George Stubbs 1933 – 2011, the brother of our dad John Stubbs

george stubbs

Newspaper George October 2011 Courier Mail

stubbs family in the arms forces

George Douglas STUBBS

STUBBS, George Douglas Late of Wynnum, passed away, 15th June, 2011. Aged 78 Years. Dearly loved Husband of Joan, loving Father and Father-in-law of Lyn and Peter, Nigel and Ann, Peter and Sarah. Much adored and loved G.D. of Lois, Dimity, Patrick, Hunter, Annabelle, Harriet and William. Family and Friends are invited to attend George‘s Funeral Service, to be held in the Chapel, Anglican Church Grammar School, Oaklands Parade, East Brisbane, Tuesday, 21st June, 2011, at 1.00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations to Legacy Fund Qld appreciated. ALEX GOW FUNERALS Brisbane Ph 3852 1501 FUNERAL CARE SINCE 1840

Published in Courier Mail on June 17, 2011

 “May you have fair winds & following seas.” Ken Green (Redlands, Queensland)We love our Uncle George and here is a little bit of his life to be added to ….

George’s life and work: First Job:Evans Deakin Shipyards Kangaroo Point : ( from 1948), George was an apprentice as a Ship Wright living with his mum and dad , and john and charlie( as well as Jack Hoelscher) at 31 Dornoch Tce. South Brisbane.

Evans Deakin Shipyards at Kangaroo Point Brisbane 1963

Evans Deakin Shipyards at Kangaroo Point Brisbane 1963

billy-hughes evans deakin shipyard 1948- our prime minister at 85- courier mail

What is interesting is that my best friend was Belinda Deakin of Evans Deakin fame, and I had no idea that her father or family had a hand in my Uncle’s career in the shipyards and navy – to take him to an amazing place of the water being such a big part of his life.

Then he worked  at The Port Line Company 1950’s: Australia – Canada run :

The shipping line known as MANZ took the portline run between Australia and eastern Canada ( through the Suez). New ships in the line included : Port Montreal, Port Halifax, Port St John’s.

The MANZ Line was a Canadian company which was first registered in August 1936 when it took over the existing services of the Canadian Government Line, and it ceased operations in July 1971.
Don Ramsey, 5 December 2001

The MANZ Line was first registered in August 1936 as a venture between Commonwealth and Dominion Line (later Port Line), the Ellerman and Bucknall Steamship Co., Ltd. and the New Zealand Shipping Company. The MANZ line took over operations of the Canadian government’s commercial shipping company as well as 10 ships it had purchased. The company ran from Canada to New Zealand and Australia, first only from western ports and later from eastern Canadian ports.

manz flag

manz flag

The flag was presented to the company by Sir Thomas Royden, a director of Port Line who presented the company with the flag of the former Royden Line with a maple leaf in the center diamond.

Although service was interrupted during World War II, it resumed in 1945. In 1947, it purchased its only new vessel since formed in 1936. The company discontinued service in July, 1971.
Information abstracted from “End of the MANZ Line” by Ian Farquhar, published in Sea Breezes in March 1972 and forwarded to FOTW by Don Ramsey.

port montreal

port montreal

1957-60 Biloela State High School, Queensland:High School Teacher

Aerial view of the town area of Biloela 1951

Biloela Post Office 1957

Kariboe Street in Biloela 1950 Main Street
Kariboe Street in Biloela 1950 Main Street

1958 George was married and living with his wife Doreen Joan at Bell and Barrett streets Biloela. He was noted as in Manual Training.

The Wedding:

1958 joan barber about to be married

1958 wedding invite

George was transferred to Wynnum State High school in 1960 and happily living at Wynnum.

The Army and Vietnam :

george stubbs in vietnam

( in his own words to me in 2010 when i asked hm to put something together for rememberance day). George was away when Joan gave birth to Peter and that was the time when rockets hit his ship, as he says above, making headlines in the aussie newspapers.

In his second visit to Vietnam in 1968 he was the executive officer of the AV Clive Steele.

1950s George stubbs - it looks like george! dad has to tell me if it is him

clive steele  date unknown

clive steele date unknown

3rd march 1969 clive steele with luzerne county

3rd march 1969 clive steele with luzerne county

Clive Steele (AV-1356) with USS Luzerne County (LST-902) and an unidentified Korean manned LST beached probably at the ramp at Vung Tau, South Vietnam, circa 3 March 1969. The time is before 0700 as the Clive Steele‘s log indicates she retracted off the beach at 0700 bound for Cam Ranh Bay. The Korean LST loaded with ammunition and avgas retracted at 0730. At 0800 while her crew was at breakfast USS Luzerne County was hit by two Kyushu 122mm rockets and suffered a number of casualties.

Photo Dave Perham, Caption Dennis Wynn

George says that rockets hit the Clive Steele at another time to the one above,  and I am trying to find the mention in the old papers .. to be continued. I have read  the Clive Steele was called “The Jolly Green Giant” and, as George says, they were ordered not to fire their weapons unless they were fired upon.

From the Vietnam Veterans Association :

1 Small Ship Troop (Clive Steele)    26 Jun 66 – 23 Nov 66, 3 Dec 66 – 9 Jan 67, 17 Jan 67- 16 Mar 67, 29 Jan 68 – 27 Apr 69, 21 Jul 69 – 2 Mar 70, 11 Jul – 3 Sep 70 and     2 Mar – 12 Mar 71

Det 32 Small Ship Squadron (Clive Steele)     23 Feb 71 – 20 Mar 71

The corps was responsible for water transport and engineer stores.

vietnam photo for the engineers

vietnam photo for the engineers

clive steele  1969

clive steele 1969

Photo above taken at Vung Tau , South Vietnam 1969. Officers of the Navy and army get together alongside the Army’s landing ship , Clive Steele. From left, the ship’s master , Capt. Warren Barsley of Swansea, NSW; the Officer commanding the Naval Clearance Diving Team, Lt. Alan Davis of Warriewood, NSW, the Naval staff officer at HQ Australian Force Vietnam, (HQ AFV) , Commander M. De. V. Salmon of Ouse, Tasmania.

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