We are the Stubbs family from Brisbane, Australia. Our parents are John and Joan. We are Jennifer, Philip and Matthew.

The blog is being mainly written by Jen (now living in Toronto, Canada) who has been tracing the family’s roots. It was set up by younger brother Phil (now in Sydney), and receives valuable technical assistance from youngest brother Matt (back in Brisbane.) We’re pictured in the header photo – with Mum holding Matt. (Shot by Dad in 1969 on holidays on the Gold Coast.)

The point of the blog is to have a place to store and share the information – for our parents, our kids, our partners, extended family, and for us to look back when we’re old and doddery.

If you’re related and/or have valuable info to help us piece the puzzle together, let us know.  You can do so by leaving a comment or by contacting us at stubbsfamilyhistory (at) gmail.com.


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  1. Jenny Johnson says:

    Are you able to tell me if the line of EYRE’S written about in your family history are related in any way to a Daniel Eyre who came to Australia around 1856. Daniel Eyre was convicted of stealing a letter containing Security Bonds and was sentenced to jail in Gibraltor, where he served approxiamately 5-6 years of a ten year sentence, after which he migrated to Australia, landing in Melbourne, Victoria.
    The Eyre family history makes for very interesting reading and it would wonderful to know if it is the same line of Eyres.
    Looking forward to hearing from you one way or the other,

    Kind Regards
    Jenny Johnson

  2. Andrew Wilson says:

    Do you have any information about the Du Moulin family who emigrated from France to England in the early 1600’s They settled in Lincolnshire in Sandtoft. I have traced my family back to Jacques Du Moulin and am struggling to find his father, it could possible be Pierre Du moulin, the timing of Pierre’s time in England would be about right.

    Any information would be appreciated.

    Andrew Wilson

    • I dont’ really as my part of the family did not go till to england until bout 1800. Pierre du moulin was a heugenot minister. in 1572 the roman catholics were targeting the hugeunots ( french calvisnist protestants).
      According to my chart, his father was Joachim ( charles) demaline or du moulin. (1548- 1588) who married Jacques du plessis(b abt 1552). Pierre (1588 – 1658)went to cambridge and became a pastor , went back to holland in 1592 , then back to england( at the request of James 1) . It looks like , his father ( joachim)must have gone to england to flee the st. bartholomew masscare and Pierre was born( probably in england then, ) the year that his father, Joachim died 1588. Pierre went back and forth from england to europe. Pierre received a cannonry of canterbury and passed it onto his son, Pieter . Pierre du moulin was appointed a prendary at Canterbury (1615) he has a stall at the canterbury cathedrual IV. (* I got most of this info from rootsweb family tree history – which is free ).

  3. Alan Knapton says:

    Hi, I have a photo album of Ezra Knapton and Mary Nicholson. Mary Nicholson’s sister, Betty Nicholson was a servant of John Kemp, Vicar of Birstall. In the album is a photo labeled “William Stubbs, Bishop of Oxford”. There are also a few other photos of clergy and I was hoping you could help me identify. One, I thought was William Stubbs, but upon closer look it may not be. I was wondering what you thought, and also if you had seen the other individuals int he photos. One photo shows the interior of a church. I suspect is is the Birstall Church, the church of John Kemp, but I have not confirmed that yet. Hope you have some ideas! I can send you the photos. My e-mail address is Diana iok @aol.com. Thanks!!!! Alan Knapton

  4. Gary Robards says:

    I believe my 3rd great-grandmother Sophia (Eyre) Baxter (1789-1867) might be your relative. She is the daughter of John Eyre and Ann Eyre. Ann Eyre is probably the daughter of Thomas Eyre and Ann Frith whom you identify on your blog..

    Family tradition says they are from North Lees Hall. My uncle Stanley Eyre Baxter emigrated to New Zealand . And his 6 sons all had Eyre as their middle name.

    • can you do me a favour and send some more information to my email : stubbsjennifer3@gmail.com.
      it has been a while since I have been into this section of the blog. and if you can give me a summary of lineage as you may know it , I will take some time to look at where they fit in. Any photos would be appreciated and any more history of Stanley eyre baster and of Sophia eyre baxter.
      thanks jennifer

  5. Hi, I am carrying out some historical research on a property in Epsom, which I found on your website, it belonged to your great grand father Charles Stubbs at the beginning of the twentieth century. I have one comment and one question, the comment is that the house was actually number 59 and not 49 Church Street; it was subdivided in mid C20 into two properties, 59 and 59A.
    Now, my question: do you happen to have any other pictures of this property? It has been extremely difficult to find any graphic information about it and finding your picture made my day today!
    Anyway, I would appreciate any additional information that you may have on the house. Thank you for your time.

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