Haydon Rollason the brother of Neville rollason

Heidleberg , Victoria 1926

Haydon Rollason and Beatrix Fewster’s wedding .

haydon rollason's wedding 1926

From left: Betty Fewster, Beatrix Fewster, Marjorie Rollason, children: Mary Rollason and Bob Rollason.( marjorie venn rollason was Neville’s sister). Mary Rollason – also known as Joan Mary was Neville Rollason’s daughter, the mother of our John Monaghan.

Haydon Mallin Rollason (1/4/1900-29/8/1972) was the brother of Neville A. Rollason . The son of Edith Jane Sill and Abel Rollason. Neville  married Mary Agnes Cumstie(1891-1958) and then Katherine E. Houston. (19009- 1962). As you may recognize the name this person is a relative of Jack Houston  who married our Aunt Mary Houston.

Haydon married Beatrix Fewster (1901-1971). They had three children: Kathlyn Edith (1927-1952), June Elizabeth b.1929, and Jennifer Merriful Beatrix b.1931.

neville rollason family tree

John Monaghan our pastor in the family was the grandchild of Neville Rollason and he is the one who has completed the family history for us.

Haydon :

1943: residence at 7 Malton Rd. Beecroft, Epping, Parramatta , NSW w beatrix maude. A manager

1949: residence at Heatherdale Rd. Vermont, Deakin, Victoria – a Traveller ( commercial traveller?)

1954: Residence at Heatherdale Rd. Mitcham, Deakin, Victoria.

In 1957 he left from Sydney for London, England, his profession traveller and address c/- Thomas Cook and Son Berkely st. London.

haydon rollason 1957- arrived London 10/3/1957

rollason photo

Glen Iris, June 1938:

From left back: Mary ( houston) our aunt, Mary Rollason – John Monaghan’s mother, Kathlyn  Edith (Bull)- Haydon’s daughter , Front: our mum, Joan Rollason, June Rollason- Haydon’s other daugther , Jennifer Rollason- Haydon’s daugter. ( could be my name sake).

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2 Responses to Haydon Rollason the brother of Neville rollason

  1. Ann says:

    Fantastic to read this, the Rollason family is how I got started on family history – it was part of a coursework project that I had to do. John Monaghan will remember me being in touch for a few years.

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