The Hoelscher family before Eberhard

According to Lyn Hanlon what we have so far is ;

Mathias Hoelscher (1679 – 1713 ) , born Furstenau, Germany married Cathrina Elizabeth Berteling (1689- ) born Furstenau . (Daughter of Philip Berteling and Margeta Catrina Schmitz ).

Their son, Philipus Holshcer (1717 – 1792), a pastor.  Born Furstenau  and married at Holtrop in 1747. Pastor at Holtrop 1744 – 1792. He married Cornelia Maria Cohlmeyer (1728 – 1773/79) who  died Holtrop.  She was born Werne , the daughter of Gerhard Frederick Colmeyer.

holtrop_church circa 1900 church and bell tower – Philipus Holscher

Philipus Holscher was a pastor at the Holtrop church for approx 48 years.

Their children:Cornelia Maria Holscher (1766 – 1805), and Anna Henrietta.  They also had a son, Lorenz Eberhard b. Holtrop , W. Germany and was a pastor of Juist 1790 – 1806 , also pastor at Westerholt 1806-1807 and retired in 1807.Philip’s other son was Johan Rudolph (1770 – 1860) born in Holtrop and died at Norden. Also a pastor at Holtrop 1792- 1798  and pastor at Norden 1798 – 1860.

Lorenz Eberhard was the grandfather of our Johann Eberhardt Hoelscher .

johan rudolph hoelscher

johan rudolph hoelscher

johan rudolph hoelscher

Above is information re East Frisa, the area that holds the cities of Juist and Norden. ( Juist is one of the islands off the coast of north west Germany ).It is a rural area .

In 1806 East Frisia ( now called Oastfreesland) was annexed by the Napoleonic kingdom of Holland and later became part of the French Empire. After the Napoleonic wars, East Frisia was first occupied by Prussian and Russian soldiers, since 1813. In 1815, Prussia had to cede East Frisia to the kingdom of Hanover, which itself was annexed by Prussia in 1866.( I am of the assumption that the Pastor Hoelschers were all Lutheran as it was the main religion of Hanover).

nordon & westerholt churches

german churches  Norden and Westerholt

german churches

It was the union of Lorenz Eberhard and Dorothea Christina Elizabeth Jelten that brought forth a son: Jelto Hoelscher (1800- ), born Juist Hanover, Prussia. Pastor at Marienfhafe 1825- 1857. Jelto married Marie Antoinette Taaks . They had a son, Johann Eberhard Hoelscher (1827 – 1877) born Marienhafe, Ostfriesland, Hanover, Prussia.

Mrienhafe is located near Norden in Lower Saxony Germany .

Marienhafeabbruch- st mary’s marienhafe back in the day !

Marienhafeabbruch- st mary's marienhafe back  in the day !

Marienhafe - pipe organ in the evangelical lutheran church , Lower Saxony East Frisia

Marienhafe – pipe organ in the evangelical lutheran church , Lower Saxony East FrisiaMarienhafe_church

This church was originally built in 1230 and was the largest church b between Bremen and Groningen. In its original configuration, the church had three main buildings and a ( 6 tier) staggered bell tower. The roofs were covered with copper(north) and slate( south). Apparantly this was done so that those on the water could use it to help navigate the shallow rivers at low tide. The rivers led to the harbour.

Johann married Magdaline Wilhelme Charlotte Rau(b 1838) in 1858 at Rocky Waterholes, Brisbane, QLD, Australia. Who of course had William Louis Johann Eberhard Hoelscher (1860- 1912), the father of our grandmother, Meta Lillian Hoelscher.

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2 Responses to The Hoelscher family before Eberhard

  1. Bernard Cronin says:

    I am researching the Hoelscher history for a granddaughter of Lucy Hoelscher who was one of the daughters of Eberhard. I have a photograph of what looks to be a Prussian officer (which I can email to anyone interested), and would love to find out who it is. Does anyone know if any of the Hoelshers were in the Prussian army ???

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