Rev. Joseph Austin Jackson to Canada and lineage

My husband’s family ( Joseph A Jackson ) came to Newfoundland Canada around 1871. Joseph Austin Jackson (3/8/1854 Otley Yorkshire – 22/11/1928 Hamilton, Ontario , Canada ). Joseph was a Methodist Minister .

Jackson Lineage of Joseph Austin Jackson:

    • #-1Thomas Jackson. Quarry Hill, Leeds . York . Father of Henry. At the time of the 17th century , Quarry Hill Leeds was outside of the city limits  and was home to the poor and the plague. There was a celebrated spring at Quarry Hill called ‘The Spaw Well”
    • ________________________________________________________
    • #1 Henry Jackson B. ( baptised) 22/4/ 1635+/- ( b.Pannal , Yorkshire)m. Mary Cooke 1641- and had a son David Jackson (1677-1764).Henry baptised 22/4/1635 St.Peters , Leeds. Died 9/5/1707 Fewston. Married 9/7/1676 at St. Robert of Knaresborough , Yorkshire. Mary Cooke baptized 2/7/1641 St. Croix , York or/13/10/1642 –  of William and Mary Cooke, Leeds.
    • ________________________________________________________
    • #2 David Jackson (b or bap. 12/1/1677 Pannal , Yorkshire – 1764 Haverah Park , Yorkshire , England. m. (18/5/1703 All Saints church Otley )Grace Mountain ( 1682-1726 Haverah Park , Yorkshire ) , and wife #2 Mary Stubbs (1682-)*
    • Lived Fewston and Haverah Park, Yorkshire.
      • – birth of Sarah Jackson 1705 Fewston, Yorkshire -1772
      • -Hannah 1707( Fewston)-
      • -Grace 1709( Fewston)-1786
      • -Mary Ruth Stubbs 1713( Fewston)
      • -Ann 1713 ( Fewston)
      • -Martha 1715( Fewston)
      • -Elizabeth 1718-1718
      • Jonathan 1718( Haverah Park, Yorkshire)-1789
      • -William 1721 ( Fewston)-1721
    • * After 1726 Mary Stubbs married David jackson which is interesting due to the present “marriage” to a jackson and myself a Stubbs. Mary could have been the daughter of Thomas Jackson of Haverah park 1650-1715 who married Alice Simpson of Clint. The Stubbs family tenanted considerable farm land at Haverah Park. 
    • haverah park
    • ________________________________________________________
    • #3 Jonathan Jackson (21/7/1718- 12/4/1789 Otley , Yorkshire m. Mary Precious 1722-1810. Jonathan was baptised Fewston, York or baptised Fishlake. Married 25/5/1740 Hampswaite York, C of E. Mary Precious baptised 6/9/1724 Skipwith , York. ( Father : Matthew Precious )
    • Jonathan 1755 Killinghall , Ripley , Harrogate, North Yorkshire ( Fishlake)
    • ________________________________________________________
    • #4 Jonathan (1755 Killinghall – 1839. M. Anne Swale ( 1766-) married 30/4/1782 , Ripley, York. Jonathan baptised Ripley, Harrogate, York/Fishlake.
      • -Mary (1783 Ripley  Yorkshire -1856)
      • -Mary (1784 -1842)
      • -Jonathan ( 1785 Harrogate , Yorkshire – Ripley-1850)
      • -Anne (1786-1864
      • -Richard (1788 Killinghall, Ripley, Harrogate , Nth Yorkshire -1851)
      • -Thomas 1789
      • William (1800 Killinghall, Ripley-1876)
    • _________________________________________________________
    • #5 William Jackson 24/10/1800 Killinghall, Ripley – 1876 Wharfdale m. Mary Dibb (1799-1874) married 30/8/1821 Otley , All Saints. 18 children !!!
      • Jonathan (4/8/1822  Otley -1901)
      • -Ann (1823 otley -)
      • -Ann (1824 Otley-)
      • -Grace Ann (1824 Otley
      • -Elizabeth(29/1/1826 otley -1878)
      • -William (24/10/1827 otley-1886)
      • -William (1828 otley -)
      • -Mary (1829 otley -)
      • -Catherine (1829 otley-)
      • -Mary (1830 otley-)
      • -Catherine (1832 otley -)
      • -Austen Dibb (16/7/1835-1851)
      • -Ellen (1837 Otley-)
      • -Ellen(1838 Otley-)
      • -Jane (1839 Otley-)
      • -Jane (1840 otley-)
    • ________________________________________________________
    • #6 Jonathan 5/7/1822 Otley – 5/1/1901 Otley m. #1 Hannah Darnbrook* (1828Norwood-1879 Otley)#2 Sarah Bradley (1835-). A Saddler at 18 and father was a grocer. ( married to Sarah after Hannah’s death in 1874, married in 1891 or prior ).* Hannah Darnbrook was the daughter of Joseph Darnbrook(1791-1869) & Mary Bentley(1793-1870). She lived in Norwood Cum Clifton Yorkshire until 1841. After which resided at Haverah Park, Yorkshire for approx. 10 years and returned to Norwood Cum Clifton. After marrying , in 1853 she remained in Otley , Yorkshire .
    • 1861- lived Market Place, Otley , 1871- lived Kirkgate , Otley, 1881-A grocer employing son  and two apprentices, widower and living in Wharfdale( Market ) , Otley  . Joseph Austin son was a merchant’s apprentice in 1871 before leaving for Canada in the same year.
    •  ( Documented history for the market begins in 1222 when King Henry III granted the first Royal Charter. The town had two cattle markets, Wharfedale Farmers’ Auction Mart on East Chevin Road and the Bridge End Auction Mart which has closed and was subsequently demolished)
      • By Hannah: Joseph Austin (1854-1928)
      • -Sarah Darnbrook (1856-)
      • -Samuel (1860-1900)
      • -William Bentley(1866-1866)
      • -Mary Elizabeth(1874-)
    • ________________________________________________________
    • #7 Joseph Austin (3/8/1854 otley -22/11/1928 Hamilton( Wentworth) Ontario , Canada m. Louisa Lockhardt* Taylor** in 1882, (23/9/1860 Newfoundland , Canada- 16/2/1932 Hamilton- Wentworth , Canada ). Methodist minister . (* believe “Lockhart ” came from Rev. Lockhart who presided in Carbonear from around 1858)
      • Elizabeth Fielding (1883-1951)b. Stonewall , Manitoba
      • Annie Gertrude (1885-)b. Manitoba
      • Ida Louise (1890-1954)b. Norfolk, Ontario
      • Mildred Joyce (1892-1929)b. Norfolk, Ontario
      • William Austin Hamilton(1902-1957)b. Wentworth, Ontario
        • 1891- Joseph was a Minister at 99 Norfolk Sth, Simcoe, 1911 – 59 Bruce North ,District 14 and was a farmer, 1921- lived Stoney Creek.
    • **Taylor, Louisa Lockhart, Pedigree (JRAP) 2017 09 25
    • Louisa Joyce  Taylor  taken in later years in Manitoba

    • **Taylor, Wm. Frederick,Descendants (JRAP 2017 10 20)
    • ( The above files with thanks from John Raymond Austin Peach-“Austin” appears in the Peach family after Joseph Austin Jackson as John explains . With his grandfather James Henry Austin Peach b. 1891 – b.Winnipeg, named after Joseph A. ).
    • _________________________________________________________
    • #8 William Austin Hamilton Jackson (b. 27/6/1902-1957) – salesman m.Clara Irene  Luebke/Liebke* (1906-1968)married 1/11/1928 . Joseph Austin, his father,  died  some 21 days after the wedding  in Hamilton. Clara or Louise Clara died 1968 Montreal
    • 1921 – lived as a student,  Saltfleet township with the family. Joseph, Louisa and Louisa junior ( teacher) and with Mildred . Known as a Methodist.Saltfleet township , Hamilton , is Stoney Creek, Ontario
  • 1928-Lived Hamilton Ontario,  Married Clara Luebke/Liebke : Fred Luebke/Liebke/Liebke ( b. Germany) and Matilda Sweitzer parents are witnesses . Took place at the United Church Hamilton.( United Church of England ).
  • Birth 1902 William Austin Jackson

    • #9 Son –Howard Austin (13/4/1933 Montreal – May 1998 Montreal , Quebec .) m. Lillian Audrey Sadleir ( 3/12/1933 Temuco, Chile – March 2008 , Toronto, Ontario ). See Sadleir post. ( His son being Trevor Jackson).
    • Daughter-Margaret Dorothy (1929-2007 ) , known as Peggy and married Sava Bosnitch
    • ________________________________________________________
    • *Liebke/Leubke/Libke :Clara was the daughter of Fred Luebke ( born Germany )and Matilda Schweitzer b. Perth , Ontario 1878-1934. Matilda Schweitzer was the daughter of Nicholas Schweitzer** (1849-1910) born New Hamburg , ontario and Samanda Schmidt. Nicholas Schweitzer lived Perth , and Oxford Ontario and died Waterloo , Ontario. Fred was possibly born 1883 and in 1942 lived N.Y.N.Y. and was drafted into the US army. ( More work to be done here )
    • **

      Nicholes Schweitzer 1847


#7 The Reverend Joseph Austin Jackson

……..From a letter written by the  John Peach .”An early minister and his family” This short item was published in the Stonewall News. ‘As Rev jackson was returning from a wedding at Balmoral on Thursday his cutter upset near Mr. Cleland’s. As he went back for his robe and whip his horse started off , and up to the time of going to press has not been found. The rev gentleman was obligued to “Hoof it ” home , a distance of about seven miles. ( This took place in winter ) ….Joseph Austin Jackson was born in England in 1854.He was ordained there , and crossed the ocean to serve churches in Newfoundland,- in St. John’s .. and in the town of Carbonear. While in Carbonear , he married Louisa Lockhart , a daughter of the Captain William Frederick Taylor and Louisa (Joyce)Taylor.

Taylor, Henry Desc. 4 gen. JRAP 2018 03 11.pdf latest

William F Taylor and Family by John Peach
Ann Elizabeth (my great-grandmother), George Henry (lived in Chicago), Louisa Lockhart (married Rev. Joseph Austin Jackson); Front row: William Frederick (great-great-grandfather), Louisa (great-great-grandmother), William Brettle (lived in Winnipeg). It is very likely that this photo was taken in Newfoundland after the oldest son, Edgar Fielding died in 1879 and before Louisa Lockhart and Austin moved to Stonewall, Manitoba in 1883.

Photo above taken around the 1880’s in Newfoundland.

Louisa nee  Joyce and Capt William F Taylor :“According to Elizabeth Squires’ book, They Lived by the Sea, Louisa was born at Freshwater (near Carbonear) June 8, 1828. She and William Frederick Taylor were married at Freshwater on July 16 1851. The witnesses were her brothers, Robert and William. (Both of them were sea captains.) They lived on Harbour Rock Hill, Carbonear.

They moved to Manitoba in 1890. It looks as though they lived here on the farm for a short time. I know that they were here when the census taker came around in the spring of 1891. They moved to Winnipeg sometime between then and the birth of my grandfather, Harry, at their house in December 1891. They shared the house with their son, William Brettle Taylor. William Frederick died in that house on November 24 or 25, 1896.” ( From John Peach)

In 1883 ( to 1886), Rev and Mrs. Jackson moved to Stonewall .The Rev was the minister of the Stonewall Circuit of the Methodist Church. ( Stonewall methodist church , Balmoral Methodist Church and perhaps other congregations ). The Stonewall news described Austin Jackson as “popular”. Thirty five years later Rev. R.E.McCullagh in his historic sketch of the Stonewall Circuit, wrote of Mr. Jackson, “He was a man attractive in personality and effective in his labours”.While the Jacksons were in Stonewall , their first two children , Elizabeth Fielding (b.1883) and Gertrude(b.1885) were born in Stonewall .

In those days, Methodist ministers almost always served a circuit for a maximum of three years . In 1886 the original plan was that Mr. Jackson would move to the thriving Meadow Lea Circuit . However, the plan changed and he became minister of the large Zion Methodist church in Winnipeg for the next three years. He was invited to return to Stonewall to preach on several occasions. Also the Stonewall News mentions Mrs. Jackson’s visits to friends in the community.

In 1888 Mrs Jackson’s sister , her husband and four children moved to a farm in Manitoba. Some of the leaders of the methodist church in the area were among those who assisted them in becoming established.Retired Capt. Taylor and Mrs. Taylor soon followed and lived the rest of their lives in Winnipeg.

In 1889 the Jacksons moved to Ontario to serve in churches in various communities including Hamilton. Mr. Jackson died in that city in 1929″-actually 1928 . It is noted that while living in Hamilton , Joseph arrived back in Canada from London, England, the 18 August 1901 into Halifax on the “Evangeline “. ( His father had died in England in January 1901).

Time line :Rev at Uniting Church( Methodist) St John’s church Newfoundland and Carbonear , Nfld. Joseph married July 17th 1882 Louise Lockhart Taylor at the home of Capt William F. Taylor and the witness was Ida Taylor ( Louise’s sister?) . They were married by the president of the Methodist conference Rev John S Peach . Rev. Peach was the father in law of Louisa Lockhart Taylor’s sister , Ann Elizabeth , who had married George Edward Peach in 1879.

Capt . William Frederick Taylor (1826-1896) married Louisa Joyce (1828-1901). Both William and Louisa were born in Carbonear .( Louisa in Freshwater ). Both are buried in Winnipeg Manitoba.

The first reference to Rev Jackson was Sept 6th  1878- a baptism in Carbonear , and he served with Rev  John Goodison. He was in Carbonear 1878-1880.And in St. John’s (1881-2)- My understanding is that Joseph was most likely at Gower Street church St. John’s under Rev William W. Percival.(Census 1911  Documents show that he immigrated 1871)

St John’s : tenure. Bethany United Church.There were two methodist churches in Carbonear , one on the north side and one on the south side at this time . Bethany and Perry’s cove. I am not certain to which one Joseph was placed. The bethany church rebuilt in the 1850’s burnt down in 1892. Below is the original Bethany church.

1846 Carbonear Methodist church

Manitoba : The Rev Jackson was at the Balmoral church in 1883 -86 and at Stonewall.Then 1886-1889 the Zion methodist church in Winnipeg.

Zion Methodist church, date unknown

1891: Joseph was living at Simcoe, Ontario at which time Ida, the youngest was 8 months old.1898: Mildred born. Hamilton?

1901: Hamilton. Methodist church, Emerald street( emerald and wilson). Built 1887.

emerald street church, now a revival centre

1911: Living Bruce North, Ontario. The Census of 1911 had Joseph A, Louisa and daughter Louisa (B.1890) and son Austin (b. 1902) living in Tara Village .

1921: Joseph 66 is living at Stoney Creek. Muncipality SaltFleet. Rented 9 rooms?

3/11/1928 William Austin ( Son )marries Clara Irene Liebke 1906-1968( of Fred and Matilda Nee Sweitzer) .

Austin Jackson marriage

Joseph dies 22/11/1928.

Joseph Austin jackson death


WILLIAM AUSTIN JACKSON GRAVE- Woodland Cemetery – Hamilton





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