhampton, St. Paul’s  C of E church, 24/2/1886.

( German immigrants or sons of immigrants headed north . By 1900 the Darling Downs had around 700 german families , three Lutheran Churches, Lutheran schools, and a German association ). Prior to WW1 there were many German Placenames- but in the war, the government changed most of the German names.

st paul’s rockhampton

MARRIAGE:HOELSCHER — POTTS. —At St. Paul’s Church, on the 24thFebruary, (1886)by the Rev. W. A. Diggens, B.A., William E. Hoclscher, accountant, Royal Bank of Queensland, Townsville, to Miss Mary Ann Potts, daughter of Mr. Geo. Potts, Head Teacher of the Rockhampton Boys’ Central School.


In 1884 with the population of Rockhampton rapidly increasing due to the increase in mining activity in the area and the opening up of land to western Queensland including the building of the railway line in was decided to build the boys a new school on a new site. Much negotiation was entered into to find a suitable site between the Council the Education Department and the Rockhampton Show Society. A selection of letters below from the various parties shows the negotiations in progress. Tenders were called for the school in 1886 and the new school was finally built in 1887 by Patrick and Edward Walters.

Mary Ann was the daughter of George Potts and Mary Anne Little. (Mary Ann arrived July 1st,  1872 on the ship Indus. According to the ship’s records, there was a Henry, Marina, John and Sarah Potts on the same journey to Moreton bay – these most likely were her siblings, and she arrived with her step mother , Martha. )(Obviously her father took up the position of Head teacher at the Rockhampton Boy’s central school.)

william hoelscher 1899( certificate from the toowoomba bank for service of 11 years )

William was a committee member of Toowoomba north School in 1899 – it is possible since, Meta his daughter was born in Toowoomba in 1892, that perhaps this is where Meta went to school. (1899 would place her  in Grade one or two).

toowoomba north school 1907

toowoomba north school 1907



William : 1887: Bank Clerk South Brisbane, 1888-1889 Bank manager of Royal Bank QLD Toowoomba, Ruthven Street, 1899 – 1904? , Bank manager R.B.Q. Stanley St.Sth Brisbane, In 1910 it was noted he was living at Jane St. West end , 6th on left from Bank st. with his wife Mary. In 1910 Audrey( their daughter) , a clerk, was also living with them on Jane Street. 1913, William was still living at “Coolmore” Jane St, West End  with Montague Hoelscher . ( Shortly there after his son Cecil George went to war).

1922 – 1925+ he was described as a bank officer living at Grosvenor St. Yeronga with Elvira.  1934 – 1937+ he resided at 1 River Rd. Yeerongpilly with Elvira and was noted as being a clerk. ( Wiliam and Elvira had one child , Elvira Stella Beagley, of “Lestella”, Abisott St., Frankston, Victoria.  – two other infants died at birth).

Mary Ann Potts, William’s first wife:  (1861- 1912). Born Ovingham , Northumberland, England. Resided in Mickley, Northumberland. Departed England in 1872 with her father George, step mother Martha,( her mother died in 1865),  and her siblings. She is noted as being in residence at Westgate , Northumberland , England in 1901. ? But died in Queensland in 1912.

  • Elvira Stella Hoelscher : daughter of William Hoelscher and Elvira( William’s second wife).

Brisbane Courier : 11/8/1942:BEAGLEY— HOELSCHER.— Engagement Is announced of Elvira Stella, only Daughter of Mrs. and the late Mr. William Hoelscher, of Yeerongpilly. Brisbane, to Leslie. R.A.N., eldest Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Beagley. of Caulflcld. Victoria.

( They married in 4/3/1944 in Victoria at St Kevin’s Church , Ormond ).

Her husband: Leslie A. Beagley, joined the Navy in 1938 at the training centre Cerberos. Then to the HMAS Australia and Warrego during WW2(Acccording to the records Leslie was in the Navy until 1962.)

WW2: HMAS Australia:29/8/39-21/2/41 Leslie was an Ord. seaman and by mid 1940 the ship was deployed to duties in the Eastern Atlantic including hunting for german ships. The ship participated in operation Menace:

BATTLE OF DAKAR and the HMAS Australia

The Battle of Dakar, also known as Operation Menace, was an unsuccessful attempt in September 1940 by the Allies of World War II to capture the strategic port of Dakar in French West Africa (modern-day Senegal), which was under Vichy French control, and to install Free French Forces under General Charles de Gaulle there.

HMAS Warrengo:Leslie took part in the Battles of Noemfoor (2/7/1944) and Battle of Morotai( 15/9/1944)

Then 1/10/44-30/6/45 again on the Warrango ,was in the battle for Borneo May 1st  1945( Battle of Tarakan) and also in October 1944 for the battle of Leyte. The Warrego RAN).

leslie atkinson beagley record RAN WW2

leslie atkinson beagley record RAN WW2

31/3/1945 , The Argus Melbourne:BEAGLEY (nee Hoelscher).-On March 20, at MacDonald private hospital, Brisbane, to Elvira Stella and Leslie Atkinson Beagley (R.A.N., on active service)-a daughter (Celia Adrienne).

It is noted that Leslie’s address was 1 River St. Yerongpilly – the home of Elvira and Daughter Elvira Stella.

Other children of Mary Ann and William include:

  • Meta Lillian , 1892- 1952 ( OUR GRANDMOTHER).  Mt. Thompsen crematorium, Brisbane.

meta hoelscher our grandmother

Census of 1919: Audrey Magdaline, John William( jack), Meta Lily Mary and Montague were all living at Edmonstone street , Sth Brisbane. Then of course in 17/2/1920 she married Eric Stubbs. Our dad says that she was a dental assistant. We have record of a reference dated feb 22/1916 whereby she was teaching in a private school. Dad says he thought that Meta was a dental assistant in Toowoomba when she met Eric Stubbs who was working outside of toowoomba. I wonder which dental clinic she was working in when she met eric.

reference 1916

1937 bicycle stolen meta lilian stubbs

1936 purse stolen meta lilian

Bike stolen from cordelia street, 1937 , one of the boy’s bikes. Also, Meta’s purse was stolen… lots of theft , including the money taken from Jack Hoelscher as treasurer of the cricket club. !

3/11/1952 Meta died whilst John, our dad was in London. He says she was not well when he left for England earlier that year.

eric and meta stubbs w dad ( john ) leaving for London 1954

eric and meta stubbs w dad ( john ) leaving for London 1952

 This picture was taken on board ship when John was leaving Brisbane in 1952. Eric is on the right . Sadly our dad would not have seen his mum again as she died a few months later. The funeral was at St. Peter’s church of england, Mitchell Street, West End. ( The church’s opening service was in 1888! )

Meta’s siblings:Other children of William Hoelscher:

  • Audrey Magdaline 1886 – 1938- south brisbane cemetery with Montague,
  • Montague Eberhard 1888 – 1934,
  • Cecil George 1889- ,
  • John Wiliam 1894 – 1964,
  • William Eberhard 1898 – 1898.

All were born at Ruthven Street, Toowoomba except for Audrey who was born at Grey St. South Brisbane. Also, Elvira Stella, the daughter of William’s second wife.

Montague Eberhardt , born Toowoomba (1888 – 1934), buried Dutton park cemetery.

montague hoelscher, death of

Montague was a clerk at Dalgety and company for a very long time. I don’t know why he took his own life in 1934. Except that he had been diagnosed with a blood pressure illness. I have told my family that it is my belief that the painting of the rhinoceros that we have, was painted by him. Montague was living with Audrey Hoelscher( Cordelia street?) and I believe that she received monies from his will.

John William or “Jack” Hoelscher: 1894 – 1964:

jack hoelscher

jw hoelscher 1954

jw hoelscher 1954- south brisbane cricket club, colleting award for 50 years

jw hoelscher 1954 001

jw hoelscher 1954 001jw hoelscher 1954

Jack Hoelscher was the executive member of the South Brisbane District cricket club from 1924-1958, Delegate to the QCA 1924-1940, Selector 1935 – 1956, Honorary Secretary 1938 – 1956. First recorded association with the club was a scorer in 1904!.

1940 The Courier Mail: 18th January:

“On Sunday or Monday a thief who entered a house at 31 Dornoch Terrace, South Brisbane stole One pound /10 and 6 belonging to the South Brisbane Cricket Club. The money had been locked in a tin in a lowboy in the room of J. W. Hoelscher, secretary of the club. ”

Cecil George 😦 our father’s uncle) lived in Sydney during his later years.


1913 census: Cecil George was living on Jane St. as a clerk, Audrey was living on Jane st.  with William and Elvira.

I place Cecil George in Oxley also in 1913 and 1919. By the time 1930 came along he was living in Wentworth , NSW where he lived until about 1958. 1963 he was living at Kingsford Smith, NSW.

I also have reference of Cecil G Hoelscher in Nov. 1930 having a son – he lived at Wandeon , 20 Darling Point Rd, Darling Point, which puts him at Rose Bay , Sydney.

1960’s (1969) he was living at 54 Iluka Rd. Palm Beach, Sydney and was working at the “Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society ltd. ” 14 martin place, sydney.

He had two sons with Jean (Nee Scholer.)-  Paul and John according  to our dad. John was in advertising and married a chinese girl and went to Melbourne from Sydney. Paul, a geologist, sadly commited suicide . Cecil was not happy about the marriage of John and his new bride according to dad.  ( Cecil owned a beach house at Palm Beach , Gold Coast and our dad went to visit him ).

Cecil and WW1:

SGT Cecil George Hoelscher

cecil george hoelscher enlistment

cecil george hoelscher page 2

WW1: Cecil enlisted December 1915 for WW1 , his father at that time was living at Jane St. West End. Cecil was 25 when he enlisted and was an accountant. He was part of the second reinforcements of the 41st Battalion who went to France.

The 41st Battalion was raised at Bell’s Paddock Camp in Brisbane in February 1916 with recruits from Brisbane, northern Queensland and ther northern rivers district of NSW. It formed part of the 11th brigade of the 3rd Australian division.

Bell’s Paddock was part of the 68 acre property purchased in the mid 1800’s which ran from Samford road in the north and prospect terrace in the east and Osborne road in the west.

During 1916 until about june,  Cecil was a private at the 11th and 14th depot – “battalion privates”.

anzac day brisbane 1916 41st regiment

anzac day brisbane 1916 41st regiment

may 1916 41st batallion marching through Brisbane

may 1916 41st batallion marching through Brisbane

Cecil left Australia 12/8/1916 and arrived Plymouth 13/10/16. He proceeded overseas 25/11/16 – was promoted Lt Corporal , France 12/12/16.

Almost immediately the batallion went to the front – Armentieres. (24/12/1916 was their first engagement). Here they went to the line trenches in an area known as “the nursery”. The australians were in a relatively quiet sector with periods of sharp fighting, shelling and some heavy raids.

(Under the command of Major General John Monash,[10] the division was assigned to II ANZAC Corps.[11] For the next two years they would take part in most of the major battles that the Australians fought on the Western Front. Initially they were deployed around Armentieres in a “quiet” sector of the line, where they gained their first experiences of trench warfare, conducting patrols into No Man’s Land and minor raids o n the German trenches opposite them during the winter months. )


During the Great War Armentières was an important town in the British lines in Artois: a main route to and from the trenches where units were billeted, a depot for support and Lines of Communication troops, Divisional headquarters for the neighbouring sectors, the site of many artillery gun sites and a forward rail head for this part of the front. Up until around 1916 French civilians could still be found in Armentières, many of them operating the infamous ‘estaminets’ where egg and chips along with cheap, watered down wine, could be purchased. Other forms of entertainment were also available – and thus grew the legend of the famous “Mademoiselle from Armentières”!

The square was one of the main routes through the town, and all troops in this sector knew it as “Eleven o’clock square” as the original of the clock tower was struck by a shell in 1914 and thereafter the hands stuck on eleven o’clock. Armentières was badly damaged by years of shelling, and all but levelled by German guns during the Lys battle in April 1918. 41st battalion’s movements in the war.

From Corporal 14/7/17 he was promoted Sargent 30/8/17 and by 4/1/18 he was in England . He was the overseeing training at the CADET battallion and in command at the no. 6 officers at the cadet training, Oxford.

The training school for officers was 2 officer cadet battalions formed at Oxford: no 4 oxford and no 6 Balliol college,( Cecil was in command here at Balliol). Entrants to the college had to be already with the officer training corp ( set up jan 1915) or in the ranks already.

no 6 cadets training in an oxford park

no 6 cadets training in an oxford park

balliol college oxford

balliol college oxford

Around the 8/4/18 Cecil was in hospital – 3rd London Southern General Hospital , and also a hospital in Bulford.

Get a load of the 3rd General Hospital Oxford!

3rd southern general hospital oxford

3rd southern general hospital oxford

3rd gen hospital oxford outside view

3rd gen hospital oxford outside view

Again sick with influenza October 1918 and by 13/3/1919 he had acute nephrites – a kidney diseas often associated to allergic reactions to drugs. By 26/3/19 he was terminated from the Oxford Cadet Position. Cecil left for Australia and was aboard the ‘Medic” in June 1919.



cecil george letter 1940

William Hoelscher senior died 7/1/1942 and was buried with his first wife , Mary Ann at South Brisbane Cemetery.

Brisbane Courier : 8/1/1942:

HOELSCHER.— The Relatives and Friends pf Mrs. W. E. Hoelscher and Miss Stella Hoelscher (Yeerongpilly). Mr. and Mrs. Cecil G. Hoelscher (Sydney), Mr. J. W. Hoelscher.     Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Stubbs, Mrs. Amelia Hurd (Sydney), nnd Families are Invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved Husband, their Father, Father-in-law. Brother, Brother in-law, Uncle, and Grandfather, Mr. William Eberhardt Hoelscher, to leave St. Andrew’s Church of England, S.B., for the South Brisbane Cemetery, after service, commencing at 10.30 o’clock. This Thursday Morning.

william hoelcher family , his children

Summary including the children of our grandmother , Meta

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  1. Carole Bowden says:

    THank you for this information. I am the great-grandaughter of Evelyn St Laurence Bowden and have been trying to trace his story. Some of your info adds to some I already have. I wondered whether your researcher has any other details about him.

    • Very nice to hear from you. this is very exciting. maybe you could give me your details for my address book. you can reach me at
      what i managed to find i found simply through the internet mostly. i am not in australia. i may be able to find , or you may be able to find more from i am afraid i have no more info on him except for what i have put in the blog.

  2. scott cunningham says:

    I think you site is great. I recently found a BC1000 radio transmitter responder, from wwii in my roof. My house is one of the older houses in rocklea, I bought it from a house yard in pinkenba, and have trucked it back to rocklea, and am currently restoring it. I believe it was originally at 4 Leeds St, rocklea. Now a commercial street. The house now sits at 17 Albert St, rocklea, less the side veranda. If you want to have a look on Google maps.

    I wondered whether horice, Athol, or jeffrey was in the signal corps?

    • thanks for this.
      i dont’ know where the signal core were, but i did read that they were in houses in south brisbane i believe . made a note of the address and if find anything more i will try to contact.

  3. Ian Grieve says:

    G’Day, I am the grandson of Violet Grieve nee Hurd, who was the daughter of Reginald Shuckburgh Hurd, sister of Reginald Hurd in your story. It was great to read the connections which I knew nothing about. I do have a lot of information on Reginald S Hurd snr if you need it.


  4. Noelene Monier says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    Another Hurd connection – I am the granddaughter of Ernest James Greville Hurd, brother of Reginald Arthur Wickham Hurd. Yes, there were three sons and seven daughters of Reginald S Hurd and Christina (McLead), and I understand that all of the daughters became teachers!
    My Mother, Nancy Edith Stevens (nee Hurd) only recently died at the age of almost 98. She was the youngest and last surviving child of Ernest and Gwendolyn (nee Horniblow of Queensland Railways fame).
    If Ian reads this I would love to be put in touch so that we could join some dots.

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    Hi ! Je m’appelle Elisabeth et suis une jeune romancière en herbe qui voit son premier roman publié. Alors que je cherchais une photo pour la couverture de mon livre, j’ai trouvé la photo représentant le collège Balliol en 1918. Et cette photo serait parfaite pour la couverture de mon livre. C’est pour cette raison que je vous demande l’autorisation de l’utiliser car je n’oublie pas la propriété et le droit à l’image. Je vous demande de me contacter afin de me donner votre réponse. Si vous refusez, je comprendrai et vous donne ma parole que je ne l’utiliserai pas sans votre consentement. Je vous remercie sincèrement et attend votre réponse.

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  8. Geri K says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the General Store from Early Street? I was told it was sold to be used in a museum somewhere for $4000. I am also a descendant of Jelto and was a Hoelscher. I actually had the original name Hoelscher repainted on the General Store in 1993 as a surprise for my father (Dan Hoelscher’s) 80th birthday. I had recently found out that the store was in Early Street and we celebrated his birthday there. My father was the son of Jeffrey whonmarried Catherine Delaney not Delany (my grandmother) and they actually had 6 children not 4 and . You sure put a lot of time into this and it was so interesting to read. Thanks for your time and effort.

    • this is very interesting. i am in canada and don’t have access easily to the historic societies in queensland. i will ask my father to see if he knows.
      so there must be a way to find out who was running the “early street” complex. can you tell me a little bit about you and dan and your mum? i will try and corrrect what you say about catherine delaney. Geri, can you email me any photos or family info to my email :
      as i said, i guess trying to find out through a historic society what happened to the building is the way to go but sadly i do not know.
      jennifer stubbs

    • I am trying to track this place down Geri.
      All i know so far is that DAVLAN auctioneers 25/6/1998 auctioned off property .
      i have sent an email to try to locate where it went.

  9. Lisa Burton says:

    Hi, Jennifer! I’d just like to point out that, re Eberhard HOELSCHER’S ship of arrival, the wrong “Diana” has been described. Eberhard arrived aboard a barque, built in Bremen and launched in early 1856, not a steam-powered whaling ship from Hull.

    I have written an article re the voyage of the “Diana” from Bremerhaven to Moreton Bay, arriving May 1858, as part of a series “German Ships With No Ships Lists” (Published “Ances-tree” Nov 2010) Eberhard is mentioned in this article.

    Lisa Burton

  10. Cheryl Fagan says:

    May I have permission to use your photo of the main street of Toowoomba circa 1897 for an historical book I am writing.
    Warmest regards
    Cheryl Fagan

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