Sadleir family to Canada

April 2017 :

I have decided to post information on the colourful Sadleir family , the descendants of my husband Trevor Jackson. Jennifer

sadleir family tree – direct & partial family tree

Sadleir A4 140510 family tree 

One of the most famous ancestors of the Sadleir family to Canada was Sir Ralph Sadleir PC Knight banneret (1507-1587 ) who was an English statesman of the 16th century and served as a Secretary of state for King Henry VIII . He was the son of Henry Sadleir. The second son John Sadleir was the ancestor of Hamnet Sadler , the friend after whom William Shakespeare named his only son , Hamnet, and may also have been influenced to name his play Hamlet. It is this John Sadler /Sadleir from whom Trevor’s family Sadleir were more directly linked.

poss ralph sadleir by holbein 1507-1587



Sadleirs in Canada:

1.Henry Sadleir : the first to reach Canadian Shores:

Major Henry Sadleir (1796-1860) was a British officer of the *37th regiment. Henry Sadleir of Scalaheen , born Tipperary, married Martha Herchmer b . 1799(of Kingston) -1870 (d. Lennox , Ontario), married on the 3rd February 1818 in Kingston. Henry arrived Kingston in 1817 .After several tours of duty he returned and lived in Kingston in 1837. He gained the rank of Major in the Canadian Militia.

*37th Regiment;1814-25: Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba (small detachment in 1816); 1839-42: Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island.

Major Sadleir was of “Scalaheen”, Tipperary Ireland:


  • Sadleir (Scalaheen) – This branch of the Sadleir family descend from Richard Sadlier, seventh son of Clement Sadlier of BaIlintemple, county Tipperary. Richard’s grandson, also named Richard, bought Scalaheen House and in 1783, married his cousin Grace, daughter of Nicholas Sadleir of Golden Garden, county Tipperary. They had five sons, Richard, Nicholas, James, Henry and William who lived at Scalaheen and Brookville. In the mid 19th century Nicholas Sadlier held an estate in the barony of Clanwilliam, county Tipperary, mainly located in the parishes of Templeneiry and Clonpet, but also in the parishes of Clonbeg, Clonbullogue, Cordangan and Tipperary. Nicholas Sadlier also held land in the parish of Donohill, barony of Kilmanagh Lower. Premises in the town of Tipperary and 230 acres at Brookeville, the estate of James Sadlier and James Sadlier, the younger, were advertised for sale in 1865.

Henry Sadleir lineage:

Herchmer: Marther Herchmer b 1799( Henry’s wife), was the daughter of *Johan Nicholas Herchmer 1771-1809 and mother Charlotte Purdy 1773-1843. Martha resided in Napanee, Greater Napanee, Lennnox and Addington Ontario as well as Kingston.

  • Johan N. Herchmer was the son of Hanyost Herchmer ( Capt of Bateaux)1732- NY province – 1795 Kingston m. Maria Van Allen..
  • Hanyost Herchmer was the son of Johan Jost Herchmer (1700 Germany-1773 Albany NY) m. Catherine Petrie.
  • Johan’s father was Jurgh Herkimer born 1680 Germany.

Johan N. Herchmer: *Nicholas, a “yeoman,” and his brothers Lawrence, merchant in Kingston, and Jacob, a merchant in York, and their Sisters, **Catharine (Mrs. Markland) and Jane (Mrs. Anderson), applied for confirmation to them of lands in the Township of Kingston, in the eastern addition of the Township, and On the west side of the Grand River Cataraqui (D. W. Smith Papers Vol. B PP 183, 299, 301, 302). Mrs. Markland and Jacob Herchmer, on applying for land as Loyalists, were granted 600 acres each as “the Son and the Daughter of a Captain” (U. C. Land Book C. P 61).(Burial:Nicholas Herchmer ,Cataraqui United Church Cemetery ,Kingston,Frontenac

** Catherine Nee Herchmer ( Martha Herchmer’s Aunt) m. Thomas Markland:

MARKLAND, GEORGE HERCHMER (Herkimer), public servant; b. about 1790 at Kingston, Upper Canada, the only child of Thomas Markland* and Catherine Herchmer (Herkimer); his wife Anna died in 1847; d. 17 May 1862 at Kingston.

(George Hercher Markland b Kingston 1790, prominent government official accused in 1838 of homosexual behavior with soldiers from Fort York) Also allegations of misappropriated funds from Kings college to be used in Upper Canada College. Charges were dropped in 1841.He was the closest thing to royalty that the Canadians had in the colonies at his time of prominence.

Henry Sadleir Cont:

Henry became a magistrate before 1846 and this ties in with the court case in 1852 with his son Charles A. – (The researcher found a mention of a judge Sadleir ,the father of Charles A. Sadleir. )

Kingston Penitentiary: The Major was described as a retired army majoy and local magistrate around 1840 when he became a member of the newly formed management committee of Kingston jail. (The former committee was disbanded by the government after a ‘state of crisis ‘ in 1838/39). Henry was an active member of the committee with Thomas Kirkpatrick, chairman, ( twice Mayor of Kingston in 1838 and 1848).

From: “Terror to Evil –doers – Prisons and Punishment in the 19th century Ontario ” by Peter Oliver :

The Kirkpatrick board was determined to enforce discipline strictly and fearlessly and it conducted regular and thorough inspections of the keepers and the guards “

Henry Sadleir below:;rad

Henry was involved with St George’s church in Kingston and served as am alderman in municipal affairs.

1859: Henry had best breeding sow one year and older, and best boar under 1 year out of 30 entires : “Board of Agriculture 1858 Upper Canada”.

Henry owned and lived in “Heathfield” Kingston.

Heathfield villa – Sadlier

Heathfield is near number two highway on the south side, about

halfway between the traffic circle and the Cataraqui railroad cross-

ing. For many years it was the residence of John A. Macdonald’s two

sisters ; Margaret, wife of Prof. James Williamson of Queen’s, and

Louisa, and thus was Macdonald’s Kingston residence. The house was

built before 1841, was owned by Henry Sadlier, who married Martha

Herchmer, and later came into the possession of Charles Heath who

gave it his name. The original inlaid floor in the drawing room is

especially notable and, although there are additions to the back and

the brick has been covered by stucco, the house is otherwise as it was about one hundred years ago.”

The Property is now Providence House

Major Sadleir had two daughters: Jane Anderson Daleir (born Tipperary)m William Geddes b.1818 and had 10 children

Also daughter Martha Herchmer, along with sons Henry Herchmer and Charles Anderson. The Major changed residences often and got involved with his daughter Jane’s marriage and called in a note on his son in law William Alan Geddes and had his daughter’s household furnishings sold.

William Geddes:

William Geddes was a witness to land treaties in around 1856 with regards George Herchmer Markland – obviously a relation to Henry’s wife, Martha Herchmer.  

Henry was on friendly terms with John A Mc Donald so much so to be asked for a loan.


2.Charles Anderson Sadleir the son of Henry Sadleir:

Charles Anderson Sadleir was born in Ireland 28/4/1825 to “Captain” Henry Sadleir ( noted as “Captain” in the pupils’ roll at Upper Canada College). Being born in Ireland –meaning Henry travelled back to Ireland after his marriage in Canada in 1818 ,and it would appear that his daughter Jane was also born in Ireland. We know he did continue his interest in Ireland during his life and he was a busy boy in terms of travel!

Charles was a pupil of Upper Canada College in 1838 and prior to that was in private school in Hamilton. There is mention of Charles in the History of Upper Canada college and W Thomson pupil called him “Charlie” – “ a wonderful swimmer”. Charles studied at Osgoode Hall Toronto as a Barrister and was living in Hamilton by 1851. Charles was a partner in the firm “Burton , Sadleir and Bruce “ King Street , Hamilton in 1851.In 1865 Charles lived at Maiden Lane , Hamilton. By 1868 Charles was a deputy judge of the county court in Wentworth ( Hamilton).

In 1852 Charles was embroiled in the case of being robbed in 1852 by Oliver Dawsey and Jesse Thickson ( black American Canadians ) . Dawsey received 7 years in Kingston Jail only to escape in the first year. A murder case was also involved in this robbery on Prince’s Island which was either an island or a place of ill repute. Dawsey stole alcohol, sliver, and Charles’ coat which was identified by Charles in the case.

Charles had a son Charles Aldborough b. 6/11/1860 in Hamilton and also a son Henry Herchmer who attended Upper Canada college (1865) after attending private school in Hamilton. Charles A ( junior ) attended Upper Canada college 1873-1876 at 12/13 years old. Henry H. lived in the eastern townships in 1881.


3.Charles Aldborough b. 6/11/1860 – Hamilton -1935 Temuco Chile:

Rev. Charles Sadleir (center with white beard)

Photo from Quepe – Charles Sadleir left ?

Ambrosio Paillalef, Cacique of Pitrufquén, and Joaquín Millanao, Cacique of Lila, Loncoche
Charles Sadleir Right

Charles Sadlier 1897 right

first mission residence

Vol 27 Iss 12 charles sadleir

081-02_114 charles sadleir


Charles married Alice Mary Schneider b. 1864 Ontario, and she lived Toronto in 1891. Alice was the daughter of *Thomas Henry Schneider (1829-1903) m. Sophia De les Derniers  (1829-1903)Schneider:*Thomas Henry Schneider was a liberal politician in the House of Commons and lived in Montreal

Memorable Manitobans: William Henry Schneider (1860-1929) Manager. Born at Montreal, Quebec on 18 July 1860, son of Thomas Henry and Mrs. Schneider and brother-in-law of C. A. Sadleir, he was educated at the Montreal High School. He came to Manitoba in May 1878 and served during the 1885 North West Rebellion with the Winnipeg Troop of Cavalry, receiving several decorations. By 1925, he was Assistant Manager of the Employers’ Association of Canada.On 13 June 1878, he married Helen Louise Barrett. They had one daughter. In 1894, he was Secretary-Treasurer of the Manitoba Rifle Association. He was a member of the United Service Club, and the Army and Navy Veterans of Canada. His recreations included golf, riding, curling, and fishing. Anglican. In 1925, he lived at 91 Edmonton Street, Winnipeg.He died at Winnipeg on 5 September 1929 and was buried in St. John’s Cemetery.

Rev Charles A. Sadleir 1935: Winnipeg Tribune 1/11/1935:

REV. C, SADLIER, FORMER CLERK OF HOUSE DIES Lived Here In ’80’s to Become Missionary in South America Rev. Charles A. Sadller, a Winnipeg man …. died recently at Temuco, Chile, South America. His death, according to information received here, followed an lllness of several months. Hs was 75 years of age, but he continued with his work until his health broke down. “Charlie” Sadller was a very popular youth of Winnipeg about the year 1880. He was a fine athlete and held a number of local record for short distance running. His ability in business affairs secured him recognition by the ‘sating? men of the province, and he was ap pointed as clerk of the Manitoba Legislative assembly. ..He was influenced by a series of Evangelists that visited the city, Including Dwight L, Moody, Crosaley and Hunter and others, and although he was well past 20, he was determined to become a missionary. He resigned his position, began to study theology under the Anglican church and began to preach on Winnipeg streets. After a time he was enabled to attend Wycliffe College, Toronto. Upon graduation he joined the South American Missionary Society of England, and was sent as a missionary to the Araucanian Indians In Chile. His accomplishments during the 40 years he was a missionary were of an incredible extent. He explored a vast unknown region, including parts of the Interior of Brazil. Largely through his efforts, elementary and high schools, hospitals and churches have been built in the large area he served. Hundreds of the Indians have been converted to the Christian faith. In July. 1885. Mr. Sadleir married Alice Mary Schneider, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Schneider, and she survives him. There are also two son, Charles R – , manager of the Eastman Kodak company in Mexico; Ralph R., Temuco; two daughters, Georgina M, and Mrs. John Newmans, Temuco: and a sister, Kathleen Sadlier, Hamilton, Ont.

Highlights of Rev Sadleir’s business  life :

Stenographer and chief clerk for the Canada Life Ins. Co . ( head office ).

Private Secretary to Stephen Leacock MPP. Charles moved into political circles to become Clerk of the Manitoba Legislature and returning officer for the province under Premier Norquay. He loosely associated himself at that time with the Holy Trinity Church in Winnipeg. At one of Leacock’s musical evening parties, Charles first spotted Alice Schneider ( with her sister Millie ) – twin sisters who were popular musical entertainers in Winnipeg society. Charles was heard to remark to his friend Robert Richardson, “that is the girl I am going to marry” although he had never met her. They married 15 July 1885 . Long story short, Charles obtained a ministerial bursury at Wycliffe College through Senator Simon Gurd of  Sarnia . The family went to live with Alice’s parents ( Hudson Heights in Quebec) while Charles attended the college – soon serving as student- assistant at Little Trinity Church in East Toronto. 

He has also been Secretary Treasurer of the County Council of Selkirk

And Secretary Treasurer of the Eastern Judicial District Board and Clerk of the Executive Council 27/2/1885 ($1200 per annum).

Charles was a lover of outdoor sports – cricket, lacrosse and baseball. A successful athlete as a sprint runner.

(Above from 1891- “ A Political Manual of the Province of Manitoba and the New Territories).

Jan 20 1891: Charles registered with Robert D Richardson of Winnipeg the invention of the index file #444,853. ( Robert Davidson had patented the pencil sharpener in 1889 #418,000).

1892: After graduating Wycliffe theological college in Toronto 1892 he entered a rural ministry in Manitoba and one of his parishioners whilst a student of Wycliffe ( Little Trinity Parish) left Charles a considerable amount of money. This allowed Sadleir to travel to London to petition his services to the South American Missionary Society in order to travel to Chile as a missionary. His request was accepted and so he prepared to travel to Chile with his family:

1895:Alice Mary Sadleir , daughter

Charles and Alice gave birth to Alice Mary Sadleir b 14/7/1895 who died 29/7/1895 buried Hudson, Quebec. Shortly afterwards in the following month they left for Chile.

Off To Chile: Rev Sadleir lived there for 40 years and became known by the Indians as the” Chief of Chiefs” and “El Pacificador”( Peacemaker ) by the Chilean Government.

From parts of : “Anglicanism in Chile Today”:

The South American Missionary Society sent Rev Sadleir to Chile…..

The Aarucanian Mission under Bishop Stirling ( formerly the secretary of the Patagonian Missionary Society)was launched in 1894. Approx. August 1895: Charles Sadleir left with family and arrived Chile with Mr. Percy E. Class from Manitoba . Also Mr. W Wilson ,Glasgow, Mr. P.J.R Walker from Buenos Ayres arrived Chile as part of the mission. ( Both Walker and Wilson were confirmed by the Bishop in May 1896 and Walker was ordained in 1897). Messrs Class and Denmark ( the latter came in 1896) and Miss Louey Thompson arrived, and were all Canadians like Sadleir. Another single lady Lilian Maclean from Ireland joined the group. ( Mr Wilson married her later ).

The team concentrated on language study and surveys – finding the largest number of Mapuche Indians were most accessable from Chol Chol. 1897: Sadleir the superintendent left Walker in charge at Chol Chol whilst Wilson ran the medical work. By October a boarding school for boys opened with 19 chileans and 8 mapuches . A girls school was founded in 1906 by Miss George. At this time all schools were free to the Mapuche.

The Sadleirs moved temporarily to Temuco while their house was being built 20 miles to the south of Chol Chol at Quepe. (The previous tenants of this house had diptheria and unfortunately two of Charles’ children died from diptheria ). Class and Denmark moved with Sadleir to Quepe. Sadleir became known as the “blond Mapuche” when he brought up the cause of the indians not being treated fairly by the Europeans- who tricked the Indians out of their land. 1923: Sadleir was appointed as Chief of chiefs at a meeting of the Araucanian Federation.

1906: The Anglican Church of the Holy Trinity was founded. 1913 The Quepe farm was wanting for lack of workers and support and the boys and girls schools were understaffed according to a visitor. However it would appear that the Mr. Bullock from the school was focusing his efforts on the farm lands and instructing on agriculture to the natives.

1910: new recruits opted for the new Evangelical Union of South America . A separate class was set up by Rev Every in one of the schools for the training of native evangelists under Sadleir charge. Sadleir however felt obligued to press on with translation work , with the help of a converted chief , Ambrosio Paillalef. Sadleir lamented the loss of great opportunities through lack of man power to cope with the challenge. Difficulties arose between Sadlier and the Bishop Every. The 450 acre farm at Quepe ( actually, Maquehue –Pelal) although graced to Sadleir in 1897 was to be handed over to the Bishop. Sadleir refused and his license was withdrawn. With the help of friends in Canada a neigh bouring piece of land was bought. Sadleir dedicated the rest of his life there doing translation work. The title deeds of the mission farm were placed in the neutral hands of the merchant house Duncan and Fox, from whom the mission later re-acquired it. Sadleir had his license renewed by Rev de Jersey around 1925.

From :”Project Canterbury” “From Cape Horn to Panama – A Narrative of Missionary Enterprise among the Neglected Races of South America, by the South Amercian Missionary Society” by Robert Young 1905.

Chapter XVII: “ Among the Mapuche Indians of Araucania”

Around Sept 1895( one month in ): Sadleir wrote : “ to have a missionary party of 4 in the field of Araucania, with its tender associations, with a mission house built , to have two centres of work at Quino and Cholcol, with such friends as we believe now exist, with a native girl in one of the families of the missionaries, a good start made with the language, parts of four hymns translated, and a good deal of the story of the Creation , Fall, Incarnation, and the Cross , In the language, is not this much to thank God for?”

Sadleir founded the Quepe station which started in 1897/1898 with an industrial school with one pupil. The leading Cacique, Ambrosio Paillalef a convert to the cause – living at Pitrufquen. The mission buildings were located on the north side of the River Quepe. .(1902)The government gave a grant of 1,000 pounds for land on the south side of the river for a boys school which was built along with a girls school. A ferry connected the two. Christian education and teacher training were the early focuses.

Maphche y anglicanos : vestigios fotograficos de la mision aracuna de kepe 1896-1908 :

Andre menard, Jorge Pavez, compilacion presentacion y notas. ISBN 9568018395

The book above compiles photos from Sadleir of the Mission, and other Araucana images as well as comments and notes on the missions. The album of photos was prepared by Sadleir

Paillalef Ambroso , a chief, in 1900 helped Sadleir translate scriptures – texts were printed at the Mission at Kepe in the language of “mapundungu”. The mission at Kepe boasted a sawmill, wheat farming , orchards, bee keeping sewing classrooms and livestock. The mission expected the native individuals to be capable of carrying out productive activities – contrasting the Chilean model of sending men ( as slaves) to the canefields fo Tucuman. Then leaving the women and children to be retained to serve the great families. Sadleir conserved the native language and customs.

Lancastrian System
La evangelización anglicana de la misión Quepe se realizaba en lengua mapuche y se utiliza el sistema lancasteriano -en el que los estudiantes más avanzados hacen de monitores de los menos aventajados-, usando la Biblia como texto único para aprender a leer. The Anglican Quepe evangelizing mission was done in the Mapuche language and the Lancastrian system-in which the most advanced monitors students mentor the least advantaged-using the Bible as the sole text for learning. Según André Menard, esto explicaría la estrecha relación con la Biblia que van a tener muchos dirigentes mapuches que estudiaron en la misión y que después participarían en política de manera activa. According to André Menard, this would explain the close relationship with the Bible and many Mapuche leaders who studied in the mission and then participated actively in politics.

In 1925 Chile made education compulsory and insisted that all the Anglican school classes would be in Spanish – ( if the mission schools wanted the grants the government was willing to give), and SAMS agreed. 1913 the newspaper “la aurora araucana” was formed and the british SAMS hoped that it would bring attention to the way the government was treating the Mapuche Indians. (There was much in the way of theft and violence in the fields against the Mapuche). It would seem that Charles was the founder of this newspaper. In 1910: Charles was appointed Associate director of the Advocate Caupolican Araucania Society – the first organization of it’s kind in the era of indigenous associations. Charles was dubbed as the “blonde boss” by the government authorities.

1910:The Caupolican society was led by Manuel Neculman and Manuel Manguilef – both teachers, Manquilef going into politics in 1925 as a congressman. This society would lead the way to defend against abuses of the Mapuche. The society held it’s main celebrations in Hotels in Temuco with western formal dress and impressive bi lingual menus.

Manuel Neculman, Mapuche teacher, under his initiative begins a new period, and how the Mapuche struggle for their rights. El 3 de julio de 1910 en Temuko funda y pasa a ser el primer presidente de la organización social Sociedad Caupolicán Defensora de la Araucanía. On July 3, 1910 in Temuko ,he becomes the first president of the Society Caupolicán social organization Defender of Araucanía.

Manuel Aburto Panguilef. Al igual que Manuel Neculman protagonista de esta nuevo período y forma de lucha del pueblo Mapuche por sus derechos.Manuel Aburto Panguilef. Manuel Like Neculman protagonist of this new period, and how the Mapuche struggle for their rights. En 1916 funda en Lonkoche, la Sociedad Mapuche de Protección Mutua . In 1916 based at Lonkoche, the Mapuche Mutual Protection Society. Posteriormente en diciembre de 1921 esta organización se transformo en la Federación Araucana , ambas presididas por Manuel Aburto Panguilef. Later in December 1921 this organization was transformed into the Araucana Federation, both chaired by Manuel Aburto Panguilef.

Death of Charles Sadleir

Charles and Alice had 5 children:

#1.Berith B. born 1890 Manitoba- died & buried at  Vina Del Mar/Temuco Chile 1963

#2. Rev . Ralph Raymond B. B1902-1989 Peterborough m. Ethel Anthony d. before 2002

#3.Alice Mary 1895-1895 Quebec

#4.Charles Rodney b. 9/7/1904 b. Temuco, Chile   

#5.Georgina b. 1887 and died in Paris Ontario c. 1968.

#1.Berith Sadleir (1890-1963)m. John Trevor Hemans (1891-1945). Berith was born in Manitoba . 

Berith Sadleir Schneider

John Trevor and Berith Sadleir, wedding around 1921

John Trevor and Berith with school kids (1)

Berith Sadleir

Berith lived in Toronto 1891

Arrived Liverpool 1901 – went to school in England?

Was noted as arrived in NY in 1913- Ellis Island. Also that all the family arrived Ellis Island in 1913 – Berith ,23, Alice Mary 48, Charles A 52, Charles Rodney 8 , and Ralph Raymond 7. 

John Trevor Hemans (1891-1945). John was born in Eastburne , E. Sussex .John  and Berith founded in 1935/42 St John’s English school in Concepcion , Chile & St Paul’s school in Vina Del Mar , Chile in 1940   He died in 1945.

Berith & Michael Hemans ran St Paul’s after John’s death. John and Berith had started the St John’s school in Concepcion in 1942. Did Georgina run the St . John’s school after John’s death?

John Trevor was a captain in the royal field artillery in WW1. John emigrated to USA at 29 in 1919 from London England.

john trevor hemans

History of John Trevor (2)    

John Trevor, WWI – Staff captain

2/10/1914: arrived Liverpool England from Callao Peru on the Magellan steam ship .

Arrived Gallipoli 6/10/1915. Claimed medals of General commanding officer March 1919 , Delhi by John Hemans living at this time? at Pasilla 19 Traiguen, Chile.

John Trevor first arrived in Chile from Argentina in 1911 and was employed by the trading company Gibbs & Co. – first in Temmen. He left for England in 1911/1914 to join the army and served in Gallipoli 1915 . He took sick leave in 1918 & was promoted captain in 1919. At the time of the article above he was noted as being from Talachuano( Buenos Aires).

Children of  John and Berith 

  • John Rodney Hemans (1921-2011)- born Chile & died Hammondville, Australia. Rodney lived in New South Wales – in the 1970’s&1980 lived in Evans, Grayndler and Lowe*  . Rodney had moved to Sydney Australia prior to 1972 with his chilean wife #2 Graciela. By his first wife he had a daughter Jacqueline who now lives in England. His first wife’s name is unknown at this time. Kenneth was the only son of John Rodney & Graciela .
  •  Patricia (Patty married a Canadian clergyman and lived in Toronto for many years.) 
  • Michael Hemans 27/12/1928-1980 m. Janet Hope nee Johnson (b.31/1/1934). Michael was born in Valparaiso, Chile & died Sydney ,NSW. * Michael D. Hemans also lived in Lowe(western Sydney )  , NSW in 1972 &1977.

Patricia, Rodney, Michael Hemans– photo.

Photos-Berithw Michael&Janet Hemans Various photographs from Chile (4).pdf- featuring berith bottom two w michael hemans & janet

Michael Derek was educated in Chile and attended Wheaton University in Chicago. He left for Australia in 1965/1966 ( Having married Janet Hope nee Johnson) and succeeded the organist at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney . He died in 1980 of a heart attack , only 52 years old, in Sydney as an organist on the job, and is buried at Macquarie Park, NSW. Michael ‘s daughter Emily has been in touch , – Emily Mc Cormick , is living in the United States. Michael Derek and Janet had 5 children: Emily b. 1958, John b. 1959, Mark b. 1962 & Paul b. 1964& Rosemary b.1966 in  Australia. They arrived as a family to Sydney on Pan Am flight 811 in January 1966.’s_Cathedral,_Sydney  organist and master of choralists St Andrews : Michael Hemans 1966–1980. He was a celebrated organist in Australia.

#4.Charles Rodney b. 9/7/1904 b. Temuco, Chile

Charles Rodney , known as Rodney, held a Canadian passport. Married 9 July 1936 at Nuestra Senora de Courdes , Centro , Mexico to : Madeleine Gerard/Madeleine Cortez de Gerard b. 6/9/1915. Alice Mary and Charles Aldborough Sadleir were at the wedding.

Sept 1920- Rodney traveled via New York to visit Aunt R. Sadleir -court house , Hamilton. The object of the trip was to come to Canada to study.

1933: sailed from England to the US

14/10/1937: round trip to England from Mexico -a company director ( Kodak) sailed on the Normandie .

Below: daughter Moira Sadleir b 1937 in England some months before Rodney’s trip to England from Mexico.

11/4/1942: Moira Sadleir Gerard ( she was travelling as a Gerard and not Sadleir ) arrived Laredo Texas from Mexico with Mother Madeleine and father Charles Rodney Gerard ( travelling as a Gerard?)

Moira Chslaine Eileen  Sadleir b. 7/8/1937 Rydo Low
Born  Isle of Wight Sussex England 1937
Travelled with mother to France 1957
Moira and Denis London to New York 29/7/1953

Sept 1954: Air France from Puerto Mexico with his child Denis Charles Aldborough Sadleir . *Denis Charles traveled again to New York a year later Sept 1955 to N.Y. Again in 1957 from Mexico to Paris , France via NY. * Denis & his sister Moira were travelling back and forth to France. One can only assume that the mother was living in France in the 1950’s.

1962: Charles Rodney was living at Londres 16, Juarez, Mexico.

1963: Moira Sadleir m. John Marriot in Westminster, England. Living in 1963 at 17 Drayton Gardens , Kensington.

I understand Rodney married again.

#2. Rev . Ralph Raymond Sadleir 

Rev Ralph Sadleir portrait

Born Temuco Chile 1902-1989 Peterborough m. Ethel Anthony b. Montreal 1906/1910-1995. Raymond and Ethel had a daughter Lillian ( Audrey ) Sadleir 3/12/1933-2008 m. Howard Austin Jackson (1933-1998)- the father of Trevor Jackson. Ralph & Ethel also had a son Richard b. C. 1940. And two daughters: Heather and Janet who lived in Ontario.

19/8/1913: Sailing from ‘Colon” on the “Oruba” to the US with Charles A. Sadleir, Alice Mary Sadleir , ( Missionaries )& Berith Sadleir .

2/9/1928: Ralph sailed from Valparaiso on the ship Ebro ( sailing from Talchahuano*)- (*this is the same town that John Trevor Hemans was living at after WW1. ) Ralph was travelling from Temuco with students to the United States.

1941: Ralph and Ethel travelling from Valparaiso ( living in Valparaiso) with Audrey(8) and Richard (1) on the SS Imperial.

1940’s : lived Bethany,Manitoba

1950’s : lived Wallaceberg, Ontario

1960’s: lived Ingersol, Ontario

1970’s : lived Young’s Point, Ontario

1980’s: lived Peterborough, Ontario. Buried Little Lake Cemetary , Peterborough.

His wife, Ethel after Ralph died moved to Listowall , Ontario then to Oakville, Ontario where she died.


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6 Responses to Sadleir family to Canada

  1. Catherine Ashton says:

    I am the granddaughter of John and Berith Hemans, daughter of Patricia Rooke nee Hemans. Interesting to find this today — many things I did not know about the family!

  2. Jean Porter says:

    I worked in Maquehue pelal in the 1960’s as a missionary nurse (ex SAMS UK)
    And was very interested to read of this history

  3. Paul Hemans says:

    Grandson of John & Berith via Michael Hemans, it’s a fascinating history, well done.

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